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Finally Done

School is out for summer. Finally!

There was some sadness today saying goodbye to teachers.

Quite a bit of sadness. Just look at that sad, sad face. I guess that's the sign of a great teacher.

Everyone got into the picture with Sam's 1st grade teacher. She's retiring after teaching all three of my kids and many others. 

And the rule is becoming- if you survive all three of the Rowlands kids in your class, you get a quilt.

Pretty simple blue and grey nine patches. I hope she likes it.
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School and More School

School is still in session. Still. All over the place, including the majority of our own city, kids are getting out of school. Summer is starting. Moms are sleeping in. Kids are running wild through their neighborhoods and switching to a diet of popsicles. Not in my house, my friends. Not in my house. My kids still have two weeks of school left. Two whole weeks of struggling with early bedtimes, physically dragging Ellery out of bed in the morning, arguing with Sam over homework, and filling the same lunchboxes with the same lunches every morning. Ugh.

Things seem to be winding down. We've had a school fundraiser which I would have skipped. But, it included pony rides. My kids would sell their souls for a pony ride.

And we've had three nights in a row of school programs.  As much as I love seeing my kids recite poetry, sing, dance and play xylophone solos, I am so glad we're done with that. It takes forever.

No pictures of Ellery. Given the crowded folding chair seating …

Finished April Quilt

Every April, I try and focus on making a few quilts to donate to children in need. I won't go into the whole story of why again. It's all in this post and this post. Well, with the drama of this April- house showings and preparing to move, time and space to quilt was pretty hard to come by. I did manage to get one baby quilt all planned, sewn, and hand quilted in April. Even if it had to wait until May to get bound, I'm counting that as a win.

I love this quilt in all its rainbow, I-Spy, on point, patchwork glory. I spent forever going through all my scrap bins pulling the perfect fabrics and then hours and hours arranging and re-arranging the blocks. There are a few I wish I moved around a little more, but it got to the point that I just had to start sewing. 

I wasn't planning on hand-quilting. I debated it but decided it would be silly to put that much time and effort into it. I started machine quilting it. I sewed my first line and wasn't pleased with it. Sewed…

In a Mood

I'm in a mood. A finish ALL the things mood. I think it has something to do with finding out the owner of the house we rent has decided not to sell it right now. There's such a relief and joy from not being forced to move. And, it might have something to do with losing my crafty room for the sake of a home office for my now working from home husband. Suddenly there is so much less room for storing in process projects. No WIP is safe. I want to finish them all. Now.

That's not quite practical. There's still laundry and grocery shopping and I have a lot of WIPs. But, I've made a list in order of effort required to finish and I'm attacking them one by one.

First up, was the pillow project my kids convinced me to let them start over Spring Break.

I had no crafty projects planned for this Spring Break. They had other ideas. So far, Ellery's taught herself the basics of embroidery from a book and they're all three working on patchwork pillows. A post shared b…


If you've read my blog for a while, you know that I try and make my kids something handmade each and every birthday and Christmas. It's something I started back when there was only one of them and it was a whole lot easier. Not sure how much longer I can keep it going.

I almost forgot to make something for Sam's birthday this year. There was just so much going on- Easter, planning his birthday party, worries about moving, house showings. It just completely slipped my mind until three days to so until the big day. I almost immediately gave up. But, I figured three days was enough time to come up with something quick and easy. I pulled out my copy of "50 Yards of Fun" by Rebecca Danger. After much debate, I decided on the ninja.

Quick. Easy. Awesome. I think it's going to need some friends, though.

Yarn and needle details and such are all on Ravelry.

Birthday, Boise and Bikes, Oh My!

Last week was crazy busy. Crazy. Crazy busy. Seriously. First up was Sam's seventh birthday.

We were thinking back, and this is probably his first actual not just family members birthday party. Whoops.  He loved every second of it.

Instead of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, we played Feed the Sam with little printed pictures of all his favorite foods. 

Ponytail and plumber's crack. I'm saving this one for his high school yearbook.

The favorite gift might just have been a game and a set of play handcuffs from the girl he is currently planning on marrying. It was the one that just had to be opened and used immediately. He also got a lot of building toys like K'Nex, Lego and Magformers. He was very happy.

That was Wednesday. Thursday we found out an offer had been made on the house we've been renting and we had 30 days to move. Hello, panic.

Saturday we went on a trip to Boise with some friends. We made the 2 hour drive, ate lunch out at Olive Garden to make our kids ve…