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Mini Golf and Post- Christmas Knitting

Went on a triple date last night- Brendan and I, our friends Mel and Justin and Anna and their son Cormac. Luckily there is an indoor mini-golf course in Provo because it was snowing- again. Much fun was had by the six of us. Although, I think the fun of everyone else was impeded someone by our presence there. Specifically by the presence of two crazy toddlers running all over the course.

I'm just excited no one got whacked by a golf club. No comment as to who won. Don't ask. Seriously, don't ask.

In other news, I think all the last minute Christmas crafting burned me out. I did not craft at all on Wednesday or Thursday. Nothing. No knitting. No crochet. No sewing. I did not even glance towards my crafty supplies. And when I finally started something on Friday- I went about as simple as it gets. The Moderne Baby Blanket from Mason Dixon Knitting. Just one stitch. Over and over and over again. For a long time. With only the occasional color change to liven things up. It is pe…

More Christmas Pictures

The day after Christmas I finally found a wooden play kitchen actually on the shelves of a store. This after much searching to try and have one for Anna on Christmas. Oh well, for her the day after was just as good. She did an honest to goodness happy dance when she saw the picture on the box.

She "helped" Brendan put it together-

Mostly by moving things around so he couldn't find them when he needed them.

She cooked all day yesterday-

Experimenting with dishes such as cheesy fish and fillet of teddy bear.

I think it is safe to say that the kitchen is her favorite thing ever.

Christmas Pictures

And the award for best morning hair goes to-

Only until she found the barrettes in her stocking. Then we had to put in all six of them.

Thank you Uncle Alex and Uncle Jason-

More Christmas photos tomorrow! What do you all think of my new camera?

Handmade Christmas- Utah Edition

First for the grandparents-

Grandma paid the highest comment possible. She unwrapped them, whipped off her other slippers and put these on right away.

I was glad to see they fit.

For Brendan I made a scarf-

With a fun label on back-

Anna got felt finger puppets-

And a doll quilt-

With matching dolls, of course-

I think that's all the homemade gifts. Pictures of gifts in use would be appreciated. Tomorrow I will try and post pictures of our Christmas festivities.

Handmade Christmas- New Jersey and Illinois Editions

To New Jersey-

#1- Basic Cable Hat

#2- Calorimetry Headband from

#3- Sugar on Snow Hat from

#4- Frog

And to Illinois-

#1-Tote Bag

#2- Another Frog

Comment or next year you're getting nothing!

Handmade Christmas- Arkansas Edition

All right- the handmade gifts that got sent off to Arkansas-

#1- A set of place mats and napkins.

Love, love, love the chicken fabric.

#2- A manly green scarf.

#3- A girly blue stripey scarf.

Those and a couple of books were it for the Arkansas folks. Merry Christmas everyone!

Handmade Christmas #1

Ok, the first of the Christmas gifts have been given and opened. Before I show them to you, I want all you friends and relatives to pay attention for a minute. Consider these and all the other gifts I will post the next few days as a catalog. Let me know what you like! I need ideas for birthdays and next Christmas. Don't be afraid to say you hate it either. If you don't speak up, you might get something just like it. Don't be afraid to say you'd like in a different color. Let me know what you think!

Now, on to the gifts! Tonight we exchanged gifts with two different families who live in our little apartment complex. The adults got treats- Chex Mix, Carmel Popcorn and some yummy chocolate caramel pretzels. I wanted to do something special for the kids, though because these are the two families who babysit Anna a lot for us. First, for the girl only four months older than Anna-
A simple tote bag with a pad of paper and some markers tucked inside. It's lined with the s…

White Christmas

It looks like we are in for a white Christmas. There is still snow on the ground from Friday and more is predicted for Sunday and Monday.

Anna, by the way, is not a fan of snow. This little trek outside lasted about ten minutes.


After running a fever for about three and a half days, Anna was finally feeling well enough this afternoon to do more than cuddle. While I do appreciate a good cuddle, there are things to get done.

I took advantage of the situation and did about three days worth of dishes, tracked down all my secret hiding places and wrapped some presents, cleaned the house and started on a last minute Christmas present.

I am feeling much more ready for Christmas. Although, there are still more last minute Christmas presents to be made. I do have back up plans though. Stay tuned- on Christmas or soon thereafter I will be posting pictures of all my homemade gifts. Just as soon as there are no more surprises to be spoiled.

Found It!

And in other finding stuff news. Brendan found the DVD player remote which had been missing about a week. There was much rejoicing. There may have even been a happy dance. Now, if only I could find some elusive Christmas present ideas.

Today's Goal

is to find the floor. I'm sure its there somewhere. I remember seeing it Saturday night. It's sneaky, that floor. Everyday I have to go looking for it.