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Happy Halloween!

What I Was Doing While Anna Turned Purple

I like to call her Maude. The pattern is "Pink Elephant" from Toys to Sew by Claire Garland. She turned out OK but I was not pleased with the pattern at all. The instructions were vague. A couple of pattern pieces were labeled something different than they were in the instructions. And some of the pieces just did not seem to fit. I had to downsize the belly twice to get it to fit right.

Overall, that's been my experience with the book (OK, I've only made one other thing from it which is a Super Secret Christmas Present). The toys are way cute but the patterns are not really the best.

Now, Maude has a special purpose in life. Maude is a reward. A prize. I'm curious about just how many people I told about this blog are actually reading it. So, the first person to comment on this post gets Maude in all her glory. Wouldn't your life (or the life of someone you know) be complete with a big blue elephant? Feel free to leave a comment even if you are not the first. I …

The Natives are Restless

Imagine you are a jungle explorer. You and your handy machete are pushing your way through some dense undergrowth when you suddenly realize that its awfully quiet. Too quiet. No birds are singing. No bugs are buzzing. Worse still, you don't know exactly how long its been so quiet. All you know is that something somewhere is horribly wrong.

Yeah, being the mom of a toddler is sometimes exactly like that.

That's purple marker. A lot of purple marker. Thank heavens its washable.

Crafty Commission

At work last week, one of the library ladies and I started talking about button bracelets. Next thing I know, I've agreed to make her one-

I made myself one as well (of course)-

I am really proud of how well they turned out. She loved hers so much that she has commissioned me to make probably five others which she is going to give to her friends for Christmas. I am excited. She is excited. It's great when something you make is so well appreciated.

And, it wouldn't be fair to leave you without a little Anna eye candy from our Ward Activity yesterday.

Yes, she is wearing a glow in the dark skeleton sweatshirt and sheep slippers. Is there anything wrong with that?

Anna's 2nd Birthday

I've done it. I've finally given in to the peer pressure. I'm starting a blog. Yes, I know just how many blogs there are out there. Yes, I know there's nothing I have to say that's really unique. But, I'm doing it anyway. Mostly so friends and family can keep up with what our little family is doing.

And, the most important thing recently- Anna is now two! She even has a shirt to prove it.

There was much merriment. It included a trip to Kangaroo Zoo (film camera so I will post pictures of that later) and presents, of course.

There was also an Elmo cake-

With an appropriate reaction-

I made it a goal to have at least one handmade present every birthday and christmas. This birthday I made her this-

On the back-

I had tons of leftover fabric, so I made her a matching pillowcase and frog from a free pattern online.

She, of course, was much more thrilled with any present the beeped, rang, rattled or featured her favorite little red fuzzy guy. That is OK. When she goes off to…