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It was supposed to be a quiet day spent quilting....

but you know what they say about the best laid plans.

Brendan went to take out the trash and check the mail at about 11 this morning. I was just beginning to expect him back when the phone rang. It was Brendan calling from our cell phone. Little odd. "Trina, I slipped on the ice and I think I've broken my ankle." What happened next was all a frenzy. I somehow managed to find someone in our ward to watch Anna and sent her on the way. Grabbed the diaper bag and got Ellery in her car seat. Pulled the car around to where a random stranger was helping Brendan get up on his good leg. Got him to the emergency room.

He had indeed broken a bone in his ankle. And his fibula. On opposite sides. It looks like its going to take surgery and some pins and plates to repair it. Right now its splinted until he can get in to see the orthopaedic surgeon on Friday.

In a strange coincidence, I called work to tell them I probably wouldn't be in and they had just gotten off the phone with on…

Christmas Crafty #6

I made two quilts from the same fabrics and the same pattern. One for Ellery and one for her cousin Peyten. And I have blocks ready to go for a third one I am planning on selling on Etsy. They are not all exactly identical, though. Fabrics ended up in different places and different arrangements. All the pictures are of Ellery's.

I absolutely love the fabrics that went into these. Especially the houses and birds. I'm a sucker for fabric with cute little birds.

I couldn't decide between two possible names for the quilt. So, Peyten's is officially named "There's No Place Like Home" and Ellery's is "Someday I Will Have a House".

Ellery seems to like it.

In other news, I finished the orange quilt top last night. I kind of want to wait and have a grand unveiling once it is completely done. So, for now, I'll just say that I love it and give you one little sneak peek.

Those are two of my favorite fabrics in the whole thing. A bit of thrift store vin…

Things Anna Loves

1. The Nickelcade

2. Pasta with Mizithra Cheese from the Spaghetti Factory

3. Her Grandma and her cousins

Christmas Crafties 2, 3, 4, and 5

Here are a few more of my handmade Christmas gifts.

For coworkers and a few friends I made bird Christmas trees ornaments.

The pattern is from Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts (Absolutely love this book). The pattern was a little fiddly but not too difficult, as long as I was careful and patient. I made a couple of extra to keep for our tree as well.

For my husband and his little brother I made ties. They started their lives as simple (cheap) ties from WalMart. Then I added the bird and Nintendo controller using freezer paper stencils. I may end up having to make another because my husband seriously coveted the Nintendo controller one I made specifically for his brother.

For all the girly girls in my life I made hair accessory sets. Four in total. There are some ribbon headbands, simple fabric headbands, ponytail holders with cute fabric covered buttons, and barrettes.

They were a whole lot of fun to make.

For my two of my sisters-in-law, I made the same sort of bracelets I have f…

Christmas Crafty #1

Now that all the presents are opened and already missing pieces, its safe to show everyone what I have been crafting the past couple of months.

First of is a whole bunch of peg people-

There are four Christmas presents in there.

There's a cousin Chloe, her Mommy and a dog and a cat on the left. On the right is is our little family- Mommy, Daddy, Anna and Ellery. We're all wearing clothes that we actually own. Anna picked out which dress she wanted me to paint on hers.

Then there is cousin Callie and her family on the left. On the right is a farmer (which an awesome handlebar moustache if I do say so myself) and a sheep, pig and chicken for cousin Dylan.

All four gifts were well received. Anna spent forever last night playing ring around the rosy with hers. That consisted of setting them up in a circle, singing the song, knocking them all down and giggling hysterically. It was adorable.

I did learn some things from making this many pegs at once-
1. It was easier to make them all at…

Christmas So Far

We kicked off Christmas last night by reading the Christmas story from Luke and How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

After Santa came-

Yeah, our two feet tree is in there somewhere. So is our kitchen table and a couple of chairs. Yeah, presents for six adults and five kids take up a whole lot of room.

Anna was appropriately amazed when she saw it all. We're waiting for her cousin Chloe to arrive from her dad's house at about three before we do the bulk of present unwrapping. We did let Anna play with the unwrapped doll and doll cradle from my parents, root through her stocking and open one wrapped present- a tiny doll with a crib from her Uncle Zack.

I think she would be happy with just those. Little does she realise she has a whole heck of a lot more toys under the tree still.

After that and a few phone calls to family, we went to a brunch at my Aunt and Uncle's. Everyone wanted to hold the cute baby, of course.

Much more Christmas fun to come- along with details of and picture…

Break Out the Hot Chocolate

The pictures are from Monday. None of that snow has melted yet and there's another 6 to 18 inches of snow predicted for tonight and tomorrow. Yep, definitely going to be a white Christmas.

A Full House

Full of presents-

Full of stuff-

And full of people-

The best part so far- Uncle Michael has been both pooped on by Ellery and peed on by Chloe. Hilarious.

A few items of interest

1. Ellery rolled over (belly to back) for the first time yesterday. Brendan was not here to witness it. We have been trying unsuccessfully since to get her to do it again.

2. Anna was thrilled with yesterday's snow and had a lot of fun playing outside with daddy. I am told that snow angels were involved.

3. Pictures from last night's Laugh Out Loud player dinner. We are glad we did not get the root beer.

4. I have started the orange quilt. All my random sized strips are cut out and as soon as I finish this post, I am going to start sewing them together. It's like a little pile of sunshine. Even the scraps (on the left) bring me joy. Isn't that such a happy little pile of fabric scraps? Wow, did I really just write that? I think I'm in definite danger of becoming that crazy quilting lady.

5. This post makes five days in a row.