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Inspiration, or What I Am Lacking

Yeah, really starting to lack inspiration on these daily photos.

Either I only remember to take one after I've already gotten in bed-


Or I just take a random picture of a crafty that's been lying around for months-


Or, there is always the standard behind the camera self-portrait-


Today, this was all I could think of-

So, consider this a plea for help. What would you like to see a picture of? Any ideas would be much appreciated.

More days- more pictures


I spend way too much of my life in craft stores.


My sewing room is also my dining room and also my kitchen. Ahh, the joys of student housing. Anna keeps asking to help work on this quilt. But, everytime I mention anything about Uncle Alex, she looks at me very seriously and says "No, Uncle Alex. That's Anna's blanket". Alex, you may have to fight her for it.


A couple of moms in the apartment complex are organizing a weekly dance class for the toddlers. Anna and I went today to check it out and she had a blast. Naptimes and bedtimes have been a real struggle lately but I think getting out and doing things like this will help.

What have I done to deserve Utah weather?

Six inches or so of snow. Hard to tell because it just piled on top of all the other snow that has yet to melt.

It finally stopped snowing just in time for sunset. Yeah, just in time for the temperature to drop and all the roads to freeze. I'm really glad that I do not have to go to work tonight.

Extreme Close-up- Brendan Edition

It is the ugliest, darkest Winter day. No light whatsoever. It took some effort to get any sort of decent picture. Black and White always helps.

5-10 inches of snow predicted for tomorrow. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.


Three more days of craziness down. I'm definitely looking forward to no classes and no work on Monday. Maybe we'll have to find something fun to do as a family.

Thursday I spent about nine hours at the library- being trained on new things, setting up for an art show and a reception, taking down and cleaning up after said art show and reception. Basically, I spent the day running around like crazy and hauling heavy things from one end of the library to the other. I came home so tired that I could barely find the energy for a bath toy portrait. I just couldn't deal with anything that might talk back.

Friday I spent mostly at home but Brendan was gone pretty much all day between work and trying to get a few things done on campus. We ordered pizza. Went to Target to buy diapers. While we there, I saw one of my favorite local/starting to get known nationally musicians- Ryan Shupe. You can hear their most recent album in its entirety there. Anyway, he was on a…

Crazy busy

Things are so crazy busy around here. Brendan is back full force into school. He's already a little stressed with assignments. And then there's work three days a week. And his hobbies keep him pretty busy. Dungeons and Dragons every other Tuesday and Laugh Out Loud every Thursday. Tuesday's picture of the day was him with his D&D group.

As for me, one of my coworkers is having a baby any minute now and they are offering me some of her hours and responsibilities. That means I'll be spending tomorrow at the library from noon to nine instead of at home relaxing and crafting as I had planned. The good news is one of her responsibilities is adding events to a website. I should be able to get paid for doing that one from home.

And Anna is busy with her full schedule of movie watching, playing and messing up the house.

Finished Blanket

So, I just couldn't leave the blanket undone last night. I worked my little fingers off and finished it just in time for Anna's bedtime. It did not make going to bed any easier, as I had kind of hoped. But, she does seem to like it.


Things are awfully laid back around here lately. Ok, its really just today but I can pretend I have lots of free time, right?

Yesterday was very hectic what with Brendan and I both working and Anna with the babysitters most of the day. Since Brendan and I were both exhausted and Anna was super whiny (having missed her nap) the only thing photo worthy I could find were some innocent tomatoes and cucumbers-

They were not chopped in vain, they were added to our salad for dinner.

Today, Anna and I seem to both be coming down with colds. We skipped church and spent the day watching Muppet movies, reading and once again not taking a nap. It was nice to just relax after yesterday. Tonight, I worked on a Sesame Street blanket for Anna- she helped.

Currently she's ransacking the house, I'm trying to decide if I want to go ahead and finish the blanket tonight and Brendan is relaxing on the couch. It's a good night, as long as I don't think about having to clean up the ransacked hous…


Today's photo of the day comes with a confession-

The only time I ever make my bed is if I am changing the sheets. Does this make me a bad person?

The last two days....

...have been monumentally uneventful. Last night I took my camera to work. It was so slow I found myself staring at the light fixtures.

Today all I really did was go along to Laugh Out Loud practice with Brendan. Yeah, I forgot my camera. So, out of desperation to take some sort of picture before going to bed- I was going to take a picture of my dinner. I went to go get my camera and came back to this-

Brendan would like it stated that he did not actually steal a chip (only because they were all covered by sour cream).

Babysitting with Anna

We're babysitting right now. Anna is obsessed with the baby. Every two minutes she wants to hold him. She keeps bringing him toys. She's tried just about every toy she has. She keeps telling us we need to wrap him up in a blanket. She's going to be a great big sister, eventually. (No that is not an announcement.)

Eventful Day for Anna

First a face plant while doing some silly running around the house-

And then her first experience with KoolAid-

Yeah, she wouldn't even taste it.

Extreme Closeup- Anna Edition

Nothing much else to report. Nursery today was crazy. Brendan and I taught the younger class- five boys all under two. I've been crafting but I don't have anything new and exciting to show. Life is pretty much as normal.


So, which of these three should be the official picture of the day?

By the way, I really hate it when all the snow finally melts just in time for a lot more snow.

#4 out a possible 366

This was my view for a lot of the day. Someone from work has commissioned me for a doll and doll quilt set just like the one I made for Anna for Christmas. Finished one doll quilt today. Decided to make an extra as well to try and sell. It is almost finished too. I've got to do something else now before I go a little crazy. Maybe a game with Brendan. Maybe some chasing Anna around the house.

So far, so good.

January 2nd, 2008- I went fabric shopping. I know you can't tell a lot from the picture, but what do you think Alex?

January 3rd, 2008- Story time at the Library.


So, its the first day of the year. And I've got this snazzy new camera (thank you to everyone who contributed to the new camera fund!). But, I've only got the vaguest idea of how to use it. So, I was thinking today- why not resolve to take at least a photo a day for the next 366 (leap year) days? I've tried it before and was successful for a month or two. It makes for a great journal and I think it will help me learn all the ins and outs of my new camera. So, here it goes- #1 out of 366.

No guarantees on posting the pictures everyday. I'll probably end up posting them in batches.