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Crafty Mojo

Ever since I got pregnant, I have been struggling crafty-wise. It was just about all I could do to force myself to work on my brother's quilt. I was just too exhausted to be creative. Well, the fog is starting to lift and I'm getting down to work.

I've had a commission half finished for weeks and weeks now. One of the ladies at work saw the doll and doll quilt set I made Anna for Christmas and she wanted one for her granddaughter. I finished the doll quilt before Christmas-

A couple of weeks later I finished the tiny baby dolls-

A grumpy baby, a happy baby and a sleepy baby all in their roll-up bed.
And they sat there- just waiting for a mommy doll for almost two months. Friday and Saturday I finally got down to it and finished the set.

There are a few improvements on Anna's doll. First, she is weighted at the bottom so she can stand up. Second, her arms allow her to hold the baby dolls.

The whole set is finally done and ready for delivery. Good thing I had until a March bir…

Name that Baby

Seriously, we have no ideas as far as names go. None. Anna Josephine was as far as either of us had ever thought. We've got nothing. So, we're looking for some help.

Welcome to the First Name the Lump Contest. To enter submit two names- first and middle for both a girl and a boy. To win, well we name the baby one of the names you chose. The prizes will be fabulous, I'm sure. Once we decide on them. We do reserve the right to veto each and every name submitted. Best of luck.

And just so you all don't give me a hard time- here's your dose of way cute Anna.

Stay tuned for an important announcement...

Anna's brother or sister is due September 4th. That makes me 12 weeks along today. Brendan is thrilled. Anna is curious. And me, mostly I'm terrified. Mostly, I don't know how in the heck I'm going to manage with two kids. I feel like I'm barely hanging on already.

Yeah, I know the ultrasound looks like a lump. It's from over two weeks ago when the baby really was pretty much a lump. There is a very strong heartbeat in that little lump, though. Everything seems to be going good so far.

Square One

Yesterday, I introduced Anna to the joys of painting. It's all she wants to do now. She asked to paint at least fifteen times last night.

Today I finished the first square of my brother's quilt.

55 more to go. That't not as bad as it sounds. I've been sewing them all at once, so most only need one more seam. A few need two more.
It's based on a quilt that I saw here. I'm just hoping mine will be half as lovely.


Monday I got all excited because it looked like the snow was finally actually melting-

Some of it did, but not nearly enough.

Tuesday Anna got all excited because we received our package from Grandma Rowlands-

OK, she may not look excited but that's the "Mommy, stop playing with your camera and help me open this box right now!" expression.

Wednesday it snowed again-

No one was excited, except maybe the skiers. Maybe.

Thursday we were all excited because it was Valentine's Day and we all went out to a nice lunch as a family-

And really, who wouldn't be excited by Chocolate Eclairs and Strawberry Tarts? By the way, I really recommend Gloria's Little Italy for anyone in the Provo area. Yum.

Today, Anna got excited when she found Brendan's underwear drawer left open-

I'm running out of ideas for titles....


I finally cleaned out my fridge and realized that I really need to go grocery shopping.


Anna is convinced that yogurt tastes much better when eaten with your fingers.


As Promised

Pictures of Anna in her super cute dance clothes-

Yes, that's a little boy in a superman cape. He was sad that all the girls had special dance clothes. So, that's his special dance clothes.

The last three days


I went to the grocery store. And I really need to clean out my fridge. Really. There are things in there I no longer recognize.


When all else fails, take a closeup of the cute kid.


I needed to feel pretty, so I broke out the pedicure/manicure supplies. Anna, of course, wanted to play along.

In other news, Anna is not allowed her crayons for a week after repeatedly coloring on her bedroom door while she was supposed to be napping. Repeatedly as in several days in a row. As in under a minute after Brendan finished cleaning it. After that, she had to clean it up herself. Yeah, she is in so much trouble.

Adventures in Straight Hair

First yesterday's photo of the day-

Do you know how hard it is to get a picture of yourself knitting? Just imagine it for a minute. Self-timer. Trying to hold my camera steady with my chin. It was interesting.

Now, I was looking back at my last post. And I know exactly what you are thinking. It's something along the lines of "Does she ever comb that poor baby's hair?" I will admit, there is some really crazy hair in those pictures so I thought I would take pictures of the whole process today.

First we have Anna, straight out of the bath with hair well-combed, in two pigtails with two barrettes-

Way cute, huh?

Next is just a few hours later-

The pigtails are holding out valiantly but the barettes are gone for good. Really, I have no idea where they are. None. Notice the snowdrift is almost all tall as she is. And it snowed another couple of inches while we were there. Stupid snow.

Within an hour of arriving at Grandma's, this is what she looked like-

Both pigtails a…

Your weekly fix of way cute Anna.


Anna was so sick Monday and Tuesday morning with a cough that while I was out running errands, I stopped and got her a little doctor set. Just something to hopefully keep her mind off feeling lousy. It worked. She spent all afternoon examining Brendan and I.


I actually finished something crafty. I have been just overwhelmed lately with extra hours at work and picking up the same toys five times a day that it seems like forever since I actully made something. Finally, I made some time and sat down and finished this. Nothing too amazing- just a dishcloth which will become part of a wedding gift for a coworker. But, it felt great to be knitting.


There was a suprise package in the mail for Anna from her Grandparents Neville. She spent the evening pretending to eat from her new froggy bowl and jumping up and down on the bubble wrap. There will be way cute pictures to follow of her in her new dance outfit.

Today (Friday)-

Anna wanted to take her nap on the recliner…