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It's all a blur.

Really, if it wasn't for the pictures I would have already forgotten half the things we did this past week. On Wednesday, Brendan's Dad, Stepmom Chris and Sister Emma flew in from New Jersey for a visit. His sister Gwen and her daughter Chloe drove down from Idaho to hang out as well. Much fun followed.

There was swimming in the Hotel pool-

We had to drag a blue-lipped and shivering Anna away. I think she would have been there all night if we had let her.

There was a trip to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point-

There was a trip to the zoo-

There was a Laugh Out Loud show-

There were balloons-

There was a trip to Kangaroo Zoo-

There was a wicked game of Mini-Golf (in which I lost to everyone, including seven year old Emma)-

There was lots of good food-

And there were a whole lot of other things like shopping for new clothes and Trivial Pursuit and sitting around watching TV. But most importantly, there was a lot of time just spent together.

An Abundance of Easter

Easter started last night for us. We dyed eggs, which Anna thought was absolutely magical.

She was rather bossy about which egg went where and when they were done.

I think it would have kept her busy for hours if we'd had the eggs for it.

The Easter Bunny, considerate guy that he is, took Brendan's work schedule into account. He dropped off Anna's Easter basket last night. I didn't get a picture of the whole package because Anna ripped into it too quickly. I did get a picture of the two big gifts, though.

A handmade monster.

And a pad of paper, a set of fancy crayons and a set of markers.

Today, after church, Anna proved herself an egg hunting genius.

She found ten eggs. The other two kids only found six each. Yeah, she's considering going pro.

The way cute Easter dress is not the one I planned on making her. Luckily Grandma Neville sent a backup. I still plan on making her a way cute dress. It's going to be at least two weeks, though before I have the time.

It's b…

Anna's Favorite Place

So, the library got new chairs. Which means I snagged a box and Anna got a new playhouse.

It's been her favorite place to be the past couple of days. In the picture above, she put it in just the right place in the living room, shoved her Elmo chair inside and was watching TV through the window. Yep, way cute.

She's even taken to sleeping in it.

She fell asleep in it at nap time the first day. Then, that night, she wouldn't lay down anywhere else. I expected to be moving a grumpy toddler into her bed in the middle of the night. But she slept there all night. She can't even stretch out in it but she loves it. We are not allowed to call it a box. If we do, Anna quickly corrects us. "No box. That's Anna's House."

Poor little homeless toddler- sleeping in a cardboard box.

A Life More Crafty

Craftiness abounds around here lately. Lots of projects in the works and several more in the planning stage.

First, a quilt update. I've finished piecing the top, and it is gigantic. Humongous. Massive. It's the size of my living room, without any furniture. I was going for large and kind of overshot right into HUGE.

This is it on our queen size bed- with thirty inches of overhang on each side.

The only reason it's not all over the floor is that our bed is up on cinder blocks.

I do really like how its turned out, though. I am considering cutting it down a little before I start basting and quilting. Alex and Madison, what do you think? It is your quilt, after all. Do you want a massive quilt or more standard queen size?

In other craftiness, I ordered yarn online for the first time. I was really nervous buying something I hadn't felt or really seen but I love it! It's a Alpaca and Cashmere blend. Super soft and just so much fun to knit with.

It's a little more a gre…

A Life Less Boring

Sorry its been a while but things have been super boring. No one really wants to see pictures of me in sweats and a bandanna spring cleaning. Finally last night, life got a little less boring and a little more blog-worthy. Brendan had a show with his Improv Comedy troupe- Laugh Out Loud.

We got there early, as usual. Anna was not content with her cookie and my company for long. She wanted her Daddy.

She followed him around for the whole half hour setup. She asked where he was constantly when he left for warm-ups. Then, when the show started-

She kept sneaking onto the stage. Brendan would send her back every time he was in a game and as soon as it was over, she would start begging for her daddy again. Finally we found something to distract her with- the props.

I think her sitting quietly on the stage was less distracting for the audience than her in the props. Really, her in the wig- the group had to try hard to top that. And they did, it was a great show. One of the best I've seen t…