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While Daddy's Away...

....the girls will play.

That's pretty much our weekend. A whole lot of Anna and I hanging out at home crafting while Brendan's in Heber twisting thousands of balloons. Thrills a minute, let me tell you.

Practicing to be a Big Sister

Anna spent a very long time this afternoon playing with one of her many baby dolls.

She made sure it had two hats on.

Wrapped her up tightly in one of her own blankets.

Patted her back, rocked her and sang to her.

And then shoved her into the entertainment center.

I think she's definately ready to be a big sister.

Finally finished.

After the long delay of a broken sewing machine, I finally finished Anna's quilt last night. We put it to good use this morning.

Actually, I just meant to take a few pictures- the toddlers had other ideas. It quickly became the place to be on the playground.

Anna loves it. Absolutely. Last night I folded it up and put in on the chair in her room. Then I put her to bed. Not five minutes later, here she comes into our room dragging the whole thing behind her.

The pattern is a Disappearing Nine Patch inspired by Sew Mama Sew's quilting month. It's machine quilted with just a series of wavy lines. It is definitely not a quilt for the faint of heart. Lots of bright color here- including the bright green backing. I went through a period of doubt where I thought it just might be hideous but now the more I look at it, the more I absolutely love it. More details on the whole process here, here and here.

A Day at the Park

Actually two days at the park.

Last week, we all went down to campus to feed the ducks. I drove (so I could go and get a picnic dinner for all of us) Brendan walked and Anna rode her bike all the way there.
We threw bread at the ducks (which they did not eat).

Anna is a big fan of ducks.

Brendan also tried to teach Anna the joy that is rolling down a hill.

She didn't quite get it. She preferred running down them as fast as she could.

Then, yesterday we went to a different park with some friends of ours- including Nichole, Anna's very best friend. After a very yummy picnic, we played on the coolest swing set ever-

(it's circular and rotates, trust me, its way cool) and played on the playground for a while.

There was even time for me to take a few artsy photos.

Did you notice the bee?

We are definitely enjoying the Spring and the little extra time we have to spend all together this term.

Crafty Goodness

But first, some pictures I have been meaning to post for awhile.

A quick visit from Chloe and Aunt Gwen.

Anna "helping" Brendan with his homework.

Now, the craftiness.

Thursday I was feeling really anxious. I had all these projects piled up just waiting for my sewing machine to be fixed. They all had deadlines. It was my long weekend off of work and there I was with no sewing machine and no way to work on them. So, I went to fabric store and got materials for a new project. One that would not require a sewing machine immediately. I picked out some lovely fabric and started my first attempt at hand quilting.

I spent hours on Thursday shopping and washing fabric and basting and beginning to sew. And then, wouldn't you know, they called first thing on Friday morning to tell me my sewing machine was ready to be picked up.

But, having my sewing machine back (and working better than it ever did before) has let me finish up almost all the rest of the quilt.

I've still got about 2…

More Pregnancy Fun

This week I was convinced we were on our last roll of toilet paper. So convinced that I made a special trip to the store just for toilet paper (and doughnuts). When I got home, I opened the closet we keep the toilet paper in and lo and behold there is three quarters of Costco sized package of toilet paper. Brendan just laughed at me (in between big bites of doughnut).


I went to the doctor this week and he mentioned he's kind of jealous that he'll never get to feel the excitement of a baby actually moving around inside of you. I just kind of thought- "Yeah, it is pretty neat. But only until they start kicking you in the bladder." Hoobie Doobie is already there.

It got me thinking about what its actually like to be pregnant. I've had a couple of experiences this week which highlight exactly what its like to be pregnant.

I have three cardigans that I love and wear often. I've lost all three within the last week. This is not a normal thing for me. I found one at work. The nurse called to tell me the other was at the doctor's office. The third may never be found again. This is something they never really tell you about pregnancy- you get kind of stupid. Your brain is no longer your body's first priority.

Secondly, I've broken two glasses this past week. Just washing them. We got these glasses for our wedding almost fo…

How I Spent My Monday

I thought I would post just a few of my favorite photos from the wedding I photographed on Monday.