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My Current Favorite Color

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A Restful Sort of Day

Yesterday was my birthday. I don't want to say which birthday because I don't even want to think about how old I am. It was a good day though.

I worked for four hours in the morning. I just didn't want to go through the time and effort to find someone to work for me when we wouldn't really be doing much celebrating anyway. After work, Brendan took Anna and I out to lunch at our favorite Chinese buffet. Yum. When we got home, Anna and I both took naps. Ahhh, naptime. Brendan went to run some errands on campus and came home with a lovely rose for me. We spent most of the evening just talking around the playground with friends and sharing my strawberry shortcake birthday cake. It was nothing glamorous or exciting but it was a wonderful birthday just the same. Very restful and very calm which it turns out was exactly what I needed.

Finally Finished

This project has been haunting me. I don't know why. It has no purpose other than to practice quilting. It has no intended recipient. It has absolutely no deadline. But, I have seriously been having nightmares about getting this finished. Maybe because it was I had convinced myself it was going to be so quick and easy. Maybe because it took up space in my small living room. Maybe because finding time to work on anything has been pretty close to impossible. Whatever the reason, yesterday was a holiday and my one goal for the the day was to finish this stupid quilt.

Done. (OK, completely finished by 11 this morning but that so counts in my book).

The entire thing is made from leftovers from the wedding quilt- the top, the backing (which is why it is stripey) the batting, even the thread were all leftover from that one quilt. I feeling pretty proud of myself that my last three projects (this quilt, the tiny toys and the notebooks) all did not require a trip to the crafty store. I am al…

Maybe Not Such A Good Idea After All

I did make a third little toy to join the bunny and the bear.

It started out as a mouse but definitely ended up as a cat. Anna still refuses to call it anything other than a mouse.

I wanted to take a picture of all three together. Yeah. You will notice that there is only a mouse/cat in the picture. Because that's all I could find. That's why its maybe not such a good idea to make three inch tall toys for a two and a half year old. The bunny and the bear disappeared. Completely gone within 24 hours of making them. Brendan and I spent pretty much all morning looking for them. Everywhere. He finally found the bunny underneath the refrigerator but the bear is still missing in action. And we have run out of places to look. I think we're just going to have to wait for him to reappear. Maybe I'll have to try again on a mouse that definitely looks like a mouse while we wait.

And today's added bonus-

A super cute picture of Anna, a Grover backpack, a sock dog and a baby doll a…

I Can't Make Just One!

For example, Anna's friend Nichole had her third birthday last week. Being the artsy love-to-draw sort of kid, I made her a few little notebooks to draw in.

But did I stop there? Of course not. I made six other little notebooks just because I was on a roll.

Yes, I know there are only five in the picture. Anna had already stolen one, drawn in it and then hidden it away somewhere in her room. Instructions on how to make them can be found here, if anyone is interested. They are pretty fun, quick and easy.

Then yesterday, I found this free pattern online. I, of course, had to knit a bunny for Anna that very day. And a bear today. And, honestly, a third will probably join the group just as soon as I can decide on another animal.

I think I may need a crafting intervention.

Brendan's Doings

This is what Brendan has been working on for the past week while I have been quilting and starting to sort through tiny pink clothes-

That's a life size replica of a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton...made out of balloons. About 2,500 balloons. It took seven people six long days to complete. I think we're all (wives and children included) really glad its done.

Leftovers, again.

I finished another baby quilt top today. Once again completely out of leftovers from the wedding quilt.

I have a confession to make. The last quilt was made possible by overestimation. So were the stripes on this one. I just plain made the quilt top way too big, hacked some off two sides and turned the leftovers into these quilts. But, the off-white fabric on this quilt comes almost completely from pieces that I cut wrong the first time around. That's a lot of badly cut pieces I am ashamed to admit. Maybe I should try that whole "Measure twice, Cut Once" thing. But, at least I didn't just throw them away- I made them work in this little quilt.

Happy Fourth of July

It's been a rather quiet day for us. Brendan worked all day. Anna and I hung around the house and quad. I did take the opportunity to take some of the pictures I promised yesterday.

First- Chloe's Green Monkey. Yes, it is green. But it seems that it is a green that is impossible to photograph.

It's coming pre-loved. Gwen, let me know how you'd like me to get it to you. I can mail it or just hold on to it until we see you next.

Second- Some way cute pictures of Anna.

Wearing her favorite hat.

Showing me her toys.

Look- an unexpected plus of using the humidifier every night. Way more curls!

As part of my new Zen and the Art of Crafting theories, instead of deep cleaning the stroller and starting to wash tiny clothes, I quilted. It is a holiday, after all. The stroller and the baby clothes will both still be there tomorrow.

Its just a very simple baby quilt top made completely from leftovers from the wedding quilt. I think I can squeeze two more out of it. Yeah, I tend to ove…

I know, I know...

....I need to blog more. All you trinasdoings fanatics are going through withdrawal. All two of you. I'm just having a tough time right now trying to get everything done. Dishes, cleaning the house, picking up the same toy five times a day, taking care of Anna, cooking, work, paying bills are all starting to pile up on me. Blame Ellery. Blame Anna who can destroy a room in ten minutes flat. Blame the 100 degree weather. Who can get motivated to do anything in that kind of heat? Maybe I just need to drink more Pepsi. Umm, sweet sweet caffeine.

OK, June was Get It Done month! You may be wondering how I did (but its definitely not keeping anyone up at night).

Finished in June:
1. The Wedding Quilt
2. The six sets of sisters jewelry commission
3. A lovely bracelet for myself that wasn't really on my list of things to get done

Almost finished in June:
1. A green sock monkey for Chloe (finished July 1st)

Made Some Progress in June:
1. Ellery's purple stripey knit blanket

I finished ever…