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A finished project, a new project and photos of my girls.

The last time I set a goal to stop avoiding it and make my own binding. Done.

Pretty simple. The pattern is the Flannel Baby Blanket from Last-Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson. It's essentially a single piece of flannel with a handmade cotton binding. The one thing I would do if I make it again would be to made the binding wider. Its something like a half an inch. If I'm going through the effort of making a binding- I want it to be a little more noticeable.

I finished the blanket on Wednesday and being who I am- I immediately started a new project. Here's a quick sneak peek-

It's definately bright and the more I look at the picture, the more doubts I have.

Finally- a few pictures of my girls together.

Another Finished Project

I had given up on this one. Then along came bed rest. It was just too awkward to knit or crochet for long while lying on my left side. I couldn't sit at my sewing machine. I couldn't sit at the computer looking at crafty sites. I whined. I moaned. In desperation, I pulled out the hand quilting again.

Now, it may have been because the only other option was staring at the walls, but the hand quilting which had been such a chore before was suddenly really enjoyable. It was all I wanted to do. I only had finished about a third of the quilting in the weeks since I started the project. On bed rest, I finished the remaining the two-thirds in three days and was disappointed when I got to the end. Mostly because I had no binding so finishing the quilt had to wait until I could sneak out to the fabric store. I was planning on doing just that after my doctor's appointment on the 12th. Instead I ended up in the hospital actually having the baby. So, finishing waited until this week.


Why It's Great To Not Be Pregnant

1. Hallelujah- I can sleep on my belly again! I probably shouldn't considering my great big healing surgical incision but it really is too wonderful to resist.

2. I don't have to pee every half an hour.

3. Still the same temperature outside but I am suddenly so much cooler.

4. I lost 30 pounds in one week. Yep, 30 less pounds of baby, placenta, amniotic fluid, and swollen appendages to drag around. Quite the self-esteem boost. It feels great.

5. I've got a really cute baby girl to play with now.

More Pictures of Ellery

I'd love to hear who you all thinks she looks like. To me, she just looks like Ellery.

Keep scrolling down. Ellery is asleep, Anna is watching a movie, Brendan is at Laugh Out Loud practice and I am taking advantage of the situation by writing three posts at once.

A Finished Project

A little sister elephant and a big sister elephant- mostly handsewn while I was on bedrest. Finished today while Brendan took Anna on a trip to campus.

It's Hard Work Being a Big Sister

Anna is loving being a big sister. Or more like a mini-Mommy. She tells me when its time to feed Ellery or change her diaper or wake her up. She asks to hold her about fifteen million times a day. It's a whole lot of fun.

Meet Ellery Kate

Born August 12th at 8:14 pm.
6 pounds, 17 1/2 inches

Smaller than a Care Bear.

No matter what you attempt to bribe the nurses with, they are still going to glue a bow to your baby girl's head.

Already nicknamed Hoobie Doobie by Anna and Godzilla-Baby by Daddy (thanks to a strange little reptilian cry. really. she sounds like Godzilla attacking Tokyo).

Already much loved and so much a part of our family.

My slowly waning sanity

OK, if I have to be on bedrest, I guess the Olympics is the best of all possible times for it. But, even with basketball, cycling, gymnastics, swimming and five million other sports to watch pretty much constantly all day I AM BORED. It's just frustrating. There are so many things I want to do but can't. There are also so many things I feel like I should be doing but can't. Even the crafties are just frustrating me. There are really only so many hours in a row I can work on something before I just can not stand the sight of it. Poor, poor Brendan that he has to put up with me right now.

I've got a doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon. Cross your fingers that he'll have some good news for me.

A Little Bit of Good News

It seems I can once again get onto Flickr. Either BYU has decided not to block it any longer or there is just some fluke no one has noticed yet. Either way here is some picture goodness for you- my big belly and a turtle toy I made for Anna a few days ago.

Irony Strikes Again

Really, I asked for it. First my doctor tells me that he's leaving town for a week. His final words- "No problems allowed while I am gone!" To which I answered "Of course not!" Then I go and sign up for some extra shifts at work. Then I buy three new maternity tops for my final month. Then I go and write a blog entry which includes the words "Hooray for no signs of preeclampsia!" Yeah, I asked for it.

This morning I woke up with swelling in my legs and face. My eyelids were swollen- not good. The last time my eyelids were swollen, Anna was born that day. Sudden swelling- a sign of preeclampsia. I went to the doctors- but not my doctor because he's in a houseboat on Lake Powell. My blood pressure was high- he sent me to hospital for monitoring and further tests. So that's were Brendan and I spent about five hours today. They took my blood pressure every ten minutes for several hours. They drew blood. I peed in a cup. My blood pressure was high b…

35 weeks and 1 day

Oh my goodness! Ellery and I hit 35 weeks into the pregnancy yesterday. It's causing some minor panic attacks. 5 weeks to go officially. Only 4 weeks, really with the likelihood of a planned C-section. Heck, if it was Anna all over again, I'd be on bed rest at this point with only 2 more weeks to go. Even with being incredibly hot and uncomfortable, I'm glad its not Anna all over again. Hooray for no signs of preecclampsia!

I've started some obsessive list making of all I need to buy and all I need to do to feel ready. They are some really long lists. I'm trying my hardest to hold myself back from starting on them, though. I've been sick for a week and if I don't make myself rest there is no way I am ever going to get rid of this cough. So, maybe I just need to hide my lists until next week.

Normally at this point in the blog, I would take a picture of my big-bellied self and post it. Oh, cute swollen pregnant lady. But, BYU has decided to block Flickr -the…