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Recent Family Pictures

Bright Baby Quilt Set

Behold the crafty goodness!

I finished the Bright Baby Quilt top last night after it was too dark to take pictures. I love it. I love it. I love it. It could be the best thing I have ever made.

The stats-
It measures 40"x48" and was made using the B blocks from this tutorial.
This is truely a scrap quilt. The entire top was pieced with leftovers from other projects. Even all the white is cut from an old stained twin sheet that I wasn't using anymore. I did have to buy fabric for the backing and the binding. I just don't have scraps that large lying around. I love looking at it and picking out where the fabrics came from- toysforvariouskids, placemats for my mom, Ellery's tummy time quilt- there are a lot of good fabric memories in this quilt.

In fact, there was so much good fabric joy going on, I couldn't stop. I took all the leftovers from the crib quilt and made a doll quilt. Wow, I am thrifty.

Now I have a dilema- what to do with them? I could keep them, but …

Good Morning

If there is one thing we do exceptionally well in this family, it is crazy morning hair.


You know that feeling after you've been throwing up all day and you can finally keep down Saltines and lukewarm water and suddenly saltines are the most wonderful thing in the world? Yeah, I am loving the saltines and lukewarm water right now. If only I had a Sprite to top it off with.

Get Along Little Feed Doggies

Today I borrowed a darning foot, grabbed two pieces of fabric and a scrap of batting, dropped my feed dogs and made my first ever attempt at free motion quilting. Wow, it definitely took some getting used to.

The Front

The Back

I even got fancy and tried a flower and a swirl.

Obviously, I still need some practice.

Now, what I should have done is sewn with the red side up. That way I could have actually seen the stitches a whole lot better. I didn't think of that until after I had already pinned it. And I'm not really the kind of person to take the time to repin something- even something this small.

All in all, it wouldn't make a half bad placement. If Anna hadn't already claimed it.

Got to keep those babies warm, after all.

Saturday of Fun

Anna, Ellery and I went to our little Student Family Housing Carnival today. Anna had a blast.

She went on a giant slide.

Her favorite part might have been the food, though.

She did pick out some lovely prizes at the games. Sunglasses and bracelets. She is such a girl.

No pictures of Ellery. She was pretty boring and just slept in the stroller the whole time.

The most disappointing part- our quad losing their first tug-of-war match. We were hoping to win the competition for the third year in a row. No BYU Creamery ice cream party for us.

Four Weeks Old

Kind of hard to believe that its already been four weeks, isn't it?

This is Anna's preferred distance from Ellery. I am trying hard to be less nervous whenever Anna is near her.

In other news, I went back to work last night. It went well- I remembered all my passwords and keyboard shortcuts. I did really miss my girls, though. It does give Brendan a good chance to spend time with them.

I Need Your Help

So, I finished another baby quilt top. Yeah, I know- yet another one. Good thing I happen to live in Provo, Utah- the baby capital of the world.

When I started this, I was thinking I wanted it to be uni-sex but it would probably be for a girl. Well, now its probably for a boy. That's where I need your help.

Is this too girly? It's got some floral prints and purple that I would have left out if I was thinking boy while I was putting it together. Should I find a girl to give it to or would it be fine for a boy?

(My two favorite squares.)

I also made a cat toy for Anna today.

Leftovers Again

I finished another baby quilt using the leftovers from my brother's wedding quilt.

Ignore the wrinkles- it had been folded up and crammed in a bag all night.

The goal with this one was better machine quilting. I really slowed down and carefully basted it. Took the time to actually put the walking foot on my sewing machine. Strived to be really accurate with the stitch in the ditch quilting. And I think it worked. Way fewer tucks and puckers than all my other quilts. Nice straight lines.
(click on the picture for a larger view that shows my nice pretty stitches)

My absolute favorite part is the backing fabric.

Such a lovely green with wonderful tiny multi-colored polka dots. I am such a sucker for polka dots. I wish I had bought more- like the whole bolt.

Once again, I have no plans for this quilt. I just made it to be making something rather than for someone specific. I am accepting offers and bribes!

Welcome Home

Two years ago we dropped off Brendan's brother Mike at the MTC. Today we got to go up to Salt Lake and see him for a couple of hours during his layover on the way home. Yep, we were the last to see him off and the first to welcome him home.

And finally- proof that Ellery doesn't sleep all the time-

Spoiling My Baby With Handmade Goodness

I found this hat while preparing for Ellery a couple of months ago. I remember making it last year sometime. But, I don't remember why or who for. Oh well, its Ellery's now.

And here's your bonus way cute picture of Anna.

That's the lunch she picked out herself- Ham, Pepperoni and Banana Peppers. She ate it all.