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Small Sunday Projects

I've decided that Sundays are perfect for small easy projects- something that can be started and finished before whatever football game Brendan is watching is over. Yesterday it was headbands. One for me and one for Anna.

I love this fabric given to me by one of my coworkers at the library. I couldn't resist using it in both Anna's and mine. But I really don't plan on ever dressing us in matching headbands. Anna's is plain pink on the other side so we can actually both be wearing them at the same time without having to match exactly. They were so quick and easy to make that I'm planning more for both of us.

After football and a family walk and dinner, we decided to watch the World Series. So I needed another project. And I still had that yummy pink fabric out. So Ellery got little shoes.

Not quite little enough. They stay on but they make her look like she has clown feet. I'm guessing they will fit perfectly in another month or so.

Sewing them makes me feel …

Anna's Present

Brendan and I have a goal for giftgiving occasions and our kids. For every birthday and Christmas we'd like to give them one handmade gift, one storebought gift and a book. This took care of the handmade and the storebought for Anna's birthday-

It's a little dollhouse purse made using this wonderful tutorial. Tucked inside is a little bunny's bedroom including dollhouses of her own to play with. Anna absolutely loves it and has played with a whole lot since Friday afternoon.

I, on the other hand, really want to remake it. I meant to have three little buttons to hold it closed but I sewed two of the button loops on in the wrong place and ended up just cutting them off. So, it doesn't close and stay closed very securely. Plus, I just think I could make it so much better the second time around. Better stitching. Better decorated. Maybe even a little bigger. I have plenty of supplies left over so a second little house may definitely be in Anna's future.

My Photos From the Party

Anna's Photos from the Party

Sure, most of her pictures were of the ground or her feet or who knows what. But one out of every ten or so was surprisingly good.

She absolutely loves her camera. I had to sneak it away to upload the pictures.


I got kicked out of my own bed this morning.

Good thing they're so cute.

A Week of Sweater Pants

Monday I found this tutorial online and knew I had to make some sweater pants. Partially because there is just something so fun about saying sweater pants.

Tuesday we were going to DI anyway to look for things for Brendan's Halloween Costume so I bought a couple of sweaters.

Wednesday I cleaned the house and thought about sweater pants.

Thursday night I made two pairs- one for Ellery and one for Anna. They took under an hour for both.

Friday we had a photo shoot-

I think we definately need another trip to the thrift store. I think they are great. Super cute on Ellery. Super practical on Anna. Warm and modest as leggings under a dress or skirt. Comfy as pajama bottoms. And as Brendan will tell you, I have a thing for kids in stripes. I don't know what it is- I love kids in stripes. Now I just have to figure out what to do with the rest of the sweater. Right now I'm thinking tote bags.
One day soon I am going to carry around a stopwatch and a notebook and find out exactly where all my time goes. Just how much time I spend breastfeeding, cooking, eating, reading, picking up the same toys over and over. I think I would be surprised.

Today was spent doing all those little things that don't really seem to be accomplishing anything. Thinking back I can't remember anything really that I did or how long it took or when I did it. I just spent the day taking care of myself and the girls.

There is one thing I have to show for today-

A bracelet specifically made to sell on Etsy. I made it out under the trees while Anna played on the playground and Ellery slept. I think that's why I like crafting so much. I have something to show for it at the end. There are definite, small, achievable goals. Don't get me wrong, I like being a mom- but the results are definitely a lot less immediate.

Such a Big Girl!

Two months ago-


Two months ago-


It's been an amazing two months.


Beginning a new quilting project is really my favorite part. Putting fabrics together. Searching through my own fabric stash. Hitting every fabric store in the area looking for the perfect shade of orange. Seeing how different shades and colors and patterns all look together. It's really exciting to me.

Ok, Relatives- Listen Up

I know you are going to ask, so here are some ideas for Anna's birthday. And Christmas too I guess.

Clothes- size 3T. Since she is the skinniest kid alive adjustable waistbands or things that hold themselves up like dresses and overalls are preferred. She could use some warm jammies- she seems to like the long john sort of ones.

Books- Dr Seuss and Mo Willems are both favorites. Really, though, she likes them all.

Toys- An easel, art supplies, a wooden doll cradle, a kid-friendly digital camera, any and all dolls and dress up clothes are all things she would love. She is also really starting to get into games (not that she really gets the rules yet). The only game for her we have so far is Candyland. She still really likes Sesame Street but I am starting to think enough is enough on the Sesame Street toys.

I hope this is helpful. Let me know if you would like me to come up with some Christmas ideas for Brendan, Ellery and me.

I do still knit.

I really do. It just takes longer than sewing. After I wrote that I had an almost finished sweater, I got a little obsessive about it. As in, I stayed up until one the night before last knitting the final sleeve and midnight last night sewing it all together.

I really like the sweater. Hate the pictures of me in it, though. That's pretty much normal. I work on something for a month dreaming of how glamorous it is going to be and how it will fit me perfectly and the reality never quite matches up. Give me a week to lose those expectations of perfection and I will like it much better.

The details-
Pattern- Hey, Teach!
Yarn- Lion Brand Cotton-Ease in the Lake colorway
Knitting Time- One month and one day with a newborn around. Would have maybe taken two weeks without.

Sneak Preview

It's been a while since I posted anything crafty. Really (for me) I don't have much going on right now. I'm almost done with a sweater for myself. But its pretty much just a boring pile of blue stuff until I actually get it done. I did, however, take a trip to the crafty store today- my first in weeks. I thought I would give you a sneak peek of projects to come in the next few weeks.

Anybody have any guesses what I am making?

Taking the Plunge

You may notice something a little new over on the right side of the page. I've opened an Etsy account in an effort to support my crafty habit. I figure I've got all these things I've made just sitting around the house, I might as well try and sell them so I can use the money to buy more craft supplies. And it's going pretty well so far. The very first thing I posted- the bright baby quilt set- sold in under half an hour. Woo Hoo!

Check-Up Time

Doctor Anna will see you now.


Mild-mannered toddler by day, superhero by late afternoon. Meet Alpha-Girl.

Poised for action. Always ready to make sound effects and prance rather fast.

Defender of baby dolls and stuffed animals everywhere. Able to withstand electrocution (she stuck a metal object in the outlet today) and falls from great heights (the kitchen table- also today). Alpha-Girl!

Alpha-girl's cape took about an hour to make (including the fall off the kitchen table which very nearly involved the sewing machine as well- its no wonder my hair is going grey). It's made from two leftover pieces of flannel. Anna choose the alphabet fabric. Her other choices were rocket ships or polka-dots. I think her choice was influenced by how much Sesame Street she watches. It was a very quick and easy project. I may have to make her another one or two.

Questions Answered

There are so many questions when you decide to have a baby. Will it be a boy or girl? Will they be healthy? What will they be when they grow up?

Thanks to a way cool baby present we now know the answers are girl, so far so good and criminal mastermind.

Consider yourselves warned.