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Still Computerless....

....and its driving me crazy. Especially since its Thanksgiving weekend and all the labs on campus and the libraries have been closed. Aargh. It's official, we're just asking for cash for Christmas to put towards a new computer. Well, cash for the adults. Feel free to shop for cute toys and clothes and books for the kids.

It's kind of good timing blog-wise. All my current craft projects (and there are quite a few. It's like Trina's sweatshop around our house these days.) are all Christmas presents for someone who probably reads this blog. So, I've got nothing to share right now anyway. Other than cute kid pictures. And trust me, those are piling up.

I know this has been really fractured but my break is almost over. So back to work I go with no proofreading.

Public Service Announcement

Just a warning- there may not be much in the way of blogging and emailing going on. Our computer crashed and burned. We're trying to decide if its worth it to try and replace the hard drive on a four year old computer or if we're asking Santa for a computer for Christmas or if we just want to try and live without one for a little while. I hadn't realized how much I had grown to depend on it until it was gone. No blogging from home or editing photos or letting Anna play on the Sesame Street website. The more I think about it the less likely just doing without a computer seems.

I'll try and keep everyone updated.

It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas

I'm starting to get a little crazy, just like I do every Christmas. Lists and more lists scattered around the house. More craft projects than I count. Grand schemes for advent calenders and nativities and decorations. A little manic gleam in my eye. In the interest of surprises, this is all you get to see of my current projects. Just enough make you curious.


How We Spent Our Morning

Last week, someone from BYU called and asked if we would be interested in having Ellery participate in a study being conducted on three month olds. It sounded interesting so we signed up. This morning we all trekked down to campus. It only took about half an hour total. Ellery wore this really cool cap which registers brain activity then she watched a five minute video.

Is it wrong that I think this is adorable?

Along with a trip to the bookstore for chocolate covered pecans, it made for a really interesting and unique morning.

Ellery's New Blankies

The fates collided this week. I had money for a gift for Ellery (thanks Erik and Andrea!) and minky was on sale. I've been wanting to make something for Ellery out of this super soft fabric ever since she was conceived. It has just never been on sale when I had money to spend before. One side is plain quilter's cotton, the other is the minky. I was nervous to sew with such a stretchy fabric but it was easier than I expected. I just pinned the heck out of it and sewed pretty slowly. Now I just need to get some slippers and mittens for Anna and my babies will be all warm and snuggly for winter.


It must be the Christmas music I hear everywhere I go, I am obsessed with toys lately. I've been checking out all the handmade goodness on Etsy and elsewhere on the web. I've been planning and scheming and even dreaming of toys.

I'm starting to put together a quiet book for Anna for church. One page down-

It's a pretty standard quiet book page. Felt flower shapes that attach to buttons. I cut out tons of flowers so Anna can stack them together and make more interesting flowers. I am most proud of the leaf shapes sewn into the green felt. It probably took me two hours start to finish to make this on Sunday. I've got ideas for a few other pages already.

Rather than start on another page for the quiet book yesterday, I did something completely different.

Recognize them?

Let me give you a hint-

It's little Halloween costumed Anna and Ellery dolls. They are tiny- about two inches high. Painted with acrylic paint on wooden pegs. Varnished with high gloss Modge Podge (b…

Unintentional Photo Shoot

I was trying to take some pictures of new Etsy merchandise. Anna thinks every picture needs to include her, so this is what I ended up with instead.

Merchandise-Schrmerchandise. This was a whole lot more fun.


There comes a time in every crafter's life that they must face their fears in order to advance. They are no longer content with the status quo and must branch out into new and scary territory in order to remain creative.

All of my quilts so far have been made with rectangles. Straight lines and right angles, that was me. Sure there's a lot you can do with rectangles. This and this and this and this. All rectangles. I love rectangles.

But it's time to try something new. There's a whole world out there of non-90 degree angles and curves. And it scares me. I knew the rectangle. I was one with the rectangle. Curves! Angles! Aargh. So, I decided to start small. The triangle. A triangle is essentially just half a rectangle, right?

Not being stupid, I sought help from the great web sages. I found great tutorials here and here. Here are the two doll quilts I ended up with-

Not too shabby, huh? I mean, look at those points-

Of course, they don't all look like that but I consi…

Frog and Butterfly

I made both of the girl's Halloween costumes, of course. I'm kind of crazy that way. I, however did not make both of them this year.

Ellery wore Anna's very first Halloween costume. I made this little frog hat while I was pregnant with Anna- just in case she came early. Which she did. This year I did add the little sleeper with a felt froggy belly. There is no pattern for the hat. I just made it up as I went along and three years later I am not quite sure how I did it.

Anna wanted just about every costume she saw. But, with a little prodding from mom, she decided on a butterfly. I got the pattern for the wings from a library book. They only took about three hours from start to finish- when both girls were asleep. I think it would have taken weeks if I had their help. The only sewing involved was attaching the elastic. Everything else is done with felt and fusible interfacing. It was a lot of cutting out pattern pieces and ironing but I really do love how they turned out. B…