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When 3 Year Olds Dress Themselves

That's socks and Sunday shoes, apple leg warmers, pajama bottoms (worn inside-out), a Minnie mouse jacket and flower shaped sunglasses. The very height of fashion.

Swap Fabric

I've never done anything like this before, but when Sew Mama Sew announced they were hosting a fat quarter swap, I decided to sign up. Send out four fat quarters to four strangers- get four fat quarters back. It just sounded like a whole lot of fun. As soon as I signed up, though, I was hit by indecision. There was no theme. No suggestions. Just all the fabric in the world to choose from. What fabric would I send? I decided I wanted to send something kind of "me". Fabric I love and would love to quilt with. Well, then, why not send fabric I had already picked out because I love?

So, I bought more of my favorite fabric I picked out for my brother Jason's quilt.

I admit I'm a sucker for bird fabric. Birds tend to show up a lot in my quilts. For example-

Chickens totally count.

This could be my favorite bird fabric ever. Hopefully the ladies I sent it to like it as much as I do.

On a related note, I actually got started on Jason's quilt yesterday. The goal was to…

Coolest Fabric Ever

Really. Maybe its the librarian in me. Maybe its being the mother of two small children. Maybe its just the fact that I loved the story so much when I was little. Whatever the reason, this is the coolest fabric ever.

Just look at it- so bright and vibrant. So very Eric Carle. I just could not physically resist. I've been looking at online for several weeks and drooling. I just happened to find in it a local quilt shop yesterday. And supporting local shops is a good thing, right? And no shipping charges. Anyway, I talked myself into it. The plan is to make a twin sized quilt for Anna and hopefully squeeze a smaller quilt for Ellery out of it as well. Both from this pattern. Since I'm currently working on two quilts for Etsy, then I've got another quilt to start and finish by the first weekend in May- I'm thinking of just planning on these as birthday presents in August and October. That way, if they don't get done by then, they could be Christmas presents. Either wa…

Ready to Go

Pretty much all I've done since blogging yesterday is finish these two bracelets, take pictures of them, edit pictures of them and start to prepare the Etsy listings. It will be hard to let them go if they do sell.


I've had these beads set aside to make myself a bracelet for months. I finally got around to it last night. I'm trying out a new variation on the Ellery bracelet- a bangle instead of a cuff.

I like it so well that I have two others begun in different colors to sell on Etsy. They should be ready tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest.

Love Bunny

The Taggie was Ellery's Valentine's Day present. Brendan got "Handsome Devil" pajama bottoms to replace the "I Love You" ones with holes in the bottom and a snazzy tie (which he picked out for himself). I'm getting a copy of The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman (which I picked out myself). That left me needing something for Anna. The fates aligned and I found Anna's stretchy gloves from last year. I thought they were gone for good. With a little help from the book Sock and Glove they became-

The Love Bunny.

Look- he has a belly button. And the cutest tail ever-

I started him as I started the movie Becoming Jane and finished him before it was over. So, maybe an hour and a half start to finish. I've decided that I prefer hand sewing sock creatures rather than trying to take shortcuts and machine sewing. It always ends up taking longer somehow. Usually because I mess something up and have to resew it like four times.

He is a charming little bunny, if I…


So, when I've got a big giant to-do list, whether it be chores or crafties like the one I posted on Sunday, I find the absolute quickest item and do it first. Then I get to mark it off the list. It gives me a little sense of accomplishment. It gets the ball rolling on the rest of the list.

The quickest thing on my crafty to-do list was a taggie for Ellery. Sunday night I whipped one out. It took about an hour start to finish- including the time spent picking out the fabrics and finding the ribbons.

There was a change of plans after I took the picture for the to-do list. I decided to go with a blue/green polka dot fabric instead of the black and white print I had originally picked out. It just went to well with the other fabric and the ribbons to not use.

The back is pale green minky left over from a blanket I made Ellery. It is super super soft.

I was a little sceptical about the whole taggie trend until I saw this one in action. It's like a miniature security blanket and toy …

The Big To Do

1. About a week ago, Anna was sitting on my lap while I read some blogs. She saw this and there was no going back. Everyday since, at least ten times a day she has asked for a "cook-girl". So, it seems I am making a cook girl.

I did take a short cut, though. I found the faceless, hairless, clothes less doll at Michaels for about nine dollars. What sold me was the panties. I was not looking forward to making doll sized panties but Anna was very specific that her doll had to have panties.
So far all I've managed to do with her is draw on a face- which will probably be embroidered over and do a couple of felt hair experiments.

2. There's a whole of lot of jewelry in that bin waiting to be made- several Ellery bracelets for Etsy, a half-finished necklace for me, several unbegun necklaces and earrings for both me and Etsy.

3. A wedding quilt for my brother Jason. Who is getting married the first Sunday in May. That's like two and a half months away. Eek. I have all the …

Photography by Anna

It's really easy to see who Anna likes the best.

Super Simple Stash-Busting Baby Quilts

Finally finished both baby quilts. Took so much longer than I intended. But, it really is miraculous I am getting anything done considering the husband on crutches and two sick kids (Anna had an ear infection and is all better thanks to antibiotics. Ellery has RSV but is much better and definitely on the mend).

Both quilts are super simple- 4" blocks of fun stash fabric surrounded by 2" white flannel sashing. Due to the availability of backing fabric, the red quilt is 7 by 9 blocks (44" by 56" approximately) while the blue quilt is 6 by 8 blocks (38" by 50" approximately).

Both have simple straight line quilting- basically down each side of the sashing. This and all other pictures are post-washing so everything is all soft and crinkly.

Backing on the blue one is flannel- because that's what I had. Just regular old cotton on the pink one. The binding is probably my favorite part of each. It's less than five months since I learned how to make my own…

News of the Kiddos

Two kid-related items of interest today-

1. Ellery, while not officially crawling is definitely mobile.

The blanket was the starting point. It took her about ten minutes to roll, wiggle and scoot her way across the room. Looks like I'm entering the phase where I should vacuum twice a day.

2. Anna got her very first haircut yesterday.

Nothing too crazy. Just straight across a little longer than shoulder-length. She was so excited both before and after. During, though, she was very somber and still. I guess she was really listening during that talk about how important it was to be still and listen to what the person cutting her hair said.