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Not Yet Spring

Looks like I jumped the gun a little with all my sunhat and sandals shopping.

I'm guessing about four inches with more forecasted pretty much all this week.

That's OK. It was the perfect excuse to stay at home, move around some furniture and baste quilts all morning. (Sad but true, if I want to baste anything larger than a baby quilt, I have to move furniture out the living room of my tiny apartment.) Maybe I'll start in on the machine quilting this afternoon.

Little did I know this morning that it would turn out to be the best mail day ever. Ever! I just got back from the mailbox and there were four (yes, FOUR) large envelopes waiting for me from all over the world.

The first was from Oregon and Sew Mama Sew.
Last week I won a free yard of fabric from them. I knew about five minutes later exactly what I wanted. Unfortunately, it was out of stock. So I settled on some very pretty trees to go with all the bird fabric I've been collecting.

I ordered it on Wednesday. Well, …
You know, you really can't have a baby in an Easter dress without an Easter bonnet.

And while I was on the whole kids clothes kick, I had to try out the lazy days skirt.

And since its finally warm enough to play outside every once in awhile, it was time to buy Ellery a sun hat.

She seems to like it.

Ready for Easter

Dude, we are so ready for Easter.

Well, except for the Easter eggs and baskets and candy and all that stuff. Oh well, at least the dresses are covered.

Two Projects

So, the week with my camera ended on a low note. No pictures from Friday or Saturday. Didn't even think about my camera at all those two days. Oh well, I'll try it again sometime soon.

In the good news category, I'm putting a serious dent in some of my crafty projects.

Even with starting over from scratch, the wedding quilt top is done-

It's 64" by 64". I made it with picnics and naps on the couch in mind. It just barely hangs over the edges of the bed. So, theoretically, it could work as a bedspread as well. I'm glad I started over on it. These triangles were so much easier to work with. Not that I'm giving up on the other. It's going to become a lap quilt for us. I just didn't want to struggling with them on a deadline. Now I can take my time and make sure I get it right.

I've also started and finished an Easter dress for Ellery yesterday. I've been obsessing the loveliest red and white dresses from Baby Gap. But there was no way I am …



Looking up from my pillow after Brendan opened the blinds in an attempt to get me out of bed. It worked, eventually.


A very fussy Ellery.


Thinking about blue a lot today. Working on a blue quilt. Planning a blue bracelet. All while watched over by a two pairs of very curious blue eyes.

A Week with my Camera

So, I've been slacking on the picture taking lately- not really in quantity but definitely a little in quality. Basically, my camera has not been off the Auto/No Flash setting in months. So, I'm trying to remedy that. And trying to take more than just my crafty/smiling baby pictures. So I have declared this my week with my camera- as in I try and take it everywhere and break out of my picture taking routine.

First though, I have two very routine shots to show you-

Anna and her new best friend, my cousin Aubrey. Taken at a family dinner last night. Not sure whether Anna likes Aubrey or Aubrey's toys better. I don't blame her- Aubrey has like a three foot tall horse and a great dollhouse.

And a finished crafty. I'm calling it the Sunny Days Quilt. I finished it early this morning and just finished posting it for sale on Etsy. Part of me really, really wants to keep it. But, Anna already has a quilt made out of the exact same fabric in the same basic pattern. But, I l…

What a Difference a Day Makes

Especially when that 24 hours includes a trip to the mall with my sweet girls, a soft pretzel, new fabric, a whole lot of time with a seam ripper and a new sewing machine needle.

The really bad binding has been removed from the potholder, the edges trimmed and a new binding partially sewn on.

I also picked out a large section of quilting on the quilt where my sewing machine had gone crazy and was skipping stitches. I gave the machine some basic service- delinting and a new needle, then requilted and finished quilting. Made the binding and partially sewed it on.

All that's left is handsewing the binding and both will be done. Then I can move on to some of the other half-finished projects which have somehow piled up. Seems I only needed one night off and am back in business.

Crafting Black Hole

It's one of those times where my crafting mojo is low and nothing seems to be going right. For example-

Jason's wedding quilt. Disaster. I was chain-piecing along, so excited to put all the various fabrics together, about a third of the way through each of the 14 rows before I realized that I was sewing them wrong. As is, all the points would be chopped off all my triangles. Aargh. What was I thinking. So, I can either rip everything out and try again with no guarantee that it will work the second time around. Or I can throw these away and recut just these pieces and start again. Or I can start completely over. Cut everything again and sew using a different method which I have used before and know will work. I'm leaning that way. The unsewn triangles can be salvaged for a smaller, baby quilt. At this point I really want to go with a familiar technique- especially with only two months to whip out this bad boy.

So, while I struggled to decide what to do with this pile of blue…