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Enough with the Orange!

As promised, pictures of the other two finished quilts-

Quilt #2 is about 36" by 46". It is destined to be a baby gift. Probably.

Quilt #3 is about 42" by 60". It was made especially for Ellery after she constantly cuddled up to the first two.

And, in case there is any doubt- I stitched her name into it.

My favorite part out of any of the three is this little bit-

I just love the flowered VW van right next to the flowered fabric.


In what can only be described as a fit of extreme obsessiveness, I have finished all three orange strip quilts. The one pictured a couple of entries ago is sold and off on its way to Maine. I will have pictures of the other two hopefully tomorrow.

We're leaving for Arkansas for a long weekend on Thursday morning. I'm entering that crazy phase where I already have more to do than can be done but I keep trying to add new things to the list- like making new jewelry to wear to the wedding. Please, someone talk some sense into me.

In other news, Brendan finished his first large balloon sculpture on Friday.

About four and a half feet tall. Football player. Yeah, kind of looks like a futuristic space warrior to me too.


So, I've decided what to do with the orangey quilt of goodness. I'm going to post it on Etsy probably tonight. Then, I'm going to finish the second baby quilt I have completed out of the same fabrics. That's going to be saved for a baby (and parents) who are sure to appreciate it. Then, I'm going to clear out most of the rest of my orange/yellow scraps, add a few new fabrics and make a third strip quilt for Ellery since whenever I turn around she's cuddling the fabrics and quilt tops.

After all, why only make one quilt when you can make three?

Unexpected Tutu Making

If you had asked me yesterday what I was planning to do with my evening, making a tutu would not have ever crossed my mind.

But last night Anna was trying to squeeze into her dance leotard from like a year and a half ago. Major wedgie. Somehow, a conversation between her, me, Brendan and a tutu tutorial online, ended up with me on the way to the fabric store at 7 o'clock last night. By 11, I had bought tulle and groceries, fed everyone dinner, gotten the girls to bed and made a pale purple tutu. The tutu making itself only took an hour.

Anna is thrilled with it. Definitely worth the six dollars and hour of my time.

Decline in Parental Ideologies.

Sometimes, sitting around the playground with the other moms, a certain topic of conversation will come up. I like to call it the decline of parental ideologies. It's all those "I would never...." and "I will always...." statements that we begin parenthood with that sort of gradually fall away with the increase in the number of children. For example, the first child gets homemade baby food from organic produce, the second gets the jarred stuff from the grocery store and the third- well, the third gets whatever they can grab from the other two. That sort of thing.

Well, Anna never got homemade organic baby food. But, I'm pretty sure I would have been absolutely horrified by the idea of giving her an Oreo at eight months old.

Ellery enjoyed every minute of it.


Thanks for all the reassuring comments yesterday. It's nice to know my blog is being read by great people. For now I've decided to just leave things as they are. I don't want to go through the hassle of having two separate blogs. But, if I have another bad experience, that is what I will have to do- a public crafts only blog and a private family blog. I'm also going to stop titling and tagging my family pictures on flickr. Really, that's how the guy found the picture of Brendan- he searched "broken leg". So, no more titles or tags that could lead people like that to my family's pictures.

Now, I need some more reassurance. Is this ugly?

I have a moment in every quilt where I am convinced that I am making the ugliest thing on the planet. Usually that moment is pretty quick. It's kind of sticking around on this quilt. That's just a whole lot of orange. A whole lot.

I am always on the lookout for quick baby gifts, considering half the women I know …

Utah Weather

Last Thursday-

Ten inches of snow.

Yesterday (a mere five days later)-

Anna splashing in the sprinklers.

What the heck?


Sorry I haven't been posting much lately. I'm actually having a whole blogging existential crisis. I'm just not sure why I'm doing this anymore and who my audience actually is and why I even bother when almost no one comments. Plus, someone who I'm pretty sure has a male foot/cast fetish favorited a picture of Brendan with his broken leg on Flickr. So, that raised all kinds of privacy issues for me, of course. It being Brendan makes for a funny story but all kinds of pictures of my girls are out there for anyone to see as well. That's a little scary.

Anyway, no decisions as yet on whether or not I want to even keep putting all this stuff online or not. I'm considering all sorts of options like just making it a crafty blog and not posting any more pictures of the girls or just making it a private invitation only sort of blog. Maybe two blogs is the answer- one public crafty one and one private family one. While I ponder all these things, I've just decided…

Two Finished Projects

Neither one with a fantastic picture, unfortunately.

The first is a crocheted button bracelet made for a co-worker.

I really wanted a picture of it being worn, but I forgot my camera when I delivered it to her. Not much to say about the bracelet, other than- she loved it.

After finishing up the Easter dresses for my two girls,I realised that I had plenty of fabric left over to make a little something else. I decided on a cute skirt for the girl's cousin Chloe. I used this tutorial which was fantastic. But, I didn't even think about getting a picture of it until I sat down to write this post. I found one picture from our egg hunt this weekend which shows the skirt relatively well.

It looked great with a little white polo shirt and denim jacket. I have another planned for Anna in different fabrics. In fact I've tried to start it twice but was under the influence of antihistamines and cut it incorrectly both times. Maybe I'll try for the third time tonight.

Easter Fun

Early Saturday morning we loaded up the whole family (and a trunkful of stuff) and drove up to Idaho to spend the Easter weekend with Brendan's sister and her daughter. Even with Anna getting sick and neither girl wanting to go to sleep in a strange place, it was a great weekend.

(Finally showing off her teeth for the camera.)

Wedding Quilt

OK, I know I've been showing pictures of it all along. But if, your name is Jason or Amber and you don't want to see the finished project until you are actually given the gift- walk away from the computer.

OK, if your name is not Jason or Amber or if it is and you don't really care about being surprised, scroll down to see the finished wedding quilt.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank my assistant-

Yeah, she was a lot of help.

Not sure what to say about it. The colors went sort of wacky in the pictures- it is indeed blue and white, not blue and sort of light blue like it looks. It measures 60 by 60 inches- perfect for picnicking, taking to the lake or napping on the couch. It does cover sort of barely cover the top of a queen size bed. So, it would look nice on a guest bed with maybe a plain blue spread under it. I am really well pleased with how it turned out. I'm tempted to keep it, but then I am tempted to keep all of my quilts.

Really and Truely Finished

Binding handsewn. Washed. Dried. Extensively photographed. Posted on Etsy. Done. Done. Done.

I've made three of these quilts now and I am so finished. No more with the cute little houses! No more purple! No more! Making three of the almost exact same quilt just made it feel like working on the same quilt- since September or so.

Not that I don't love the quilt. Not that I don't love all the leftover fabric (expect to see it again- maybe even in a skirt for Anna this week). I love this quilt- that's why I made three. I just glad to finally be done.