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Sorry I haven't been posting much lately. I'm actually having a whole blogging existential crisis. I'm just not sure why I'm doing this anymore and who my audience actually is and why I even bother when almost no one comments. Plus, someone who I'm pretty sure has a male foot/cast fetish favorited a picture of Brendan with his broken leg on Flickr. So, that raised all kinds of privacy issues for me, of course. It being Brendan makes for a funny story but all kinds of pictures of my girls are out there for anyone to see as well. That's a little scary.

Anyway, no decisions as yet on whether or not I want to even keep putting all this stuff online or not. I'm considering all sorts of options like just making it a crafty blog and not posting any more pictures of the girls or just making it a private invitation only sort of blog. Maybe two blogs is the answer- one public crafty one and one private family one. While I ponder all these things, I've just decided to carry on as before.

So, I have a post for you today that includes both a finished project and cute kid pictures.

Puzzle Ball
I've been meaning to make Ellery the Puzzle Ball from Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts since before she was born. It was on my list of potential Christmas Projects, then Valentines Day. Finally, I moved it to the top of the list and made it for her Easter Basket.

My favorite part was picking out the fabrics. There's some birds, frogs, Heather Ross Dogs and a bit of Anna's Easter Dress. Lots and lots of bright primary colors.
Puzzle Ball

The pattern is based off of a five inch circle. I sized it up to a eight inch circle in an attempt to make the fiddly bits less fiddly. That makes it too big of Ellery to play with easily right now, though. So, I may be making a five inch one.
Ellery with Puzzle Ball
She likes looking at it, even if she can't really pick it up.

And now, your dose of cute kid pictures-
Let Me Out
MnM face
Attempting to Blow Bubbles
Yeah, if you look closely at Anna's you can not only see the MnM residue all over, but a big bruise on her forehead where she fell and smacked it on a picnic table. Thought for a little bit that one would merit a trip to the emergency room. Within two minutes, she was back running all over the playground, thankfully.


Ann said…
Trina, I fully enjoy reading your blog, both about your family (kids) and all the fabulous crafty things you do. I'm amazed at the stuff you do and with what speed you do them especially with two little ones there to "help." If you do decide to change your blogging plans, I would love to be included in your invite to be able to view them.
eww! I noticed a lot of people have 2 blogs, or they only shoot their kids from behind while they show off their craft... Idk. Whatever works best for you.
I have had the same crisis about my photos/blog/work in general.
I do something I think is awesome and all I get is "crickets"... I got really depressed about it.
I am working thru the feelings. I have to say I think it really helped me in my creative process.
I am working on a lot of new stuff I find really interesting, and I just kinda let the other stuff go.
It has helped me think and define my "voice", and refocus my attention in ways I am almost happy for now. I still wish I had more eyeballs. Eyeballs that left comments. Oh well.
kristy said…
I read your blog every time you update. I have been for a while now. I don't remember how I stumbled by, but I love all of the things you make!
Misty said…
Whatever you decide to do, count me in. I love reading about all your crafts and your girls are just beautiful.
Meg said…
That puzzle ball looks hard to sew. You did a great job!

I enjoy reading your blog too. I am getting ready to attempt quilting, so I've been lurking on the blogs of a few quilters to read what they have to say.

As for having kids and including them on your blog, I totally get it. I previously worked for the National STD and HIV/AIDS hotline and am now in HR for a company that checks the sex offender registry for every new hire. There are some really scary folks out there. As for the foot/cast fetish, well...eeeeew!

I would like the opportunity to continue to see your crafts, but completely lock it down.

It's a tough decision, but I'm sure you'll make the right one for you. Good luck!
Jenny said…
I read your blog, too, Bean. I just never have any brilliant comments to make. I guess your blog leaves me speechless (in a good way!). Love you!
Hey Trina, its Trina (in Oklahoma).I have your blog bookmarked on my Google Blog Reader so anytime you write a new blog I read it within 24 hours, usually sooner. I love reading sewing blogs, yours included because of all the cute projects. For instance, I think I may have to find the pattern for that ball so I can make one for my niece, she loves them.

One thing for sure, I won't be using the fabric you sent. I love it so much I haven't dared thought of cutting into it.
Rachel said…
I read your blog! I totally want to be you when I grow up.
Michelle said…
I think it definitely is a sticky spot to be in, wondering how people react to their stuff. This is a decision you have to make for yourself and your family, but I for one love reading your blog. Hopefully you'll keep doing what your doing or at least let some of us little peons who never comment to watch you grow :)
ezeldabeth said…
i'm sorry i haven't posted before ... i enjoy reading your are on my "wednesday" list of reading... i never feeling like i have anything interesting to say (which you might notice if you visit my blog)...i absolutely understand if you wanted to make your blog private, but i would love to be invited to continue reading.

i have to say...i have seen any number of these little grabby balls (im not sure what everyone calls them) and i have never been interested in making one...but i love how the black fabric makes the colors pop! ... i am thinking i might now have to add one of those to my list of things to make! thanks for sharing :)
Meg said…
Oops. I meant to say, "I understand if you completely lock it down." Sorry.

Happy to see I'll still get to see your awesome quilts and adorable family.
Natalie said…
I have had the same questions about my blog...for now, I am just sticking with one...though I may switch to two sometime soon. We'll see. Its so tough to know what to do.
Snell said…
I love looking at your blog. I get excited when it has been a few days and most of the time you have something new to show. My blog is private because of creepy people. It's up to you, but I want to be included when or if you make yours private.
See ya,

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