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My entire house needs to packed up and moved into storage in less than two weeks. And what am I doing? Cutting little 2.5 inch squares out of just about every fabric I own. You know, just in case I finish the other three projects I already have packed in between all the family reunions and being the sole caregiver to two adorable yet needy girls. I am in serious denial.

Where I've Been and Where I'm Going

Busy. Busy. Busy around these parts. I've been trying to finish up some projects.

Clothes for Anna-

I made her another shirt and a sundress as well. The camera battery is currently dead and I think they are in the dirty clothes basket so they may or may not be pictures of them eventually. The advantage of making clothes for Anna is that I can make them as long and narrow as she is. It's nice to have at least a few outfits that cover her belly even when she lifts up her arms.

A Balloon Apron for Michael-

Brendan is training his brother in the way of the balloon twister. So, he need lots of pockets for holding balloons. I amazingly found the measurements for the apron I made Brendan several years ago and made Michael one almost just like it. Twelve pockets on front for balloons. To large pockets on back for balloon scraps and tips. A holster for a balloon pump. Lots of interfacing and reinforced seams so it can handle lots of wear and tear. Hard to see any detail on the black fabri…

The Lone Gnome at Home

I couldn't resist.

The Lone Gnome Quilt

I am definitely planning a whole quilt made from wonky house blocks. Maybe even trying to include some of the houses I have lived in. But, I am trying to show my restraint. My half-finished/planned projects have just about reached critical level. I have declared that I have to finish some things before I can go all crazy on a new project.

The first was the Blue Irish Chain quilt. It has been taking up space in my room- all basted and everything- for weeks. I finally bit the bullet and got busy machine quilting. Obsessively quilted Sunday. Bound it, washed it and took pictures on Monday. Maybe I deserve one little house block as a reward?

Very traditional quilt pattern. Very traditional color scheme of blue and white. But, you know me- all is not as traditional as it seems. I definitely included my fair share of funky modern fabrics.

The obligatory birds- two kinds.

It seems they've taken over the entire back.

And included among all the rocket ships and kitchen chairs and nine differen…

House Block in Better Block

Made it outside today to take some better pictures of the House Block.

My favorite part is the animals- the dog and the chicken in the windows as well as the bird in the tree.

I really really want to make some more wonky house blocks. Making myself finish some projects first-

More on that tomorrow.

Ellery at Ten Months

All of sudden, instead of a sweet, good-natured baby who loves nothing more than a good cuddle with a soft blanket- I've got a toddler.

A very adventuresome and curious toddler. She wants to right there involved in anything any of us are doing (or eating). No corner of the house is unexplored. She loves music- bounces and sings along very loudly (even to the hymns at church).

And luckily, she is still very sweet, eerily good-natured and still loves a good cuddle.

New Quilting Obsession

A great book + slow afternoon at work = New Quilting Obsession

Sorry the picture is not great. It's dark outside so there's really nothing to be done about it. It's something like 14" by 17". No idea what I'm going to do with it. I might put a border on it and turn it into a doll quilt or wall hanging. I might keep making blocks and make it part of a larger quilt like the one from the book.

Here's some related links, just in case anyone else is sucked into my current obsession-

Yeah, there are so many other half finished projects I should be working on instead of starting a new one. Oh well.

Combating Precious Fabric Syndrome

Anybody else a fan of Mason Dixon Knitting? Love the blog. Love the book. In both, the authors refer to "Precious Knits Syndrome". You know, you spend so much time making something that you want to wrap it in tissue paper and store it in an acid free box and never ever touch it. Never been my problem. I make something- I want to use it every single day. So that every single day I can say to myself "I made this. I am so awesome."

I think, however, I am suffering from a different syndrome. Precious fabric syndrome. Or, PFS. Where I buy a fabric and love it so much that I'm afraid to ever use it. I can't possibly imagine something I could make that would be good enough for this wonderful fabric. And heaven forbid ever cutting into it.

Case in point.

Months ago I feel in love with the little blue birdy prints. I used it in potholders with the Relief Society ladies. I used it in my brother's wedding quilt. I bought enough to use as a backing for another quilt…

Linky Goodness

Using a Rotary Cutter

Crazy Mom Quilts' Basting Tutorial
Oh Fransson's Making the Quilt Sandwich Tutorial

Binding Tutorials
Crazy Mom Quilts
Oh Fransson
The Quilting Diaries
(My method of binding is closest to this final tutorial. Except, I don't use pins. Nope. None at all. Yeah, I am a pinning rebel.)

Stitch in the Ditch Quilting

Free Motion Quilting
Crazy Mom Quilts
Oh Fransson
Handmade by Alissa
(If you have been wanting to try free motion quilting, I think a strip quilt is a great place to start. I do rows of loops along each strip. It's just about as easy as free motion quilting gets.)

Inspiration (aka my quilting To-Do List)
The Purl Bee
Sew Mama Sew's Quilting Month
Doll Quilt made from selveges
Sparks Baby Quilt
Stacked Coins Quilt (this one includes how to set a row of strips into the backing of your quilt)

I am not a Slacker

I know you may think otherwise. I know...I know- I promised a strip quilt tutorial days ago. And, until now, there has been no strip quilt tutorial. I promise, this is not because I've been kicking back, sipping Pepsi and obsessively playing Nintendo DS. Who me? Never. Never ever. Well. Maybe just a tiny tiny bit. But I swear that was only brief breaks from a huge room cleaning/toy sorting project that has completely consumed the last two days. I won't bore you with details- I'll just say that it started with two girls with more toys than any ten kids need and has ended with a few more grey hairs, tears on both sides and a much cleaner, tidier less cluttered bedroom. Ever try to sort toys into keep, sell, donate and trash piles with the help of a nine month old and a four year old? Yeah, not a pleasant experience.

Anyway- on to the quilting!

Let me start by saying that this is not the Holy Grail of strip quilting. This is simply how I make my strip quilts. If there is one t…

Sharing the Heather Ross Love

I wanted to show you a closeup of the fabric I used for Anna's dress because I pretty much love it. It's from JoAnn's- a part of their Heidi Grace collection.

So, you know it's a good pattern when you sew a second one right away.

The pattern is Smocked Sundress by Heather Ross. It's available in her book Weekend Sewing and online here. I pretty much love it. It is very simple and very quick. Not counting pre-washing the fabric, each took about an hour. They made for fantastic naptime projects. I read online that people have had problems getting the elastic thread to work right. I had no problem at all.

To go along with Ellery's, I made a set of Ruby's Bloomers from the same book. A little more detailed but still pretty simple. They took under an hour as well. I made them from the blue on blue version of the same print as the dress.

I'm on a whole pretty sewn sundresses kick now. They are just so dang cute. I think next up is the Flower Girl Dress (also …

Feeling the Orange Quilt Love

Wow, 426 entries! 426. I did not expect anything like this. I wish I had 426 fabric bundles to give away. But, since that is not financially possible, I guess I have to pick one winner. OK, work your magic!

And the random winner is #177! Kristy who said "You definitely got me loving the orange. Awesome giveaway, I'd love to win this kit! And I am drooling over the HR blue vans. The quilt seems very summery to me... and it's strippy. And has fish. So hmm. Summer, strippy, fish. Call it "Skinny Dipping!" An email is on its way to you.

Thanks for all of your comments and orange quilt love. Don't go away, though. I have lots of other fun things planned- starting with a how-to post on making a strip quilt. I should have that up tomorrow.