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My feet hurt.

Pictures So Far

Can't Keep Away From the Crafties

I finally got a picture of Anna in yet another smocked sundress. I think I made it about two weeks ago and its been at the bottom of the laundry basket ever since. She requested a purple dress and I obliged.

After spending just about all day Friday and Saturday packing, Brendan and I declared Sunday a day of rest. We didn't fill a single cardboard box. It was glorious. I, of course, took the opportunity to craft.

I decided I needed a easy traveling sort of knitting project. So yesterday (during church- hey, I was out in the hall watching a very troublesome Ellery) I started a pair of simple toe-up socks. I love wearing hand knit socks. I love sock yarn. I am not the biggest fan of actually knitting socks. So I give these about a 50/50 chance of actually getting finished.

I also did a little sewing. There was no way I could resist sewing at least a few of all those scrappy 2.5 inch squares together. This is my inspiration. I have loved this scrappy nine patch quilt since I first saw …