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Extreme Girliness Ahead

I finally managed to convince Anna to let me do something other than a barette or a ponytail with her hair. It probably helped that I refered to it as "princess hair". All her standing still was used up on the hairstyling, though. There was no convincing her to stand still for a picture.

Later, there was absolute cuteness involving a baby and a tutu. Come on, there is no resisting a baby in a tutu.

A Good Morning

There were pancakes-

And a new best friend-

Her name is Anna also. Anna is not very creative when it comes to naming her dolls. She was planned, along with some friends, as a possible birthday present. But, Anna found the pattern which included pictures and that was pretty much it. She spent two days bugging about "her girl" before I finally gave in and started knitting her last night (during Psych- my current favorite show- hilarious!). I spent an hour last night knitting all the pieces and probably 45 minutes (with a whole lot of "help" from Anna and Ellery) this morning doing all the seaming and finishing. The pattern is free and can be found here. I think all the variations are amazingly cute and the pattern is very well written. One thing I am going to change when I make the next one is knitting the body in the round rather than knitting it flat and then having to seam it. And there will be others. Probably tonight. As soon as the doll had a face and started r…

My Least Favorite Part of Quilting

So, if you've read this blog, you probably can tell that I love quilting. I Love Quilting. I love the planning and the fabric shopping stage. I enjoy cutting. I really love sewing quilt blocks. Even when its seventy of the same simple nine patch block. I still have a blast putting together each and every individual block- seeing how the colors and patterns come together. It's a blast. I even enjoy spreading the quilt out on the floor and basting it. The actual quilting can be daunting but I still love doing it. Hand sewing the binding and seeing it all come together is absolutely exciting.

But, I have realised there is a part of quilting I absolutely dread. Assembling the quilt top. Ugh. Taking all those blocks which were so fun to make and sewing them all together. Sashing. Sewing seams that are forever long and then having to press that forever long seam. Dealing with yards and yards of fabric at a time. It's just no fun. And, its also where all my doubts come in. All th…

Mom Merit Badges

Really, there should be mom merit badges. Some sort of reward for all those mom sorts of things. This week I totally deserve some sort of award for cleaning up throwup while not throwing up myself. Today is the first day none of us are barfing. Hooray for not barfing!

Crafting has been happening-

I finished my first Hedera sock. I love this sock. Love its purpleness. Love its lace. It makes me feel all pretty and girly. I am only an inch or so into the second the sock. I can not wait until I can actually wear the pair.

I spent a naptime whipping out some jewelry.

I've got a lot more planned, but the plague has slowed me down somewhat.

Finished Project

So, I actually finished it over a week ago. Finding time and a computer have been troublesome since we no longer have internet (or even a computer) at home. Should be easier now that the week of craziness is over. Seriously, week of craziness. Brendan and I both put in about a thirty hour week work- his all on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Mine all on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

So, without further ado is my new wallhanging. Created especially for my little crafty corner.

The tutorial for the flying geese circular block can be found here. It was my first attempt at paper piecing and I quite enjoyed it.

It was also my first time sewing with selvedges. Also very fun.

It is 20 by 20 inches square and used every last bit of selvedge I had saved up. I am very very very very pleased with how it turned out and love the inspiration it provides hanging above my sewing machine.

Anna and Ellery were, of course, very helpful during the wall hanging photo shoot.

Ellery stood on the wallhanging …