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Playing CatchUp

Blogging is proving to be a bit of a hurdle with no computer at home. I've written to Santa though and with his help and relatives help, that situation should be remedied next month. In the meantime, I'm just throwing together blog posts whenever I can go into work a few minutes earlier or work long enough to get a lunch break.

Here is what I have been working on lately-

The Birds and the trees quilt. Mentioned quickly a few days ago that I was posting this one for sale on Etsy. Hasn't sold yet. There are also fabric bundles for anyone who would like to make their own.

This quilt came about because of my obsession with bird and tree themed fabrics. It's pretty much the only kind of fabric I let myself impulse buy- I know I will always find a way to use it. Almost every quilt I have ever made has had a little bit of bird fabric in it somewhere.

And, I'm not done with these fabrics yet. I started throwing together some improvisational log cabin blocks with a baby quil…

Abundant Craftiness

First, I finally got Anna's birthday quilt washed. Here it is in all its wrinkled glory.

I started with this pattern- tweaked the sizes and added a third fabric. I've used this pattern a couple of times now and absolutely love it.

I did lots of free-motion quilted loops on this one. I branched away from my standard white thread and used pink. The overall girliness of the quilt seemed to call for it. Really, my dependence on white thread is pure laziness. I go and buy a ton of it when its on sale for half-price at JoAnn's. I always have it on hand and its just plain easy. I may have to try and break away from that and do some actual decision-making.

I really like it in action- with the matching pillowcase and doll quilt. Makes it look like a catalog image- especially when I shove all the toys on the floor to the other side of the room before taking the picture.

Second, I'm in one of those moods. Women will know what I mean. One of those moods where you just want to feel…

The Girliest of Halloweens

Really, a princess and a ballerina. Does it get any girlier than that?

Unfortunately, these two pictures are pretty much it for the night. It was also a girlie Halloween in that it was without Daddy. His improv comedy troupe had a show. When I told him it was OK to sign up to be in it, I assumed it would be at the normal time- 8pm- plenty of time for Trick-or-Treating beforehand. Nope, he had to be there at 6. So we did just a little bit of trick-or-treating at the stores downtown before he had to head off for the show. But, the majority of the night, it was just the girls. So, what with keeping Ellery from eating the candy in her bucket- wrappers and all and trying to keep her from running into the street and being pulled along by Anna, there wasn't really time or spare hands for pictures.

We did have a lot of fun, though. Ellery was hilarious. She really got into it when she realised people were just handing her candy. First she tried her hardest to hold it all. Ten pieces of can…