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Something in the Works

I've been working on a little something-something. It involves flying geese and selvages. I know- awesome. I'm hoping to have it done and ready to start showing off by Tuesday. That is, of course, unless I get lots of help-

Somewhat Settled.

Which is wonderful. My favorite part of the new apartment-

A small built in desk in the living room which I quickly claimed as crafty central. Finally, my sewing machine has a home other than the dining room table. Of course, the iron and the cutting mat will still have to go there during big crafty sessions. It is so nice, though, to have my own little space. I'm thinking about putting up a curtain so I don't even have to worry about cleaning up at all.

It is also nice to have a kitchen all my own again. I celebrated by making freezer jam (strawberry and raspberry with peach still planned) and homemade bread on Sunday.

Ellery helped.

Heaven help me- she's learned to climb the kitchen chairs. Almost nothing is safe from her anymore.

I am also really enjoying having all our stuff out of storage- including this quilt I have been talking about for weeks.

Sorry, the pictures are kind of dark.

It's the Very Hungry Caterpillar Fabric. The pattern is the Sparks Baby Quilt availab…

Nomads No More

Just talked to Brendan and we finally have an apartment! Still sleeping at Grandma's tonight since I work until 9. But tomorrow we move stuff over and start setting up house- that is until I go to work at noon.

My list of priorities-
1. Beds
2. Groceries
3. Sewing Machine
4. Fabric Shopping

I'm fantasizing about a new quilt (or two) and fabric bundles for my Etsy shop.

Crafting for the Nomadic

I've decided I prefer the term Nomadic rather than Homeless. We are still both. Heaven help us.

The quilt I finished for Ellery's birthday is still in storage...somewhere. But I can share my other nomadic crafty ventures.

I've decided that while I don't really love knitting socks, they are the perfect crafty for a nomadic lifestyle. I started off my trip with this-

Now a little over a month later I have this-

They were the perfect project- great for plane, train and car knitting. I could knit and keep an eye on the girls.

And check this out- see how well the the stripes match? That was completely unintentional. I finished one sock and started the next without paying any attention to where the yarn was in its long color stretches. I didn't even notice untill I was turning the heel of the second sock (because that's when I dug the first sock out of a suitcase to make sure they were the same size). Isn't that pretty amazing?

They kept me sane on my long voyages…

Ellery's First Birthday

Spent at Grandma's House because we are still without one of our own.

Such a happy, wonderful little person. I can't help but laugh when I see her. I am so grateful to have her as a part of our family.

On a slightly related note. Ellery started running a fever about the time she was munching down on that rib bone at Brendan's family reunion. She had it through the remainder of the reunion, the whole day traveling back here and our first couple of nomadic days. The whole time she was a little trooper- rarely fussy, mostly just sleepy. Turns out it was Roseola. The fever broke and the rash arrived on her birthday. Didn't even faze her.

A whole lot of pictures!

My camera, an internet connection and I are finally all in the same place. I hope you are ready for a picture overload.

First a few more from Arkansas-

And some with Brendan's family at their family reunion-

(Yes, that is a barbeque rib. I could not keep Ellery out of my plate. She ate every last bit of meat off of the bone and one other. )

The Magic House in St Louis (which is absolutely amazing)-

(Notice the sign on the wall. Now I don't have to do my own tally.)

More reunion-

Home but Homeless

Yes, we are back in Utah. No, we do not have a place to live yet. We have a lovely two bedroom apartment picked out. Our application is in but they have to make sure we are indeed gainfully employed and good tenants first. Our fingers are crossed that this is a quick process. Like tomorrow. Tomorrow would be a good day to have a place to live. As for now, we are camped out at my very wonderful grandparent's house. Even though they spent the day driving back from a trip, they welcomed us with no hesitation. So, we have beds and a bathtub and even Internet access.

In the past month, the girls and I have flown from Salt Lake City to Little Rock- a trip involving two flights and a layover. Taken the train from Little Rock to Bloomington, IL. Driven from Bloomington to Springfield and back to Bloomington. Taken the train from Bloomington to Chicago and back again. Taken the train from Bloomington back to Little Rock. Driven from Little Rock to Ava, IL. Driven from Ava into Saint Louis …