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A Honest and Accurate Accounting and a Giveaway

So, I've been joking rather a lot lately about becoming "that crazy quilting lady". Truthfully, I'm probably already there. Thinking along those lines, I decided to do a little counting today. I counted all my fabric/quilting sorts of projects. I left out all the planned ones- all those that just exist in my notebook and on a list somewhere. I only counted projects that had some sort of actual physical work started on them. Fabric only. Yarn related projects is a whole other ballgame. Price, Waterhouse, Cooper was not involved.

Active projects-

1. Baby Boy's Caterpillar Quilt
Moving right along. I finished all the machine quilting and safety pin removal this afternoon. All that is left is binding. Might be able to finish this one up this weekend.

2. Baby Boy's Blue Quilt
Only a few days into this project. No big rush, though. I would be nice to have it done before he is born but I'm not too concerned about it. Lots of episodes of Burn Notice, Psych and NCIS left to go into this project.

3. Anna's Caterpillar Quilt
Stalled on this one- I was out of pins. But now, that I've depinned the boy's quilt, I'm ready to baste this one.

Stalled Projects-
4. Birds and Trees Improvisational Quilt
Planning this one for Etsy (if I can give it up, that is). Put on hold so I could work on Christmas projects. Probably at the top of my list to reactivate as soon as I finish the caterpillar quilts.

5. Birds and Trees Nine Patch
Only got the fabric cut for this one- no actual sewing yet. Now, I'm rethinking the original scrappy nine patch plan. Maybe an Irish Chain? Also probably for Etsy.

6. Follow the Lines Baby Quilt
This one is the victim of poor batting choice. It is just not an easy batting to hand quilt- pretty stiff and unyielding- it makes my hands hurt. The backing is not so great either- really stiff fabric. Stalled while I try and figure out if I should just toughen up and finish it as is, pick out what stitches I have done and use the fabric and batting for something completely different, or restart it with different batting and backing. This quilt is also probably why I never have as many pins as I think I do. Quite a few have been hanging out in it at the bottom of a yarn bin for the past year or so.

7. Christmas Tree Skirt
Yeah, all my enthusiasm for making a Christmas Tree skirt dissolved when we actually packed away the Christmas tree. Considering the deadline for this one is now Thanksgiving, I should be able gather some more enthusiasm by then.

Projects I had almost completely forgotten about until I started rooting about in fabric bins-

8. Purple Nine Patches
Almost didn't count this one. They are actually just leftovers from another project- my twin size scrappy nine patch. Problem was, I have a lot of girly scraps. The quilt itself was in danger of becoming overwhelmingly girly so I took out a whole lot of pink and purple nine patches. The pink ones became this. I vaguely planned on doing something similar with the purple ones.

9. Another Scrappy Nine Patch
I way overcut for my twin size nine patch. By almost double. So, the leftovers are languishing in a bag, waiting for me to make another scrappy nine patch- this one probably to keep.

10. House Blocks
I was just making these for the fun of making them. And trust me, it is very fun. But, I should really do something with them. Especially now that I saw just how excited Anna was when I pulled them back out today.

11. IKEA Animals Quilt
I love this fabric. While I had it out getting the Follow the Lines Baby Quilt ready, I fussy cut some squares. The plan was to surround them with some primary colored fabrics and make a quick, simple baby quilt or two. Never went beyond the fussy cutting for some reason.

12. Down By the River Quilt
This quilt fell victim to precious fabric syndrome with a dash of no money to spend at the fabric store syndrome. I love this fabric. This is all I have left of it. I don't even have scraps left- not any with vans on them anyway. I can't afford more of it- its out of print and what's left for sale is outrageously expensive. So, I took all I had left of it, cut it very carefully into three and a half inch squares. The plan was to use this pattern and enlarge it into a lap quilt. The problems arose when it came to picking out the other fabrics to go into this quilt. The fabric to go the vans fabric had to be perfect! I didn't have perfect fabric in my stash, couldn't afford to go and buy perfect fabric and so the cut squares languished in the bottom of a fabric bin. I think I definitely need to try this one again with less emphasis on perfection.

13. Charm Square Quilt
This one is meant to be a long term project. The idea is, every project I finish- I cut a 2 1/2 inch square out of each fabric used and throw it in the bag. Eventually I'll have enough for a big quilt out of lots of tiny all different squares.

What do you think, crazy quilting lady or not?

This is actually my 301st blog post. I wasn't in the mood to celebrate yesterday but, lucky you, I am today! Welcome to the Choose Your Own Adventure Giveaway. Here's how its going to work. Leave a comment telling me which of the 13 projects is your favorite and you would love to see completed. Feel free to tell your friends about the giveway or post it on your own blog. On Monday at 6pm or so, I will draw one winner. Unless, I happen to get over one hundred comments- then I will draw two winners. If you are a crafty sort of person, you'll win one of my Birds and Trees Fabric Bundles from my Etsy shop along with all sorts of other crafty supplies from my stash. Maybe some yardage, maybe some scraps, some of the vintage quilting magazines I just scored from the library book sale- basically a box full of crafting goodness. If you are not a crafty person, you will win something handmade by me. No idea what yet, because I want the winners input. I'll take into account their favorite project of mine, favorite colors, whether or not they have kids and make them something wonderful- a doll quilt, a wall hanging, a toy- something along those lines. Who knows? I might even be inspired to finish up their favorite of the 13 projects and give them that. Enter now! I promise the prize will be great.


Miss Nessa said…
Too many fun choices! I'll pick Birds and Trees Improvisational Quilt.

Someday I want to turn my running race T-shirts into a quilt.

You're a quilting maniac. :D
tammiemarie said…
It is hard to choose just one! I think I'd like to see the birds and trees nine patch - I love those, especially with a pieced border. The Ikea animals are nice too! I may need to add up all my unfinished projects, but I'd probably be too embarrassed to show them :)
Jenny said…
must go for #12...down by the river...I love that HR fabirc and you have much more than I have. I have none. it is so darling. I think a nice orange would work well with those pieces...keep it simple and let the fabrics shine!! good luck on this list! and thanks for a chance at the giveaway.
Jennifer said…
I love the house blocks. I think they're all really cool and they make me want to try to quilt. I really think I might give it a go after finishing the girls' sock monkeys.
marianne said…
Hi, you ambitious girl, you! I love all the projects. If I had to choose it would be either another scrappy nine quilt or charms square quilt. I like all the different Patterson of fabric. See you at work!
I am so grateful that I started reading your blog last week, Trina!!! Because I made it just in time for a giveaway. Which I LOVE the idea of. So my favorite? Probably the Birds and Trees Improvisational Quilt. With the Very Hungry Caterpillar Quilt coming in at a very close second. And you're right, you are the slightest bit batty.
Leserlee said…
My favorite is either the birds and trees improv quilt or the baby boy catepillar quilt. However, I like the name for the down by the river quilt, reminds me of college, for some reason. :)
debbie said…
I think #12 is my favorite. I'm excited to see how it turns out. And yes, I think you are a crazy quilting lady!! But it kind of reminds me of how I am with running. People are always amazed with my running, but it's just something I like. I think it's hard for people to understand, just like it's hard for me to understand the quilting. When I do a crafty/sewing project, I'm SO GLAD when it's over!! The same way most people feel when they run! :) I really do admire you for all the amazing projects you do!
pss said…
Enjoy your work and your blog very much!!

I'm intrigued by the Baby Boy's Blue Quilt (have 2 boys of my own...and blue is my favorite color) but I can't wait to see your finished project with the house blocks. I've been wanting to do something similar but have too many other projects in-process at the moment. =)
Melynna said…
Now that I read everyone else's comments I see that I'm not alone -- my favorite is the birds and trees improv quilt. How could I not love it? Those sweet and funky squares plus those gorgeous fabrics -- you knew I'd love the fabrics -- equal the winner. Plus, trees. You know how I feel about trees. And I'll be honest -- I've been salivating over that fabric since I saw it on Etsy, so seeing it in quilt form just added to my undying love.
Barb said…
Wow, congrats on 301 blog posts. I admire your honesty with the number of projects on the go...I am frightened to count mine.

My favourite project is the Birds and Trees Improv quilt. I love blue and green! But I'm also a sucker for HR fabric, so I'd love to see you finish your Down by the River quilt too!
Katie B. said…
I vote for the house blocks! I'd love to see what you come up with using those. A close second is the Birds & Trees improv quilt.
carmel said…
ou are not crazy! just ver prodactive! i wish i was! its hard to choose i love all your un finished projects. nomber 3 is very nice. also the one with the house blocks is beautiful! and i think its nomber 13? the one with the fabric that was expensiveand you cut it up to 3.5 unch squres.
i love those 3 projects!
by the wey- you have a great taste!
Anonymous said…
Wow you've got a lot of projects!
I really like the Ikea print, I think it'll turn out GREAT!

shannoncarman at yahoo dot com
Indie House said…
I'd like to see vans finished. I love to see what people do with those precious fabrics because most of us don't have a lot it so things get more creative.

Good luck!
Crystal said…
I love the birds and trees...and the caterpillar...and the houses...oh dear. I think I have about as many projects as you do :) Ok, so I'll settle for the houses. I think they're terrific. I haven't seen anything like those and would love to know how to make them! Uh oh...another project...
Carolyn Cox said…
There are so many of them that I wish I could do!! But I would choose Anna's Caterpillar Quilt. My kids adore the book and just got the game for Christmas. They would love to look at it and recognize the book pages. But a close second was the House blocks quilt. I think it's so original! I can just see it being a fun play quilt for little girls!!
Brooke said…
Ikea Animals. I can't stop grinning at that fabric. :-)
RR said…
The Ikea animals are very cute. And those house blocks are just fabulous. I wonder if they could be transformed into playhouse pillows of some sort?
Kathryn said…
Birds and Trees. But Blue Baby Boy Quilt is a close second.
Me said…
#10 I love them all, but this is my favorite. This one just tickles me a tiny bit more than the rest.
Man, that was like picking my favorite baby picture out of a bunch of cute pictures of my one cute baby. Throw the other cute baby in the mix, and that would have been like trying to choose quilts or knits! Thank goodness you did not list your knitted projects, I don't think I would have been able to enter the drawing if you did that.

This is Joybeth by the way, I need to make my profile less discreet.
My favorite is the improvisational birds and trees quilt.
I'm also on a mission to finish some of my WIPs. I have all the fabric for a film strip quilt I want to make, but I'm not letting myself start it until I finish three of my current projects.
Silka said…
I'd love to see the baby boy blue quilt finished.

silkaphyllis at
My favorite is the bird and trees! I also like the randomness of your daughters caterpillar quilt.

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