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Feeling Inspired

I seem to have an overabundance of enthusiasm lately. Unfortunately, there is no corresponding abundance of energy. So, I've got projects and potential projects piling up all over the place. And I keep finding inspiration all over the place. I bought two new books which could keep me busy for months.

I bought Itty-Bitty Toys on Thursday night. Anna has made me sit down and look through it with her at least five times since. She has a very definite list of the toys she wants me to make for her. First on the list-

Two sleepy puppies. One will not do. There are two puppies in the picture, so she must have two puppies- as soon as possible. I've finished and stuffed the body of one but a trip to the craft store is required before I can go any farther.
There are so many adorable patterns in this book. Pretty much every single toy in the book is something I'd like to make sooner or later. There may have to be a bunny and a lamb made for Easter baskets- once again, there's my e…

Not My Finest Hour

So, this afternoon was supposed to be a relaxing little trip to the laundromat. I know, a relaxing trip to the laundromat. But, its true. No kids. Just me and the free WiFi. I was going to catch up on reading blogs, write a blog entry of my own about my finished quilt top and maybe even order some fabric online. Instead, I locked my keys in the car. I blame the maternity clothes. Why do almost no maternity clothes have pockets? Anyway, between juggling the laundry basket and my keys and no pockets- I and the laundry basket ended up outside the locked car. No keys. Aargh. So, instead of a little relaxing laundry. I ended up wandering the strip mall, asking to borrow a cell phone. Called Brendan- no answer- left a message describing my predicament. I wandered back to the laundromat, really hoping that Brendan had heard the cell phone and was even then sending help. Then I noticed a couple of police cars. I went over to ask my friendly neighborhood police officers if they could maybe hel…

The Trouble with Sunday

It all comes down to that day of rest thing. I have no problem crafting in general on Sundays. I do it for fun. I love doing it. It's not work. I even knit in church. But, that's a debate for another time. I craft on Sunday. End of story. Unless, I'm planning on selling whatever it is I'm making. That crosses over into the work territory. So, I don't work on any of my Etsy bound projects on Sundays. Well, I tend to be working on lots of personal projects or lots of Etsy projects at one time. So, I end up with Sundays like yesterday. Hours and hours of crafting time available, but both big projects I'm working on are out since they are planned for Etsy. I stare at my crafty nook for a long time, shift through some fabric and end up diving into a new project.

In my defense, this is not a truely brand new project. More like taking an old, barely started project out of hibernation. I figure with two babies on the way in my immediate family, finding a use for this on…

My little Sweethearts

So, the planned Valentine's dresses did happen- finished the night before at about 10:30 even. I still had a good half an hour of unneeded sewing time leftover!

Ellery's dress was from this pattern but without the bubble skirt. This is the third time I have made this dress. A fourth is cut out and partially sewn. So, yes, I do love this pattern. Completely elegant with no buttons or zipper. What's not to love?

Anna's skirt was made using this online tutorial. It's at least my second time making one of these skirts. I started at nine the night before Valentine's and was finished at about 10:30. Not too shabby. It helped that I didn't have to pull out the seam ripper at all.

I do love sewing little pink frilly things. Hopefully the boy doesn't feel left out.

Any Day Without Vomit is a Good Day

Brendan and I have both been sick this week. Yuck. Luckily, neither girl has been far (Fingers crossed, knock on wood, all that). While we've been not feeling so great, they've pretty much had the run of the house.

Now that we're both feeling better, today's list includes a short shift at work, trying to clean up a very messy house, finishing two new church outfits so they can be worn tomorrow and a ward activity. I think I'm going to need some more Pepsi.

Still Here

Yeah, its been a while. No internet at home, not able to upload pictures to Flickr at the library, yadda, yadda, yadda.

I have been busy.

Pretty simple Irish Chain using lots of my blues, greens with a hefty dose of bird and tree prints.

The problem has been deciding how big to make it. The original plan was a baby quilt to sell on Etsy. That's where its at now- about 42" square. But, part of me is thinking something else. I have this whole catalog inspired image of a little girl's room with a twin size version of this quilt- white walls, white wood bed frame and tons of blue and green accents that I can't quite let go of. I think a room designed around a quilt like this would be absolutely lovely. And I happen to have a little girl who will probably move up to a twin size bed relatively soon. Probably in about six months- baby to Ellery's crib, Ellery to Anna's toddler bed, Anna to a new twin size bed. But, we're not there yet. I think I've decided to f…

Little Known Facts About Sock Monkeys

Most people don't know that sock monkeys hate winter. Even though they're made from warm woolly socks, they're still tropical creatures at heart. They spend all winter shivering and dreaming of bananas, palm trees and warm sandy beaches.

Jennifer, who won my giveaway just made three sock monkeys for her three adorable daughters. Well, I know just how much sock monkeys hate winter so I decided to make them something to keep them warm and cheer them up.

It's a sock monkey sized quilt (18" square) made from orange and yellow scraps.

It's got all kinds of cheerful things in it- flowers, butterflies, fish and even a VW van.

The backing is a simple yellow with small white flowers. What completely makes the quilt for me is the bright blue and yellow binding. It's something I would have been way to wussy to use in a full size quilt. But, trying it out in this small quilt, I absolutely love it.

This was a completely unintentional project. Yesterday, I discovered I …