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Not My Finest Hour

So, this afternoon was supposed to be a relaxing little trip to the laundromat. I know, a relaxing trip to the laundromat. But, its true. No kids. Just me and the free WiFi. I was going to catch up on reading blogs, write a blog entry of my own about my finished quilt top and maybe even order some fabric online. Instead, I locked my keys in the car. I blame the maternity clothes. Why do almost no maternity clothes have pockets? Anyway, between juggling the laundry basket and my keys and no pockets- I and the laundry basket ended up outside the locked car. No keys. Aargh. So, instead of a little relaxing laundry. I ended up wandering the strip mall, asking to borrow a cell phone. Called Brendan- no answer- left a message describing my predicament. I wandered back to the laundromat, really hoping that Brendan had heard the cell phone and was even then sending help. Then I noticed a couple of police cars. I went over to ask my friendly neighborhood police officers if they could maybe help. They could not unless there was a kid locked in the car. Why didn't I take the effort to lock one of my kids in the car? Turns out my friendly neighborhood police officers were in the middle of arresting someone for shoplifting from the dollar store. I guess I could have been having a worse day. The girlfriend of the guy being arrested, for example, was definitely having a much worse day than I was. I swiftly returned to the laundromat. I borrowed someone else's cell phone and found out that Brendan had indeed gotten my message and help was on the way.

So, I have been rescued. My laundry is washing away. I've read blogs. I'm still debating ordering that fabric or not. I think I just may deserve it. I am starting to relax. But, I haven't really told you the most embarrassing part yet. It's laundry day. Every week I can wear fewer and fewer of my clothes thanks to the advancing baby belly. During this whole adventure I was wearing my least favorite skirt ever- denim and very unflattering, a non-maternity T-shirt with bleach stains all over right where it's stretched to the max over my belly, blue socks and tennis shoes. No jacket, sweater or sweatshirt because the ones that still fit really needed washed. I look horrible. The girlfriend of the guy being arrested was dressed better than I am. She had a sweatshirt, at least. Really, all I needed with me was my kids in their laundry day worst with snotty noses. That would have been the absolute epitome of pitifulness.

To completely change the subject, I did finish the cheeky monkey quilt top.
I love almost everything about it. I taped it up on my living room wall Just so I could admire it for a few days.
I only wish my yellows were brighter. But, this is what I had so this is what I used.
(Thanks quilt holders) It came together very quickly and easily. Which is good, because I haven't had much time or energy to sew lately. I think I spent maybe two hours on Sunday cutting and starting to sew. Maybe an hour on Monday. An hour on Tuesday to finish sewing all the blocks. An hour on Wednesday to put all the blocks together. I'm going to start sewing the second tomorrow. That one will probably take significantly longer since I will be photographing and writing a tutorial as I go.


Melynna said…
Yay! That's a sweet quilt. Also, I congratulate you. It takes courage to not only wear gross-looking clothes while pregnant but also to admit to forgetting to lock a child in the car. Such lack of foresight!
Jennifer said…
Poor Trina! I DID lock my child in the truck last week... I stood there for 15 minutes trying to convince her to open the door like she had earlier in the day (while we were driving) but she didn't want to because right before I shut the door, I told her to NEVER open the door again. There weren't any cops around, just older ladies coming in and out of Joann's that looked at me funny.

Maybe you should make some laundry pants - with lots of pockets =)
balloongal said…
You are so talented.
I'm sorry that you had that rough experience. And seriously- what is the deal with maternity pants without pockets?
ezeldabeth said…
i never understood why any pants would be made without pockets, but it always especially irritated me that maternity jeans were pocketless! i just love your quilt, so bright and colorful...i wish there was an ikea closer to me...i would certainly need to make a copy-cat quilt...thanks for sharing!

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