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Uncontrollable Urges

I have an uncontrollable urge to finish things right now. I know, you think I'm crazy. But, I'm feeling all healed from the delivery. I've got a ton more energy now that I'm no longer pregnant. I haven't gone back to work yet. Samuel is asleep most of the time. So, I'm spending a lot of time crafting. Tuesday night I finished these.

These socks have been haunting my crafty corner for about nine months now. I started them just about the same time I started Samuel. I figure now that he's finished, they should be finished too.

Free pattern here. I love these socks. I feel so girly wearing them. Love the color. Love the lace. The only problem- I don't think I currently own anything purple to wear with them. And I feel the need for really cool shoes to properly show them off. I may have to go shopping.

Two Weeks Report

Really hard to believe that Samuel was two weeks old yesterday. It feels like so much longer. Could be the lack of sleep.

Everything is going great. Samuel was a big huge 5 lbs 9 oz at his checkup yesterday. That's 9 ozs gained in the past week. He's eating well and sleeping OK. He has incredibly long fingers and feet.

He makes grumpy old man faces.

He's kind of a big deal around here.

And the rest of the family? Doing good.

I Am Not Starting a New Project

No way. Absolutely not. There is no way I would start a new project right now. I have way too many projects already begun. I have a new baby. Why on earth would I start a new project right now? I would have to be crazy.

I'm just trying out the technique. Really, that is it.

Uh huh.

No new project here.



What's a Crafty Momma to Do?

So, I had a little dilemma yesterday. I realized Samuel was just about out of clean blankets- after less than a week home from the hospital. And while he has several nice big quilts, he is really lacking in the small receiving swaddling sorts of blankets. So I had three options-

1. Do laundry and live with the blankets he has for another couple of days.

2. Buy some more blankets. But, then I would still have to do laundry in order to pre-wash them.

3. Dive into the crafty corners and make some blankets.

Which option do you think I chose?

It was some reassuring yet scary at the same time that I had everything I needed to make three simple blankets. I even had the flannel for a fourth and a fifth if I branched out in my binding colors a bit or pieced the bindings.

The blankets were very simple to make- just a square of flannel with a machine sewn binding. Of course, though, it wasn't until I had all the pieces cut and had started sewing the first that I realized while my flannel …

Back in the Saddle

Don't worry. I'm taking it easy. This top was almost done before Samuel's birth. I've been finishing it up in short fifteen minute bursts over the past couple of days. Finishing the rest will have to wait for a trip to the fabric store for backing. More details and pictures once that happens.

A Ton of New Pictures

Visit From Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa

Getting Dressed to Come Home

Size Comparisions- American Girl Bitty Babies and Wii Remote

Today's Photo Shoot

Meet Samuel Ian

Born April 12th at about 7:30 pm.
5 lb 6oz
18 inches

He and I are both doing well.

We finally decided on the name for good in the operating room.

He's got an impressive set of lungs- you can pretty much hear him from one end of the mother/baby hall to the other.

Anna and Ellery are taking it all very seriously.

It's probably a very good thing he had to be born by C section no matter what. The little acrobat not only had the cord wrapped around his neck three times- he had also managed to tie a knot in it.

I'm going to have to take some size comparison pictures tomorrow so I can remember just how small 5lbs 6oz really is. And some proud daddy pictures, of course.

Baby Watch 2010

So, here's the update. I finished the baby hat and no baby yet. I'm doing better. It seems making me lie in a hospital bed for something like 40 hours made my blood pressure go down and my test results improve. Enough so that I'm no longer in that scary danger zone. So, the doctor sent me home yesterday morning with orders to be a slug. I'm not on strict bed rest but he does want me lying or sitting as much as possible. No doing dishes, no trips to the store, no working. Nothing much besides sitting on the couch and watching TV or lying in bed reading. Well, and crafting, of course. I'm a doctor sanctioned couch potato. All in an effort to give this little baby boy as much time as possible to mature and grow before he's born. I'm past 36 weeks, so its not too terrifying if he were born now but 37 or 38 weeks would be even better.

It's only been two days, so I'm still in the "Yeah! Time to relax and watch TV and craft!" stage. I expect the s…

At Least I Had a Bag Packed

Yep, I am in the hospital. No baby yet. I'm under "observation". Mostly, that means a whole lot of people are just waiting around for me to get worse. I am feeling less frustrated and useless since Brendan brought me the laptop. Hooray for Netflix and photos of quilts on Flickr. I'm trying really hard to see this as a forced vacation rather than an imprisonment. I really miss my family, though. It was hard to not be there at the girl's bedtime last night or when they woke up this morning. They did come to see me soon after, though. And sleeping last night without my sweet husband beside me was so lonely. Anyway, I better go back to watching Julie and Julia before I make myself cry.

And yes, I can still knit with hospital bands on one wrists and a needle in the other hand. Just not for long periods of time. Any guesses what will be finished first- the baby or the baby hat?

The Boy Scout Motto is My Motto.

Anna was born three weeks early. Ellery was about three and a half weeks early. Both caught me unprepared- no bags packed for the hospital, lots of necessities left to buy, etc. Both times I went to the doctor for a regular pregnancy checkup and got sent straight to the hospital to have the baby right then. The doctor really didn't want me to stop and pick up Brendan on the way. With Anna I remember freaking out because I didn't even have a ponytail holder with me. Brendan saved the day and whipped one out of his backpack.

I am determined to learn from my experiences and not be unprepared this time. Today is 36 weeks- about four weeks from my due date. Given my past history, I'm expecting a baby any time now. And I am prepared.

I've packed my bag with everything the baby and I could possibly need.

I've bought bottles and pacifiers and little baby hats and clothes and all the things I will need after the surgery and every necessity I could think of. I really want to av…


There is just something unfair about snow on Easter.

But, it didn't seem to stop the Easter Bunny.

Now its off for some Easter candy, indoor egg hunts, Easter dresses (which are completely inappropriate for today's weather) and an attempt at a better mood.