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The Best Birth Control

At this point in our life, we should really only socialize with other parents. It never goes well when we invite over normal (well-rested, cleanly clothed, sane sorts) people. Tonight, for example, we may be directly responsible for two young mens' decisions to never, ever in a million years have children of their own.

Brendan's brother Michael and his roommate Jim came over for dinner and games tonight. We lured them with the promise of steak. Little did any of us know what was in store.

Samuel was fussier/gassier than he's ever been. The entire evening he alternated between resting peacefully for about ten minutes and screaming inconsolably for about twenty minutes at a time with a whole lot of farting thrown in for good measure. Puts a bit of a damper on the dinner time conversation (except for fart jokes), but we all survived. The steak (with homemade steak sauce ala Brendan) was yummy. They started playing games- I got the girls to bed. About half an hour after I tu…

Finished, yet not Finished

Sure, it looks like a finished hat. But, looks can be deceiving. The problem is that it barely fits Ellery. It's not supposed to fit Ellery. It's supposed to fit a three year old. It's really no big surprise that it's too small. I changed just about everything in the pattern- the yarn weight, the needle size, the number of pattern repeats. So, I'm going to try again. No big deal. I've got plenty of yarn left. And thanks to a couple of techniques- magic loop and cabling without a cable needle- it's really not as difficult to knit as it seems.

That leaves one problem. What to do with the too small hat? Well, I'm going to give it away. I'm guessing it's pretty perfectly sized for a 6 month to 18 month old. It's knit in a cotton blend so it shouldn't be too hot for late summer/fall wearing. First person to reply that they want it- gets it. One catch, you have to have a specific baby in mind to give it to. Doesn't have to be yours. I ju…

Sir Samuel

Since I didn't take any pictures of Samuel while we were out and about yesterday (it's pretty much impossible to do while he's strapped to my chest)- I decided to do a Sir Samuel photo shoot later that afternoon. It also served as a means of testing just how bad the damage to my lens was.

Yep, he's a handsome devil. His hair looks blond in some light and red in others. His eyes are starting to lighten- more of a true blue rather than the newborn blue/grey.

He's still really long and skinny but he's starting to get cheeks and a little double-chin.

He still makes grumpy old man faces. He's actually the fussiest of my babies- probably because he's the gassiest. I sometimes call him my little Whoopie Cushion. We're trying Mylicon and that's helping. We're also going to switch the formula he gets when I'm at work. Any other ideas from the parents out there?

His sisters still adore him. I love his look of suprise/utter terror in this picture.…

A Milestone

We are spending Memorial Day traditionally. Well, our family's tradition. For the third year in a row, Brendan is spending 10 to 12 hours a day twisting balloons for the thousands of kids who come to the Heber Valley Railroad to ride on Thomas the Train Engine. That leaves me and the kids at home. Fun, I know. Yesterday was the one day he was able to leave the car with us. So, I made a goal. I was going to go someplace. Just me with all three kids. For the first time. A very scary thought. I planned something small- the library or the grocery store. Some quick errand just to prove to myself that I could handle all three kids in public alone.

That's not quite what happened. Anna wanted to go to work with daddy. After some consideration and convincing- I found myself with all three kids loaded up in the car heading 45 minutes or so away to say hi to Brendan and a cartoon train. Just a little more than I bargained for when I was setting my goal. I'm glad we went, though.


Where are the Gogan's when you need them?

It has been one of those days. Samuel kept Brendan and I up most of the night so we've been exhausted and short-tempered all day. Samuel has continued to be fussy. Ellery has been just plain destructive. Anna has been super whiny.

For example, we thought we'd take a fun little trip to the sculpture garden of a nearby art museum. Anna whined the whole time that she hated it and she wanted to leave. Until we started to leave, then she had an utter breakdown at the door because she didn't want to leave.

And, Ellery has figured out how to take off her diaper- and has done so repeatedly today. And peed on the floor as a result. This is after taking it off last night, falling asleep and wetting her bed. Yep, time for potty training.

And then dinner. I tried extra hard to make a wonderful dinner I thought the whole family would enjoy- homemade mac-n-cheese topped with crushed potato chips and bacon. Really yummy. Except Anna couldn't bear to be in the same room as it withou…

Family Outing and Finished Quilts

We took the for a little outing to the duck pond this afternoon.

Anna gave Ellery some bread-throwing lessons.

Samuel slept through the entire trip.

The girls found a little tree house.

Since it is a rather picturesque location- there were all kinds of people there taking pictures. Family pictures. Formal dance pictures. Baby pictures. What was I taking pictures of? Quilts.

Ellery wanted to help. A lot.

The quilts are two semi-identical I spy quilts. One for a gift. One for the Etsy shop.

I say semi-identical because the squares are in completely random order and while most of the fabrics are the same, there are some differences. The gift one is for my brother's first baby. It contains some fabrics leftover from the quilt I made for their wedding that are not in the other quilt.

There are a lot of really fun fabrics in these quilts.
My one quilting regret?

I wish there were more contrast between the binding and backing fabric. I was in a hurry when I bought them and the lighting …

An Impossible Task

It is not easy to get a picture of an almost two years old's way cute Popsicle covered face when she does not want her picture taken.

I think Ellery won.

Delusional Quilting Part Two

This is why I suck at estimating how long crafty projects are going to take. Friday I wrote about the quilt top I spent a long and frustrating week on when I though it was only going to take a day or two. That night I started on the second identical quilt top. And the planets aligned.

The kids played quietly on their own. The baby slept peacefully. Brendan made dinner. I had plenty of thread. I had not miscounted the number of squares I cut. I did not have to use the seam ripper a single time. I finished the quilt top last night. I even got both basted this afternoon and am ready to start quilting now. Yeah, identical quilt tops. One took a week. One took a day. I don't get it either. That is why I am officially refusing to estimate how long a project is going to take ever again. This is a hobby after all. The only deadlines are self-imposed. Well, I'm no longer going to impose them. Everything is going to take exactly how long it takes.

And for those of you who could care l…

Delusional Quilting

I am completely delusional when it comes to crafting. Specifically, when it comes to how long a project is going to take. I am always overly optimistic. I assume the planets are going to align, I'm going to have as much interrupted time to sew as I want, there will be no broken sewing machine needles, no running out of thread, no stupid mistakes and no being distracted by a new and exciting project. Yeah, this is never ever the case. So, what I assume will take a day takes more like a week.

This I Spy quilt top, for example.

Last week I made an emergency trip to the craft store for batting, backing and binding because I was convinced that I was going to be able to whip this quilt top out that evening and be ready to baste it the next day. Yeah, I just finished it. And I've still got another one to sew. And I'm not sure I really even like it anymore. Oh well.

Mother's Day 2010

It's been a good day.

I've Crossed the Line

At some point, it is impossible to deny that you've started a new project.

I've made four blocks. I've made a template. I've bought batting and am thinking about buying some more fabric just to add to my scrap bins. I've bought snazzy new storage bins for my scraps instead of the ziploc bags and diaper box I was using.

There is absolutely no denying it- what started as an experiment is now a project. I'm thinking twin size quilt for the big girl bunk beds which are in Anna and Ellery's near future.

Shop Update

I finally managed to get my two latest quilts into my Etsy shop. Check it out on the sidebar. Honestly, I was waiting to make sure Samuel was Samuel. If the ultrasound had been wrong and he had been a she, there would be no way I would be selling these quilts. I'm convinced they're the coolest thing I have ever made.