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Where are the Gogan's when you need them?

It has been one of those days. Samuel kept Brendan and I up most of the night so we've been exhausted and short-tempered all day. Samuel has continued to be fussy. Ellery has been just plain destructive. Anna has been super whiny.

For example, we thought we'd take a fun little trip to the sculpture garden of a nearby art museum. Anna whined the whole time that she hated it and she wanted to leave. Until we started to leave, then she had an utter breakdown at the door because she didn't want to leave.

And, Ellery has figured out how to take off her diaper- and has done so repeatedly today. And peed on the floor as a result. This is after taking it off last night, falling asleep and wetting her bed. Yep, time for potty training.

And then dinner. I tried extra hard to make a wonderful dinner I thought the whole family would enjoy- homemade mac-n-cheese topped with crushed potato chips and bacon. Really yummy. Except Anna couldn't bear to be in the same room as it without breaking down in tears because it wasn't the blue box. She called it gross and disgusting. Aargh. That's pretty much the last straw for me.

So, I am giving myself the rest of the night off. The dishes from my special mac-n-cheese dinner can wait until tomorrow. Picking up the path of destruction left behind by Ellery- nope, not doing it tonight. Feeding Samuel- ok, I'll still do that. But in between I am not doing anything other than sitting on the couch and working on this-
Shedir beginning
The beginning of a hat for a co-worker's darling daughter who was recently diagnosed with leukemia. And while I'm working on it, I am going to grit my teeth and be thankful for my healthy, energetic children.

Oh- and extra credit for anyone who knows what movie the Gogans are from.


Leserlee said…
So sorry. And isn't it always the days when Mom and Dad aren't feeling up to snuff that the kids really act out? And the answer is Pete's Dragon. Do I win something?
Trina said…
Do you threaten to sell your children to the Gogan's as well?
Jennifer said…
I feel your pain... I've had more days like that than I can count. And then you'll have a day when you can't believe that one day they will be too big to cuddle and you will wish for these little days to last forever. Hope tomorrow is better. (My kids prefer the blue box too... crazy kids.)
debbie said…
When I read about Anna it makes me think that she and Damon should hang out and take care of each other. Damon had a breakdown last night right before dinner because I clicked on the wrong Astro Boy episode on hulu. Even though I instantly went back to click on the one he wanted, it was over. He cried for like 45 min. and wouldn't eat dinner until 9 o'clock.

Since your kids won't tell you, Trina, I think it's awesome that you made yummy homemade mac and cheese. You're a great mom! :)
Falawn said…
Trina, I need to look at your blog more often, it makes me smile:-) It's so nice to be able to empathize with someone, or should I say, feel like someone else can empathize with me. Our little Anona is three and a half weeks old now, and is getting more and more demanding! I guess it will only last a short while right? ps, where do you live now? You weren't talking about the statue garden at the Springville Museum were you? We live in Mapleton, are you anywhere close? Or do you still live in Provo? Either way, I'd like to see you and your clan soon. We should get our two families together for a picnic at a park or something on a nice weekend.
Leserlee said…
Truthfully, I had to Google it. :) I just threathen to tickle them instead.
balloongal said…
Though, I don't wish those tough days on anyone, it is nice to know that I'm not the only one whose kids give me a hard time from time to time. Sympathy and empathy all around.
Grandpa Rowlands said…
I'll take the Mac and Cheese and the girls, I would of course return the girls eventually but only if I got more Mac and Cheese and not from the Blue Box because that is gross and icky except when i want some from the blue box.

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