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A Quilt for Daphne

While I was off work recovering from Samuel's birth, the daughter of one my co-workers was diagnosed with Leukemia. Her name is Daphne and she is about a year younger than Anna. I immediately wanted to do something- anything for her and her mom. I thought about it and just could not imagine trying to keep a sick three year old entertained. So, I started a quilt because its kind of what I do. A quilt is always a good idea. But, I wanted a quilt that could not only snuggle a three year old, but help keep her entertained. So, decided on an I Spy Quilt. I didn't think my fabric stash was quite up to task, though, so I asked for fabric donations from three other quilters I work with. They donated some wonderful fabrics. Word got around what I was doing and everyone wanted to help. So, they donated money to buy all the thread, batting and the border, backing, binding fabric. I really do work with wonderful people.

Anyway, enough with the words. On to the pictures.

The quilt measures…

Two and a Half Months

Don't get me wrong, I like my babies when they're newborns. They're sweet and tiny and miraculous. But, they're boring. They're little lumps that just eat and lie there. Now, two and a half months old is when things start getting exciting.

Samuel is just so much more fun now.

He's awake and curious for about an hour at a time.

He smiles, grins and even semi-giggles. It's no wonder that all four of us spend most of his awake time trying to make him smile.

Housework vs Homemaking

I didn't set out to read "The Gentle Art of Domesticity" by Jane Brocket. I had read some good reviews for her new book "The Gentle Art of Quiltmaking" and was actually looking for it. Neither of the libraries I use had it, though. So, I filled out a suggestion for purchase form and took home her first book to tide me over.

I am so glad I did.

I was enjoying it- digging the spectacular photos of crafty projects. And then I read this:
"The only way to knit a sock in the round is to keep coming back to your starting point, But, almost imperceptibly, progress is made. It's a pattern, yes, but its not really a circle, it's a spiral and all the stitches and rows, like days and weeks, are linked to form an unbroken chain. We can think we are getting nowhere with the cyclical nature of domesticity, and yet all the time, as with sock-knitting, we are moving on to a new stitch or a new day and then, suddenly, a whole new row or color or, as in Tom's c…


Are there levels of obsession? Is it possible to me more or less obsessed? If it is, I am more obsessed than usual. I know, hard to imagine. But, I just feel this overwhelming need to get some projects finished and off of my crafty desk. There are several reasons. First, I'm completely healed from Samuel's surgical entrance into the world and I know this super sleepy newborn phase is only going to last for so long. I want to take advantage it while I can. Second, our entire life is up in the air. I really don't know where we'll be or what we will be doing by the end of the summer. I should be starting to clean the apartment, purging the unnecessary and packing the non-essentials so we can be ready to up and move if need be. Instead, I'm procrastinating and rationalizing that every project I finish is really one less thing to move. Third, I'm considering a really large project and I want to finish up and get things out of the way before I dive into that.

So far…

Our Own Private Magic Show

Yep, we know amazing people. We tried to go earlier this month to see our friend Jeremy perform a magic show as part of the library summer reading program. So did about 536 other people. We ended up way on the side and Anna- who was most excited- couldn't really see anything. So, Wednesday, Jeremy invited us over for a much smaller show. Just our two families.

Anna was, in her own words, "ga-mazed". Samuel was intrigued. Ellery was more interested in the other kids' toys. That's what happens when you're not yet two.

Thanks so much Jeremy and Kristin!

Bundle of Joy for a Bundle of Joy

My brother Jason and his wife Amber are expecting their first baby- a boy, next month. Well, that definitely called for some crafty goodness.

I sent them two receiving blankets.

The same simple blankets I made for Samuel- just a 40 inch flannel square with a machine sewn binding. It's my new go-to baby gift. Way cute, quick to make and very useful for swaddling. Also a good size for cover while breast-feeding.

I also sent a quilt which I blogged about earlier.

My favorite part? There are some leftovers from the quilt I made for their wedding in there. The blues on the left and the right of the green swirls, for example. It just makes me happy to know they are in there. I hope it makes them happy too!

Easiest Baby Project Ever

So all of the sudden it's hot. Wasn't there snow on the ground like two weeks ago? Yeah, but all of a sudden we are roasting in our second story, absolutely no shade apartment. Samuel still loves being swaddled but wrapping him up in a flannel blanket just felt cruel. So I grabbed one of the IKEA sheets I keep on hand for quilt sashings. I cut a 40 inch square from one of the corners- leaving the existing hems. I hemmed the other two sides. TA DA- a lightweight swaddle in about ten minutes. The only problem? Well, the whiteness tends to make him look a little like Ghandi.

Well, or like a frat boy headed to a toga party.

I'm considering making a few more and then breaking out the fabric dye. What do you think- would a tie-dyed blanket be too crazy?

We Know Some Pretty Amazing People

Balloon Guy Entertainment (aka our long time friends Jeremy and Kristin with some helpers) took over the storytelling wing of the library and decorated it for the Summer Reading Program kickoff this week.

That's the Cheshire Cat mid-disappearance made by Brendan. Pretty impressive, huh?

PS- Jeremy has a book coming out soon.

Finished Potholders

I finished my potholders a few days ago. Pretty much adore them.

Inspired by this. It was kind of a trial run for making a larger quilt. Still debating that.

Inspired by this. Love this block. I learned that I really need to work on my precision on a complicated block like this. Maybe even break out the pins.

Seeing these two together has really gotten me interested in making a blue and white quilt. Maybe a sampler quilt with all sorts of different blocks.

The Blues

One too small hat on its way to Jenny. Congratulations! Or, more appropriately, congratulations to Jenny's nephew. Now I just need to start an almost identical second hat- same yarn, same pattern, bigger needles.

Soon to be baby gift.

Soon to be potholders.

Feeling a bit blue as well. Just wish I knew with any sort of certainty what was in store for our little family. Moving? Jobs? Everything is just so uncertain.