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Quilt in Use

The other day Anna pulled Ellery's quilt off the bed to use as a tablecloth in a little clothing-optional tea party (hey, its the end of July and we live in a second story apartment with no shade and only a swamp cooler- everything is clothing-optional for the kids lately). I love seeing my quilts being used like this! It makes me happy and somehow makes the work completely worthwhile.


Samuel is three months old now and is increasingly awake and aware (love this phase!). With an increasing awakeness comes and an increasing need for toys. Most of our baby toys are in a box somewhere in the no man's land of our storage closet. I'm really not up for the adventure of sorting through multiple cardboard boxes right now so I made him a toy instead.

Meet Speedy.

I started with a pattern from the book Bend the Rules Sewing. I simplified it a little- only two pieces for the head instead of three, only one piece for the belly instead of two. Then, I made it way more complicated by adding the paper pieced hexagons on the shell. That changed the shape of shell so really it bears almost no relation to the original pattern.

Speedy has a couple of cool (I think) features. His tail is a loop so he can be connected to those baby chain toys. I like doing that on homemade toys so I can chain them to the stroller or car seat. That way, they don't get dropped and lost forever…


The children and I like to take advantage of each other's distraction. For example, "Here watch this movie so I can sew" or "Here have this Popsicle so I can eat this chocolate cake". Makes for a happy mommy when its me using their distraction to my advantage. But, yesterday Anna took advantage of my distraction. I was happily playing Frontierville on Facebook- rearranging my settlement, and never noticing that things were eerily quiet. Anna, meanwhile, was doing this-

It's not so much that she emptied all six bins (don't judge me) of color-sorted fabric scraps. It's the fact that she then proceeded to toss them like a salad and scatter them throughout the house. Yeah, not a happy mommy. If you'll excuse me now, I have go sort four grocery bags (don't judge me) worth of fabric scraps by color. I'm going to try and use the time to happily think of new color combinations and quilt designs rather than how I'd like to send my children aw…

Another One Bites the Dust

It took seven months or so, but I finally finished another project.

Remember this one?

I started it in mid-January, diligently hand quilted for a while, set it aside for awhile, picked it back up, set it down, pick it up, etc, etc, etc. I tried to finish it up in the last little while before Samuel was born. Well, Samuel came sooner than expected and it got set aside again. I picked it back up yet again a few weeks ago as part of my frenzied need to finish up projects.

I really like this quilt. The fabric is super soft and cuddlely. It looks so simple and understated from a distance. Then you look a little closer and see all the blue, green and grey stitches.

It was so worth all the time spent choosing colors and hand-quilting. A lot of my quilts are just quilts. This one might just fit in the family heirloom catagory.

A Visit From Grandma

Today I've just got a whole heck of a lot of pictures from Grandma's visit.

The Children's Museum-

Hey, I warned you a head of time- a whole heck of a lot of pictures. And there are more to come.

July 3rd Barbecue-

Picnic in the Park on July 4th-

(There's a Frisbee in the tree.)

Count yourselves lucky. There would be a whole lot more pictures if it wasn't so hard to hold Samuel and take pictures at the same time. There may be some crafty goodness later in the day if I can tear myself away from the computer and get some work done.

Selfish Quilting

After a string of quilts for other people, I decided it was time for a little in-the-family crafting.

This is a direct descendant of these quilts. I know you're not going to believe me, but I really don't like I Spy quilts. Well, I like the idea of them but in actuality I find them too busy. This is the fourth in a series of quilts looking for a better I Spy quilt. The first two, I tried a limited color scheme and white checkerboard blocks. The third- Daphne's quilt from the last post- I kept the white blocks and added a double border to kind of contain the business of the multicolored blocks. This one (hopefully the final one) is definitely not a traditional I Spy quilt.

There are twenty blocks- each with a different I Spy sort of fabric in the center with two borders. I kept the limited blue and green color palette.

I pretty much love these blocks.
Instead of batting, there is just a layer white flannel between the top and backing. First, because it makes for a lighter,…