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The children and I like to take advantage of each other's distraction. For example, "Here watch this movie so I can sew" or "Here have this Popsicle so I can eat this chocolate cake". Makes for a happy mommy when its me using their distraction to my advantage. But, yesterday Anna took advantage of my distraction. I was happily playing Frontierville on Facebook- rearranging my settlement, and never noticing that things were eerily quiet. Anna, meanwhile, was doing this-
Scraps Disaster
It's not so much that she emptied all six bins (don't judge me) of color-sorted fabric scraps. It's the fact that she then proceeded to toss them like a salad and scatter them throughout the house. Yeah, not a happy mommy. If you'll excuse me now, I have go sort four grocery bags (don't judge me) worth of fabric scraps by color. I'm going to try and use the time to happily think of new color combinations and quilt designs rather than how I'd like to send my children away for a very, very long visit to whatever relative would take them.


Jenny said…
oh good grief!
what a disaster...but kudos for you attitude on cleaning it up!
Leserlee said…
My kids scatter things too. Usually it's the almost four year old. Yesterday it was four decks of Rook cards. The day before it was all the pieces of the game Life. Money, salary cards, career cards, cars, little stick people, all the buildings, everything. But if I had enough fabric scraps, I would totally organize them by color too. :)
Gwendolyn said…
Oh my goodness! I would think this would have been an Ellery task not an Anna task!!!

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