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Family Fun

We took a little family outing to Boise on Saturday. We started off at the Zoo.

It may have been the best trip to the zoo ever. It only cost us a dollar to get in because of our membership at a different zoo. It was cloudy and just cool enough for long sleeves. The kids were all good and had an absolutely amazing time.

We will be going back. After all, Brendan needs to visit his new best friend, the Komodo Dragon. Myself, I was pretty impressed by the huge crane.

Next we headed to Boise Fry Company. Thanks Food Network for the tip. Best fries of my life. Seriously. And the burger was pretty great too. I wish I had taken pictures but as soon as our food arrived we fell upon it like a pack of wild dogs. We tried three different types of potatoes in three different cuts with two different sprinkles (smoked salt and vinegar salt) and four different sauces (spicy fry sauce, blueberry ketchup, regular old ketchup and a heavenly garlic sauce). Next time Brendan wants to try the Chef's s…

Move over, Martha.

Yesterday was a domestic goddess sort of day.

A Whole Lot of Photos of the New House

You have to understand something. Brendan and I have been married six years. In that time, we have lived in student housing, a basement, student housing again and an apartment. All have been two bedrooms, about 500-700 square feet. We have never had a washer/dryer or dishwasher. The only time we had a yard was in the basement apartment- and Anna was just a baby there so the yard really didn't matter. The last apartment was about a block away from the railroad tracks in a bad neighborhood. Our front door had obviously been kicked in at some point. The police patrolled regularly.

This house is like heaven. It is wonderful. Packing everything we own and moving to an unfamiliar place- totally worth it just for the chance to live in this house.

It's a corner lot in a quiet neighborhood. Only about half a mile from Brendan's job. We have a garage! No more scraping icy windows. Anna is in charge of the garage door opener and thinks it is a magic button.

The front yard has thre…

Loose Ends

So, I have some pictures and some crafties that I have been meaning to post for a while now. Moving my family and all our stuff one state up kind of got in the way. So, now that we and all our possessions are safely in Idaho, I thought I would finally post them.

First up- photos from our family reunion camping at Bear Lake. Hard to believe this was really only a week and a half ago. So much has gone on since then.

Ellery and her second cousin.

My dad (Papa Dave) preparing to cook some excellent steak on the fire.

Anna- who loved every minute spent in the water.

Brendan and Papa Dave kayaking.

Ellery trying to balance a water bottle on her head for some reason.

Samuel and a couple of his many adoring fans.

A rather windy picture of my kids with Grandma and Papa.

The whole clan. OK, not really the whole clan- just the part of the clan that could be there.

And, I did manage to squeeze in a couple of last minute crafty projects right before the move.

A sock monkey for Ellery.

I make some…

Dang Cute Kids

Just so you know, there may not be much going on blogwise or craftwise for a while. We're moving. In like four days. My husband got a great job offer in Idaho. I'm a bit buried in boxes and cleaning right now. It's going to be wonderful once we are all moved. We're renting a great house with a big, fenced backyard. I get to stay home and just be mommy for a while. Really, its a great move for us. But, I hate moving. Hate it with a deep and burning passion. I just have to keep telling myself that all the work and chaos will so be worth it.