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Grumpiness Averted

Today is trying really hard to be a grumpy sort of day. The kids all have runny noses and an immense case of the whineys. Brendan and I are both flirting with sickness. Nobody's really gotten enough sleep. The littlest things are seeming insurmountable. And I need to budget and balance the checkbook. I hate budgeting and balancing the checkbook. But, there are some things which are keeping this day from being an utter, awful waste.

1. I made yogurt. Really, I took some milk and purposely cultured bacteria in it. Crazy, huh? I don't think the idea would have ever crossed my mind if I hadn't read online about so many people doing it and loving it. There are lots of reasons, it seems, to make your own yogurt. It's cheaper, for one- way cheaper. Plus, you can control what goes in it- no preservatives or high fructose corn syrup here. But, that's not why I did it. I did it basically to be able to say that I had made my own yogurt. It's not a quick process- I started…

Unabashed Girliness

Sure, its a lot of fun to knit a pink hat and attach a large crochet flower to it, but it takes a whole lot of girliness to actually pull off wearing it.

Good thing Anna's got girliness covered.

Today's Adventure

We've been using Saturday mornings to explore our new surroundings. So far we've been to Boise, an ice cave, explored several small towns, on a triumphant search for a good used book store and driven through countless miles of farmland. Today we found a new park.

It's a privately owned, yet open to the public park downtown. It's small- just the size of a lot, tucked between an apartment building and a carpet store. But, it is lovely- complete with flowers, sculpture, a little waterfall, a mural, and soft music playing. We ate a picnic lunch under the shady pergola next to the waterfall. I think we will definitely be headed back in the future.

That's So Much Better

All the pegs have faces and I'm no longer scared to go in the kitchen.

There's a farmer and assorted animals for my kids.

The monkey was made at Anna's request.

There's also a little peg version of our family that's going to go live in Brendan's office. It's like a family portrait- but you can play with it.

I actually made two identical sets of the kids. A couple of years ago, I made a little peg family for Anna. Well, there was no Samuel and Ellery was just a baby and made from the smallest peg. But, Brendan and I look just the same, so I just made new kids to update their set with.

This is not the end of my peg people adventures. I finished one other set last night- but its a surprise. Shhhh. And I want to add on to our peg people nativity before Christmas. And I'm thinking about making a little Halloween set- a vampire, witch, mummy, etc. But, I need a break. I feel like all I did for three days was paint peg people. It's back to the sewing mach…

It's Like Night of the Living Dead Around Here

Or that episode of Dr Who where everyone's faces get sucked into the television. Either way, its just plain creepy.

I've been working on a big batch of peg people (and animals). About half-way through, the black marker I use to draw on faces died. Now there's this group of almost finished pegs on the kitchen counter just waiting for me to go to the store and buy a new marker. They're all staring at me- except they have no eyes. They're like the faceless, soul-less denizens of a horror movie. Yeah, I'm just going to go and stick them in a box. They're seriously creeping me out.

The Project That Almost Got Lost in the Move

I actually finished all the knitting of this hat at least a week before we moved. But, all my craft supplies were packed so I couldn't get to a needle or crochet hook to weave in the ends with. So, I stuck it in a random bin of yarn with the intention of finishing it as soon as I could and promptly forgot about it completely. That is until I was in Old Navy with Anna. She was asking for just about everything she saw when she spotted some hats. "Mommy, can I have a hat?" "No, I will make you a hat better than that one (and cheaper)." It took about ten minutes to remember I had been making hats, remember that I actually finished one for Ellery and figure out exactly what happened to it. So, yesterday I dug it out and spent about a minute weaving in the two yarn ends. Voila- finished project.

Now I just need to make an Old Navy knockoff for Anna (and a hat for Samuel and finish my scarf) before the first snowfall.

Thinking of Myself

Because I am still pretty selfish.

I've needed a new wallet for quite a while now. I made the last one myself- at least a couple of years ago. The snap fell off about a year ago and I never replaced it. It was looking grungy and gross and if I didn't hold it just right all my cards came spilling out.
I set out to just buy a new one- I really did. The problem was, I had something very specific in mind. I wanted my grocery list and money all in one convenient place. It seemed no wallet manufacturers had the same idea. So, I got to work. I drew out my design on Friday. I cut my fabric late Saturday night. I sewed it all together Sunday morning.

I am pretty dang excited about how it turned out. Lovely fabric. About 5 1/2 inches by 8 1/2 inches. Button and an elastic loop closure. And inside-

Plenty of pockets for all my cards, a checkbook, a pen and a mini legal pad. I think its time for a little shopping (or a whole lot).

Thinking of Others

As promised, here's more info on my recent projects for others.

First up is a little peg family.

When we moved into our little ghetto apartment last summer, we met pretty much the nicest family on earth. They were friendly and welcoming. The father came and jump-started our car at 6:30 one morning, cheerfully. When moving out, we loaded up our moving truck on a day he had to work. So, he came on his lunch break and helped. Seriously, nicest family ever. So, I made a little wooden peg version of their family for their kids to play with.

Next up is two quilts I really wish I didn't a reason to make.

Brief background- my mother's brother was diagnosed with cancer not too long ago. He's going through chemotherapy right now. He has a stepdaughter, Erin, who has two little boys. The older one, AJ, is just barely two years old. She was pregnant with him at the same time I was pregnant with Ellery. I think they were born only a few weeks apart. Well, a little while ago, AJ w…

Staying Sane

Here's the thing- I've just moved to an entirely new place where I know no one. I'm a little too shy, awkward and obsessed with crafts to make new friends easily. I've gone from a part time job I loved to being a stay at home mom. I've left behind my favorite grocery store, bakery, fabric store and park. It's a big huge adjustment and some days I feel like I'm barely hanging on. Like today. So, I thought I'd make a list of the things keeping my sane currently.

1. Zen Zone

The rest of the house can be an absolute disaster (and usually is) but as long as I have one clean, peaceful, pretty space- I'm OK. Someplace I can sit quietly, read, and drink my afternoon Pepsi is all I need.

2. Convenience Food

Sure it may make a nutritionist roll their eyes, but some days Lunchables and Capri Suns can be an absolute lifesaver.

3. Bright Colors

Who can not be cheerful looking at colors like these?

4. My Family

Yeah, pretty much goes without saying.

5. The Publ…

County Fair

This morning, we headed to our county fair. We started with the animals- mostly because it was the only thing up and going when we got there at 9. No pictures, but a lot of fun. I liked the huge draft horses. And the alpacas. And the sheep. And the goats. And the rabbits. Pretty much all the animals you can make yarn from. Ellery sat in her stroller and just giggled at the animals- she seemed to find the pigs and the goats the funniest. People kept asking Anna if they wanted to touch their cow/rabbit/miniature horse. The answer was always a very quick no.

Then we made our way through the other exhibits.

Samuel slept in his stroller.

The model train building was a family favorite.

Samuel woke up and sucked his fingers for a while.

The girls enjoyed the bounce house.

Anna and the Daddyman rode a little roller coaster.

Ellery won a stuffed dog.

Anna and the Daddyman rode the Ferris wheel while the rest of us watched.

Samuel actually made it out of the stroller for a very fun picture.