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Grumpiness Averted

Today is trying really hard to be a grumpy sort of day. The kids all have runny noses and an immense case of the whineys. Brendan and I are both flirting with sickness. Nobody's really gotten enough sleep. The littlest things are seeming insurmountable. And I need to budget and balance the checkbook. I hate budgeting and balancing the checkbook. But, there are some things which are keeping this day from being an utter, awful waste.

1. I made yogurt. Really, I took some milk and purposely cultured bacteria in it. Crazy, huh? I don't think the idea would have ever crossed my mind if I hadn't read online about so many people doing it and loving it. There are lots of reasons, it seems, to make your own yogurt. It's cheaper, for one- way cheaper. Plus, you can control what goes in it- no preservatives or high fructose corn syrup here. But, that's not why I did it. I did it basically to be able to say that I had made my own yogurt. It's not a quick process- I started at 2 pm yesterday and it was done just in time for breakfast. But, it is a very hands off process. It took about ten minutes to get it started- then eight hours of sitting on the counter on a heating pad. Then I moved it to the fridge overnight in a pot, colander, cheesecloth contraption to make a very thick and creamy Greek yogurt. Easy.
This was my breakfast. Fresh strawberries. Homemade yogurt. A generous drizzle of honey. Homemade granola. Really, its yummy enough to be a dessert. It's hard to be grumpy on a day that starts off so good.

2. The fabric I needed to buy anyway was on sale for 53% off. So, I will be able to sew two little fancy dresses for cheaper than I could buy them.

3. My new glasses finally came in.
It's been five and a half years since I had new glasses. Everything is so much clearer! Hopefully, this will mean fewer headaches and less eye strain. And, they're purple. Hooray!

4. Brendan has his Improv comedy group tonight. Happy for him because there wasn't one here when we moved. He's started it and it seems to be going great so far. Happy for me because I plan on putting in a movie for the girls, putting Samuel in his swing and crafting without guilt.

5. I got to briefly talk to my best friend ever this afternoon- something I don't do often enough. It was great to talk to her and hear some exciting news. Exciting news which will, of course, inspire some craftiness. Plans are already brewing.


balloongal said…
Oh, it is so good to hear all the pleasant things. We've been dealing with a bit of sickness ourselves as well. Annoying, and yes, the kids are being extra whiney, too. Good for you for focusing on the positive. Way to go.
Suzanne said…
I like your new glasses!

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