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Staying Sane

Here's the thing- I've just moved to an entirely new place where I know no one. I'm a little too shy, awkward and obsessed with crafts to make new friends easily. I've gone from a part time job I loved to being a stay at home mom. I've left behind my favorite grocery store, bakery, fabric store and park. It's a big huge adjustment and some days I feel like I'm barely hanging on. Like today. So, I thought I'd make a list of the things keeping my sane currently.

1. Zen Zone
The rest of the house can be an absolute disaster (and usually is) but as long as I have one clean, peaceful, pretty space- I'm OK. Someplace I can sit quietly, read, and drink my afternoon Pepsi is all I need.

2. Convenience Food
Sure it may make a nutritionist roll their eyes, but some days Lunchables and Capri Suns can be an absolute lifesaver.

3. Bright Colors
Who can not be cheerful looking at colors like these?

4. My Family
Yeah, pretty much goes without saying.

5. The Public Library
Of course, nothing is ever going to compare to the library I used to work for. I have some severe gripes with how my new public library is organized. But, its still a public library which is a great thing. Access to great books for free- you just can't beat that.

6. Knitting
This has been the perfect stress relief knitting project. The pattern's hard enough to keep my thinking about it rather than worrying about other things. But, its not so hard that it feels like a burden. Even the color is restful. I may only get five minutes a day to work on, but those five minutes are wonderfully relaxing.

7. Thinking About Someone Else For Awhile
It really is true. The best way to stop feeling sorry for yourself is to think about someone else for awhile. More on what these projects are and who they are for tomorrow.

So, that's my list of Happy things for today. What about you- what keeps you sane and happy when things are rough?


Jennifer said…
I read. I don't read many "thought provoking" books for the simple fact that it's my escape. And now that I've taken up crocheting and knitting, that ranks pretty high on the stress relief scale. I love to sew, but it's not as convenient for me.

And you would probably keel over dead if you saw the library here in Sherwood. It's pretty worthless, other than a convenient place to have other branches send books for me to pick up =)
craftytammie said…
you sound like me three years ago, when we moved and i left behind a routine and day to day that i loved (it included weekly trips to two libraries, one in lawrence and the other in topeka). i still miss so many things, and i still don't know many people here, but i'm doing ok. the first year was tough. right now, when my hubs is working tons, i escape into dumb facebook games and blog hopping - not very productive!!
Me said…
I think this is a good list you have here.

One thing we did after moving away from the Happy Valley (and maybe this is something you guys do already) is putting the kids to bed early, between 7 and 8, giving ourselves a few hours of uninterrupted quality time every night. It's been so great, why did we never do this before?

Another thing that we have been doing a little less consistently but it helps me so much is once a week Daddy takes the kids for a couple of hours during the day leaving me to workout or watch a girly movie or attempt to quilt or whatever I want without interruption and feeling pressured to hurry through. This helps keep my patient levels from following lower than I like during the week.

Sorry, that was long.

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