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Halloween Sneak Peek

I made Anna's Little Red Riding Hood Cape yesterday. Of course, she had to play in it for quite awhile afterwards.

I can't find the tutorial I used anymore. It was pretty simple. I used a $2.50 fleece blanket I found at the grocery store. I definitely could not have bought fabric for that cheap. The whole thing took maybe half an hour- and that included coercing Anna to try it on and bathing both girls while working on it. Now, all we need is a basket, one of her dresses, some tights and some appropriate shoes. Oh, and a Big Bad Wolf.

Today's Adventure (plus a sneaky craft project)

Tomorrow my big girl Anna will be five. Hard to believe, isn't it? Today we celebrated.

Anna took care of the cake. She chose the cake and frosting. She picked which candies she wanted for the top- Jelly Bellies, Swedish Fish, Gummi Bears and a few Jelly Babies pilfered from Brendan's stash. She took the job very seriously.

Her new friend from school, Lisa, came over to play. No photos with her because I find it a good idea not to post pictures of other people's children on the internet without their permission. But, there was a lot of purple, a lot of giggling and a lot of fun. With three little girls, present opening was over almost before it began. She got quite the haul and was thrilled with it all.

New bike from us and new outfit from my parents. Finally, no more knees hitting the handlebars when she rides! Her only request was that her new bike have a basket for putting puppies or toys in.

To fulfill the handmade gift requirement (she's gotten at least one ever…

Feeling Halloweeny

So, I've had the itch to decorate for Halloween (and to avoid making flower girl dresses). But, I didn't want to spend any money. So I dove into the craft closet, got to work and ended up with these.

The Halloween Pegs

There's a pirate, a pumpkin, a ninja and a mummy.

Frankenstein, a witch, the Grim Reaper and a vampire.

My favorite part is the little crazy details.

The pirate has a scar, a cutlass and a gold earring. The ninja has a throwing star and a sai.

The witch has a warts and a broom and the Reaper has a scythe, of course.

So, there it is- this year's contribution to the Halloween spirit. Now, it's time to stop avoiding it and get to work on some flower girl dresses.

Columbus Day Adventure

(Yes, that's Brendan, Anna and Ellery all the way up there at the base of the rock.)

Ta Da!

Oh What a Beautiful Morning

It's a relief to wake up in the morning and discover that something you made actually is adorable and it wasn't just the late night crafty craziness talking.

The girliest of headbands for the girliest of girls. Inspired by her new hat and tutorials here, here and here. Anna loves it, of course.

There are matching barrettes for Ellery as well.

Ellery, though, not being the girliest of girls, refused to hold still for a picture and even threw one of the barrettes somewhere. Oh well, Anna will wear them- once I find the second one.

To Hell With the To-Do List

I couldn't get yesterday morning's post out of my head. I spent a lot of time thinking about it. Here's the thing- I craft because I enjoy it. I find it relaxing and fun. I love taking basic supplies and creating something unique and beautiful and useful. The second it becomes an obligation, all the fun flies right out the window and crafting becomes just another stress in my life.

So, yesterday afternoon I ignored the Crafting To-Do list and made what I wanted to.

It's not much- just a square foot or so of what will eventually become a twin size quilt for Ellery but it was relaxing and exciting and fun to make. I needed that. Today, its back to the To-Do list, but a little more happily because after all- it's full of projects I was terribly excited about at one time. I just need to get excited about them again.

So here it is, what I wanted make, when I wanted to make it.

And here are some cute baby pictures, just because it's been a while.

How I Spent My Weekend

This weekend was my church's General Conference ( That means spending the entire weekend lying around the house in my jammies listening to eight hours worth of wonderful, spiritually-uplifting talks. It also means a whole lot of crafting because there is no way I'm sitting and listening to eight hours worth of talks without something for my hands to do. I had quite the crafting conundrum this time around. My crafting to-do list is huge- but full of sewing projects. And, I just can't listen really well and sew at the same time. The sewing machine is just a little too loud. So, sewing was out. I tried knitting, but just couldn't get very excited about it. I tried papercutting (no, seriously) but didn't have the right supplies and didn't want to buy the right supplies. I finally decided on cutting fabric. Perfect.

180 2.5 inch squares

300 3.5 inch squares

A whole heck of a lot of strips.
I'm still missing a whole lot of white 6.5 inch squares but…