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Thanksgiving and Grandpa's 80th Birthday Celebration

A finished tree skirt, a Christmas tree and a blizzard.

The colorful side with improvisational pieced elves, trees and stars.

I got worried that it was a little too bright, so I made the other side a little more sedate.

I made my first improvisational letters.

I broke my no decorating before the day after Thanksgiving rule since we are going to be gone.

Anna choose which side of the tree skirt to use.

I like it.

Samuel approves as well.

And a quick picture of our eight or so inches of snow. The girls lasted about five minutes before they were back inside and demanding hot chocolate.

Samuel's Bibs- Knit

These have actually been in the works longer than the fabric ones. Knitting just takes longer.

If you start counting from when I found the merit badges, I've actually been working on these bibs for seven years or so.

Pretty much the best thrift store find ever. Who donates their kid's merit badges to a thrift store anyway? Well, I've held on to them through five moves, marriage, and three babies just waiting for the perfect project.

The bib pattern is loosely based on the one from the book Mason Dixon Knitting. They're actually three different sizes because I was experimenting.

Bring on the smushed peas.

Samuel's Bibs- Fabric

So, what's a crafty mommy to do? I've got limited funds until payday, a baby who is loving the solid foods but is an incredibly messy monkey, no bibs and a closet full of fabric. Well, of course, I spend several hours Sunday obsessively making bibs.

Balloon dogs, frogs, ABCs and animals with polka dots. I used blue terrycloth for backing until I ran out. The frogs are backed with green flannel.

This is my absolute favorite thing ever. I've already got something else fun planned for me from these two fabrics.

The messy monkey approves.

Blowing Off Steam

There is something so relaxing about pressing quilt blocks in the middle of a not very good day. Moving from disorder to order- at least in one small thing. Seeing colors fall together. Taking one step closer to a finished project. Doing something gentle, slow and quiet. Today, it's keeping me sane.

Finally Finished

So, it took 374 days, but my Lace Ribbon Scarf is finally finished.

I'd like to blame the ridiculous knitting time on a pregnancy, a baby and a move but its actually just the lure of other projects. Something new and exciting would come along and this would get pushed to the back of the closet.

I kind of miss having it now that it's finished. It was the project I would pull out when I was stressed or too busy to knit anything but a row or two. I worked on in the waiting room for all those prenatal appointments. I tried to knit it while nursing a tiny newborn Samuel. I worked on it when I was going to scream if I had to pack one more thing. I worked on it after my sewing machine was packed and before it was unpacked in the new house. I sat in the front yard and worked on it while waiting for the bus on Anna's first day of preschool. This scarf and I bonded.

But, now I get to wear it. In all it's soft, extra-wide, perfect shade of green, loveliness. (In case you're w…

Public Service Announcement

Don't run in the hallway. If you do, you might end up with a nasty goose egg, a trip to the emergency room because your mom is worried you gave yourself a concussion, a massive headache and a very ugly bruise.

It's Best to Give and Receive

We had a potholder swap last night at the Quilting Guild I've joined. The only thing we had to go on was our recipient's favorite colors. My giftee likes red and green. Red and Green, hmmmm. Sounds like apples to me.

Sorry, the colors are kind of off on these pictures. I didn't notice until after the swap when it was too late to retake.

The backs are made of 81 1 inch squares each. I know- crazy. But I wanted to try fusible interfacing to piece tiny squares. It worked like a charm.

There are, of course, some fun fabric surprises hiding in there.

I really like them and was tempted to keep them for myself. But, I can always make another set- provided I can find the motivation to cut out 162- 1 1/2 inch squares again. Hmmm...not really likely.
But, I did receive some awesome potholders in return.

The only thing I gave them to go on was that I like bright colors. I pretty much love these.

Ellery has given her stamp of approval, as well.

More Photos From the Trip

The Zoo-

Antelope Island-