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My Last Christmas Post (This Year)

I finished my Christmas tree ornaments. They've been hanging on the tree for two days and tomorrow they will be packed up until next year. Oh well, it's been a fun two days.

The tutorial I used can be found here. These ornaments have made me realize something. I can never decide how I want to decorate for Christmas. Do I want to go with an understated elegant sort of look- like the other batch of ornaments I made?

Or do I want to go with the merry and bright sort of look? Heck, I even made my tree skirt two-sided because I couldn't decide. Well, enough indecision. I have been completely inspired by the Attic24 blog. Seriously- go check out her Christmas tree and decorations post. Isn't that amazing? So merry and bright and cozy and happy. That's the look I'm going for. There will be plenty of time for understated and elegant when the kids are all moved out. For next year- the more colorful, the better. I'm planning on starting more of these ornaments and a …

Completely Crafty Christmas

So, what's on your Christmas list if you are a crazy crafty lady?

A big stack of crafty books.

A big stack of fun fabric.

And a freaking amazing iron.

Here it is making my fifteen year old Sunbeam iron cry.

I know, who gets this excited over an iron? Well, crazy crafty ladies, that's who. I can not wait to try it out after bedtime tonight! Thanks to all my family members for the amazing crafty Christmas!

Christmas Crafting Report

You know, before I started adding it all up, I thought that I really hadn't done a whole bunch of crafting for this Christmas. Yeah, once again- delusional.

Christmas 2010 shall now be known as "The Year of the Stocking." I made five. Yep, that's right- five stockings. And, I didn't start until like December 10th or so. Nothing like procrastination to make life a little more interesting. I took this tutorial, added a bit of this, this, and this. And this is what I ended up with, the first time-

Fully lined, stripey, quilted stockings with a hanging loop.

And, in case they are a little too funky for the recipients- they can just hang them up the other way.

Well, I was kind of on a roll. I figured my kids deserved something better than dollar store stockings. I knew if I waited a year, I would never remember exactly how I made these. So, I just threw three more on the to-do list. Perfectly reasonable, right?

I really debated making all three a more traditional red…

Christmas Pictures

New pajamas and decorating cookies on Christmas Eve.

(Ellery opened hers and immediately started stripping.)

Christmas Morning

Still Decking

With all the presents crafted, bought, wrapped, shipped and/or hidden- I'm finishing up some little projects today.

The great thing about these projects- its OK if they don't get done by tomorrow. I'm entering the post-Christmas relaxed crafting phase. I love this time of year. Birthdays are far off. Next Christmas is forever away. There are no deadlines and I can craft whatever the heck I want. Hooray!

Who needs pets?

So, Sunday we got home for church and were trying to get everyone fed and happy. Samuel was crawling around on the floor, because that's what makes him happy. He got really quiet. This is how we found him.

You can't see it, but he's lying right on top of the heating vent. He crawled over to it, got all warm and cozy, and fell asleep. Sounds like a great idea to me right now!

PS- This is my 400th post! Crazy. I feel like I should celebrate, but all my time and energy is being taken up with Christmas celebrating. Stay tuned, maybe I'll have to do a little celebratory giveaway once all the Christmas hoopla is over.

Visiting Santa

We took the kids to visit Santa at the mall on Monday. Wait, where's Ellery- you ask. Safe in her daddy's arms. She liked Santa from a distance. She smiled and waved at him. But as soon as we got within three feet of him, she started crying and holding onto Daddy for dear life. We decided not to traumatize her by forcing her to sit next to him. Santa even tried to bribe her with a candy cane. Kind of nice to know candy bribes from strangers don't work. Well, not if that stranger has a giant beard and a red suit.

Finished Project

Sorry, not much time for explanations. The children are chasing each other around the house. I think even the commando-crawling baby is getting involved. The Christmas projects are piling up. But, I wanted to make sure I at least got pictures up.

It's a twin size (approximately 66" by 92") Irish chain made for a commission. (Spread out here on my queen size bed.)

They requested the Irish chain in blue and green with bugs, if possible.

There are definitely bugs. Love this bug fabric! I'm very glad I ordered extra.

And, being me, I included places for the bugs to live and things for them to eat. And even a little something to eat them- just so they didn't get too out of control.

The backing is my new favorite shade of blue- a deep, bright blue that the picture does not really do justice.

The binding is green swirls. The thin green border and the binding remind me of grass. The blue of the backing and the bug border remind me of a bright clear summer sky. So, offic…