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My Last Christmas Post (This Year)

I finished my Christmas tree ornaments. They've been hanging on the tree for two days and tomorrow they will be packed up until next year. Oh well, it's been a fun two days.
The tutorial I used can be found here. These ornaments have made me realize something. I can never decide how I want to decorate for Christmas. Do I want to go with an understated elegant sort of look- like the other batch of ornaments I made?
Or do I want to go with the merry and bright sort of look? Heck, I even made my tree skirt two-sided because I couldn't decide. Well, enough indecision. I have been completely inspired by the Attic24 blog. Seriously- go check out her Christmas tree and decorations post. Isn't that amazing? So merry and bright and cozy and happy. That's the look I'm going for. There will be plenty of time for understated and elegant when the kids are all moved out. For next year- the more colorful, the better. I'm planning on starting more of these ornaments and a Christmas quilt soon. It's never too early to start thinking about next Christmas, right?


balloongal said…
I agree that you should totally go with bright and cheery while the kids are young and a bit more elegant when they've gotten older.
kz said…
they all turned out so cute!
Brittany said…
This post makes me smile. I'm indecisive like that, too! After two boys, next month I'm having a girl! I'm so excited but I still don't know where to start: satiny creams and pale pinks or bright polka dots and rick rack?

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