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Not Dead Yet

Yes, I know its been a while. No, I have not disappeared. My laptop died. It's actually fine, all except for the power button. Kind of impossible to use a laptop that you can't turn on. It's been over a week now. But, the good news is the part is ordered and hopefully I will have a working laptop again in the next week. And I have got much to show you- Sam's first encounter with spaghetti, the girl's first encounter with embroidery and three quilts in progress. So, keep your fingers the part on order actually works and soon there should be some exciting new blog posts.


I love Thursdays. I know, it's an odd day of the week to love. None of the excitement of Friday, the opportunity of Saturday or relaxation of Sunday. But, it is still my favorite day of the week. All the weekly chores are done- the mountain of laundry, the grocery shopping. It's one of the two days a week Anna has preschool. If I'm lucky, like today, I start the morning with a clean house and no obligations. I am free to do whatever I like. Well, about as free as I get. I still have to change diapers, make sure everyone is fed, and put small people down for naps. But, I should be able to get at least an hour all to myself. A very sacred hour where I could do almost anything- sew, knit, watch something not animated, meditate, bake my favorite cookies, just be me for a little while independent of everyone else.

Today I'm baking bread, watching Storage Wars and maybe sewing a little. And while I will be enjoying the time alone relaxing, it's never really just for me.…

Color Bursts

I don't know if you've noticed, but I tend to quilt in color bursts. I get obsessed with a color or color combination and start collecting fabrics. I spend quite a while buying fabrics that fit into my obsession- either remnants or on sale or the occasional full price fabric that I just can't live without. When I think I have a big enough stack, I start making quilts. And I usually don't stop until I run out of fabric or I am completely sick of that color.

I started quilting with black and white.

Then I moved on to Orange.

For over a year now, its been Blue and Green especially if it has a bird or tree print.

I have to admit, it started getting a little scary going back through flickr looking at past projects. I knew I did this, but I didn't quite realize the extent. Like the blue and green Easter dresses last year. I just picked out fabric I liked. I never realized they fit perfectly into the whole blue/green thing until now. Of course, there are exceptions. There…

A Little Something For Everyone

I figure I have two types of readers- family/friends who want to see cute kid pictures and fellow crafty ladies who want to see my current crafty project. Well, today I'm going to appease you all. Plus, throw in a little extra for any cat fanatics.

Let's start there.

I know- ahhhhhhh. This is Lady Kiwi Jones. I gave in and let Brendan and the girls talk me into getting a pet. Lady was what Brendan was calling her. Kiwi is Anna's mispronunciation of Phoebe, the name she came home from the pet store with. And Jones because Brendan thought she needed a cooler last name than ours.

Ahhhhh. Don't get too attached. We can't keep her. It turns out in the ten years or so since I've owned a cat that I've become allergic to them. Nothing drastic. Just enough of itchy eyes and congestion to make me constantly annoyed. And, while she's cute, I hate allergy medicine and I really don't want to take it every single day for as long as we own her.

So, if there is an…

First Finish of 2011

I'm not really a New Year's Resolutions sort of girl. I believe constantly working on small goals works a whole heck of a lot better than setting huge goals once a year. That being said, I did give up Pepsi (my fifth favorite thing on the planet) on January 2nd. That wasn't a New Year's Resolution, though- just finally getting around to actually doing something I'd been talking about for a long time. So I don't have any New Year's Crafting Resolutions. No elaborate rules for myself about fabric buying or WIPs or what to do on what day of the week. I do, however, have some crafting mantras I'd like to keep in mind for this year.




So, that's it. Pretty simple, huh? I'm pretty proud to say that my first finish of 2011 fits all three.

Pattern- Little Forest Quilt from the Purl Bee
Started- Febuaryish 2010

The Last Quilt of 2010 and the First Quilt of 2011

Warning- if your name is Jennyfriend, you have a decision to make right now. I have indeed crafted something for your new little girl. Feel free to keep reading if you're excited and want to see it right now. If, though, you'd like the thrill of opening the package sometime next week and seeing it for the first time- do not keep reading. It's completely up to you.

Let's give her a little time to make up her mind and talk about something else for awhile.

These will eventually be the first quilt of 2011. I think that's hilarious because I started them sometime right after the pattern was posted in November of 2009. I pulled them out again last night after the kids went to bed. I know- thrilling New Years Eve but Brendan was working.
I am changing the pattern a bit. The original has seams running right through the center of the trees. Yeah- hated that. So, I'm paper-piecing them. Little harder but no hateful seam. The plan is a wall-hanging for the kids room. Shou…