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Finished Products

Sometimes I wonder why I do the things I do. Really. We moved in August. At that time we moved the girls from toddler beds to twin sized bunk beds. Of course, we then needed twin size bedding. Of course, me being me, I decided to make twin size quilts rather than buy them. I could have gone to Target, spent under 50 dollars and had comforters the day we moved. Instead, I spent countless hours, unaccounted money (but definitely way more than 50 dollars) and six months making quilts.



What do you think? Was it worth it?

More photos of Anna's-

Some more photos of Ellery's-

And of course, seeing these bright lovely quilts and the matching wall-hanging just highlights how drab the paint in their room is.

I really hate painting but it just might be a necessity. What do you think? Bright white? Pale blue?

Sneak Peek

More to come tomorrow when I can take some decent pictures. I am excited that they went straight from the dryer into use.

Life's Little Curveballs

I started off the week thinking "My life is in control. I can keep the house clean, the dishes done, everyone fed and dressed and happy and even have a little time to myself. I am the woman!" Well, Life took a look at me and thought "How dare you think you can control me, you insignificant little worm. Take this!" Life's mean like that. This week life threw sickness at us. Ellery started the week with a cold. Samuel started with what we thought was a cold. Then he started running a fever and it was all downhill. My primary job this week was sick, miserable baby holding. He cried whenever I put him down- day or night. I think I averaged about four hours of sleep a night this week. Finally, this morning the fever broke for good and he broke out in a rash. It was a relief. I now know what he has- Roseola, and that it's almost over. Ellery's cold is gone. Anna still has a cough but I can deal with that. The house is a mess, last night dinner's dishes st…


Brendan and I aren't really big on Valentine's Day. Mostly, we're not big on over-the-top Valentine's Days. We love each other each and every day. Why go all crazy one day a year? We tend to keep it small and simple- a love letter, pajama bottoms, a special dinner at home. This year we agreed we weren't going to do gifts. Money's too tight, yadda yadda. Of course, we both bought a small little surprise for the other anyway. LEGO for Brendan and chocolate with lovey coupons for me.

Anna, however, is very big into Valentine's Day. So, to appease my little cupid (any because I will take any excuse to make sugar cookies), we made Valentine's cookies yesterday.

Inspired by my recent obsessive watching of Cake Boss, I turned ziploc bags into impromptu piping bags. Way fun. We'll definitely be doing that again.

So, I'll be spending the rest of the day crawling around on the kitchen floor basting the second quilt in two days, making one of Brendan'…

Ta Da!

Within the last week or two, Samuel has started pulling himself up to standing. Constantly. On Everything. He's a little standing maniac. Not many steps yet, but I can't help but think they are not too far off.

More Bibs For Samuel

What can I say? He's one messy boy.

With the fabric bibs and the merit badge bibs and the one non-pink one handed down from the girls, his total number of handmade bibs is now 12. That's just enough to get through a week- if I just take off his clothes instead of using a bib every once in a while and I reuse the ones that don't get too crusty.

Why take the time and effort to make all these bibs instead of buying a whole bunch of cheapo ones from the store? Well, they work better. They're super absorbent. They cover more. The buttons make it easy for me to take on and off but impossible for a baby to pull off- unlike snaps or velcro. They are a quick and easy knit- perfect for working on while watching Pawn Stars obsessively (for example).

And, besides, look at all that bright, cheery cuteness. It makes me happy just to look at them all neatly folded like that. And I could always use a little extra happiness in my day.

These are based on the Baby Bib 'o Love from…

A Quilt for Chloe

In a perfect world, this quilt would have been gifted along with this one in November. It's for the daughter of the bride, Chloe. So, my niece and the kid's cousin. This is not a perfect world, so I gave it to her today. It's the same pattern as the wedding quilt and has some of the some of the leftover blue fabrics.

It's twin size- something like 64 by 88 inches. My favorite part- the bright borders and binding. It's good that I like it- I have one exactly like in under construction for Anna and one for Ellery with the same fabric set but a different pattern. After that, though, I am so done with the blue and green. It's time for something completely different.

Goodbye Lady Kiwi Jones

Sure, she made me sneeze, itch and itch some more but she was awfully photogenic.

The Next Generation

About a week ago, Anna asked me to teach her how to knit. Right after I told her to stop messing with my current knitting project. I apologized for yelling at her and explained that she was really too little to learn how to knit but that I would find a crafty that I could teach her. I dove into the crafty closet and emerged with yarn, a yarn needle and plastic canvas.

Anna was thrilled.

Ellery was jealous and kept trying to steal Anna's. So, I got her some of her own. She's very good at the stabbing with the needle- not so good at the pulling it through.

I was amazed at how long it kept them both happily occupied. Anna's plastic canvas is filling up with all sorts of crazy colorful stitches. She says it is a baby blanket. I'll post a picture when she decides it is done.