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Oh I Wish....

Another One Bites the Dust

Another project down, one more to go before I can get started on some more.

Ellery in her Easter cardigan. Inspired by this post. Free pattern available here. Not that I followed the pattern. Knitting it seamlessly top down just seemed to make a lot more sense to me.

I finished the knitting at least a week ago. It just took me forever to weave in the ends and block it for some reason. After quite a search, I now have the yarn for Anna's. Time to get started.

Finished I Spy Quilt

So, I don't really like having a lot of unfinished projects laying around. It makes me anxious and overwhelmed. It also makes me unproductive because I have a hard time deciding which project to commit my time to and often end up working on none of them. April is a craft heavy month with Easter and Samuel's birthday and I just could not start any of those planned projects without finishing up some. So, this is the week for finishing things.

First up, an smallish twin size I Spy quilt for my kids.

I officially started this one in May or June of last year. I was making an I Spy Quilt for another little girl. By far the hardest part was cutting the squares. 150 fussy cut squares from 149 different fabrics (yes I repeated one large scale great print). So, knowing I would never ever want to do that again, I cut two sets at once. After Christmas sometime, I pulled out the second set and I've been working on it slowly ever since.

Once again I could not resist putting some fabri…

Spring Break 2011

Brendan has no classes this week. One of the advantages of being a teacher. Of course, he's been doing a lot of grading, one of the disadvantages of being a teacher. We did manage to take a trip to Boise with another family yesterday. We started off at the Zoo.

Then to one of our favorite restaurants for lunch- Boise Fry Company.

Brendan had the bourgeoisie- fries fried in duck fat and topped with truffle salt. It was like dying and going to french fry heaven. All other fries for the rest of our lives will pale in comparison. Samuel really liked them as well. I had a fantastic burger and sweet potato fries with sea salt and curry pear ketchup. Anna and Ellery had regular old russets with tomato ketchup. Altogether yummy.

We also went to a used book store, a bakery and Hobby Lobby. No pictures from those, unfortunately. It was a fantastic day all around.

Spring Break rocks!

I Might Be Insane

Meet Scrapbuster Block #1-

And Scrapbuster Block #2-

I'm going to be adding a little more to them and making them into pillows for our living room. I wanted you to show you to them before that. You see, I made these 12 inch blocks as a test. Ever since I saw the tutorials, I've been dreaming of making a quilt using these blocks. Here's the thing- Block #1 requires 48 1.5 inch squares. Block #2 requires 88 1.5 inch squares. And I wouldn't be satisfied with a small quilt. No, I'm thinking about using these blocks to make a queen size quilt for my bed. That's 64 blocks for a 96" by 96" quilt for a grand total of 4,352 1.5" squares. This is, by far the most ambitious quilt I have ever considered. I've made entire quilts with fewer pieces than one of the #2 blocks. Seriously.

Oh, but look at them together. Imagine them in a fantastic riot of color, like in the originals. It would be wonderful. The kind of quilt I would enter in quilt shows and th…

Only a Matter of Time

Really, with two little girls- one who is the girliest of girly girls, it was only a matter of time before I started making hair-bows. Anna started the whole thing, of course. We have a couple of tiny bows left over from when Ellery was a baby. Anna asks to wear them all the time. Finally, I got tired of her asking, dug into my ribbon box, and made one big girls sized bow (the white one).

Well, they're kind of addicting. We're up to five now. I've been to the store to buy more ribbon. It's to the point that yesterday morning I dressed Anna for school, decided she needed some bows to match and made them before the school bus came.

I see many more bows in our future.

Really, how adorable is that? I found all my hair-bow making tutorials here.

In other hair-related news- it seems Samuel is the most-likely to have inherited the coarse, thick, curly, crazy hair that runs in my family.

His hair is getting coarser- it's already way coarser than either of the girl's. …

Quilt Guild Goodies

Tonight was the monthly meeting of my fantastic quilt guild. I love quilt guild- and not just because it's a child-free couple of hours. Now that the meeting is over, I can share some of the goodies I've been working on this week.

A nametag.

Hand embroidered on gray solid surrounded by 1/2 inch red squares. Oh, those squares were fiddly to work with but I love how they turned out.

I also made a couple of pincushions for a swap. We made two- one from our swapee's scraps and one whatever we could come up with.

The first pretty much matches my nametag.

Susanna's red scraps, my gray solid. Embroidered running stitches in red, pink and white. It's 4 inches square- 1 inch high.

The second I made from selvages with a great safety pin print on the bottom.

I will be making two more for myself. You can never have too many pincushions, right? And the ones I've been using are getting pretty ragged. I could make a tutorial for them while I'm doing it. Anyone actually …

Feeling the Need to Knit

I know, it looks like the Blob. It's not easy taking a picture of something while it's still on the needles.

Better? Still all out of shape because of the circular knitting needles, but you can get a better idea. If you followed my links in the last post, it might look faintly familiar.

Picture from Aesthetic Nest. Original post here.
I have been obsessed ever since I saw this picture. Not the outfit on the right- which is the focus of the original post, but the adorable outfit on the left. An elegant cardigan. A simple collared shirt and corduroy jumper. I thought about it non-stop for a day or two and then headed to the craft store.

The free pattern is available here (registration required). But, I'm not following the pattern. It made much more sense to me to knit it top-down and seamlessly. I cast on about two weeks ago and am through the yoke and one sleeve. The goal is to finish this one and one for Anna by Easter. And make corduroy jumpers and maybe simple white cott…


For every parent, there is that moment when you realize your child is not just an extension of you. They are their own unique individual with their own tastes, desires and quirks. Case in point, the cupcake dress.

I don't really like the cupcake dress. While I am not opposed to cupcake printed fabric, I think it belongs more in pajamas or T-shirts rather than Sunday dresses. And its really rather frilly in a Toddlers and Tiaras sort of way. I prefer simple, elegant sort of Sunday dresses. Like this and this and this. But, when Anna saw it in the store it was love at first sight. And her Daddy bought it for her. He was trying to save me the stress and hassle of making Easter dresses. I don't think it worked. Even though she may love the cupcake dress, she is still young enough to be bribed into wearing something else on Easter.

Yesterday and Today


Gentle rain. Soft breeze. Warm enough to send the kids outside to play in jackets. I noticed the apple tree budding and started planning a garden.


Bitterly cold wind. Ice and snow. No one wanted to leave the house- Brendan and I included. I put the gardening book back on the shelf and wore sweatshirt and fuzzy slippers all day.

I think the groundhog was wrong.

Gray is the new Blue/Green

It's time to make it official. Gray is the new color obsession. Which is strange because it's a neutral rather than a real color. It's also out of my usual bright primary color comfort zone. But, I just kept finding myself drawn to it and thinking of all it's color combination possibilities. Dark gray and light blue pillows for the living room. An elegant baby girl quilt in grays, reds and pinks. A mostly gray quilt with the occasional touch of bright green for our bedroom. I am officially smitten with gray.

These lovelies made their way into my stash thanks to a tax refund mini spending spree. It may take awhile to build a good stockpile of gray, though. I am, as I am will all color, super duper picky. No purplish grays or muddy brownish grays for me. Only pure, clear gray will do.