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Apple Blossom Quilt Top

I always start projects with huge expectations. I think it is going to be the best thing ever- whatever it is. Of course, it's hard to live up to those sorts of dreams. I usually end a project just a little bit disappointed. Every once a great while, though, a project lives up to those expectations and even exceeds them.

I love how this turned out! I just could not stop taking pictures of it, even though it was threatening to rain any moment.

This came together so quickly. I cut the fabric on Thursday. Started the quilt top Friday and finished it Saturday morning. It could have just been the excitement to see everything come together. I think the pink and gray are just perfect- especially next to those apple blossoms. I may have to continue the theme with a bright green binding. Don't expect a completed project anytime soon, though. I spent June's crafty budget on the fabric for this and two other small quilts, so the batting, backing and binding will have to wait until n…

Random Cute Kid Pictures

Seriously, could they be any cuter?


This month my Quilt Guild held a mini-quilt swap. The fun part was, we had to choose one of three images as our inspiration for the quilt. Click on the little linky, scroll down and you can see the inspiration images if you are interested. I choose with the first image since I happen to love the combination of orange, yellow and blue. And, I have tons of fabrics with fall in that range because of my orange phase. This is what I came up with.

I mostly used this tutorial. I machine appliqued my circles rather than by hand. Plus, I messed with the measurements, since I was making a smaller quilt. It ended up something like 13 by 17 inches. Some of my favorite fabrics went into this little quilt.

Yes, that is the same blue, yellow and orange fabric from Anna's jean skirt. It's also the backing.

For me, the hand quilting with blue thread and the blue binding really make the whole quilt. I'm considering making another to hang up in the crafty room.

And, this is what I received …

Skirts for the Girly-Girls

I made a couple of skirts for the girls.

Pretty easy. I started off with this tutorial and a couple of pairs of jeans. One had holes in the knees and the other was too short.

Instead of a tiered skirt, I did a double layer skirt. The fabric is all leftovers from other projects. I was amazed when Anna chose the orange fabrics rather than something pink. I love it and it seems she does too.

Like Father Like Son

Well, of course Sam needed a vest too.

He's a bit more bold in the fashion department than his dad. I love this bright and colorful ABC fabric. The back and lining are a wonderful bright blue.

I used this pattern but added some classic points in the front.

Next up- some skirts for the girls and maybe even one for me.

Sewing for the Hubby

Brendan doesn't ask me to make things for him often. We've known each other more than 7 1/2 years. I can think of one, maybe two things he's asked me to make him in that time. So, when he does ask, I get really excited.

Lately he's been pretty obsessed with the idea of a vest. We checked a few stores (even though he hates shopping). No luck. We checked the thrift store. No luck. But, while there I happened to see a vintage pattern for a vest. Straight from the 80s and only 25 cents. But, hey, a vest is a vest. Next thing you know, we've bought it and are headed to the fabric store.

A couple of weeks (hey, the kids have been sick) and two naptimes later-

He is thrilled with how it turned out. I am mostly thrilled. If I make another one for him, I'm going to lengthen it by about an inch.

I did have to pull out my sewing machine manual during the process. These were my first buttonholes on this machine (which I've owned for at least three years). Pitiful re…

Drama in the Craft Room

Things are just not going my way this week. Mostly, it's a lack of time to craft. It's been a horrible week. But, when I have managed to make time to craft even simple decisions are beyond me somehow.

For example-

The beginning of my scrapbuster quilt. I've been cutting out 1.5" squares off and on for weeks now. I have no where near enough for the entire quilt, but I have enough that I could start sewing. This is as far as I got. Not even an entire block before indecision struck. Is it too bright? Would an entire quilt just be too overwhelming? Would I like it better if each block was made from a single color of scraps- like the pillows I made? I just don't know. So, that poor little unfinished block has been hanging forlornly on my design wall for most of the week, just waiting for me to come to some sort of decision.

And then I decided to start working on something I had already made all the decisions about.
A red and white flying geese Christmas quilt. I'…