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An EPP Update

Because in my deluded mind, you are all anxiously awaiting an update.

With two blocks finished before the trip, two blocks finished on the trip (one started in the park and finished in my Grandmother's basement, the other sewn on the highway at 80 mph) and two finished today, my total is now 12 blocks! 3 still need to be attached to the others but I'll take care of that after the kids are in bed tonight. It will give me a chunk of quilt something like 21 by 28 inches. Yep, a long, long way to go still. But, that is 12 blocks in 19 days- not too bad. Better than I expected, definitely.

I did head to my awesome almost-local quilt shop for an infusion of yellow fabric. And a few white with a tiny bit of blue prints. I am excited to start using them. And excited that I only spent 10 dollars. I am going to head to my local fabric megamart this week for some white on white, yellow and orange, and just plain orange.

Each block I finish is instantly my favorite block ever. This one…

Road Trip!

This weekend we went on a little family road trip. We visited some of Brendan's siblings, shopped at IKEA, went to an old roommate's wedding reception, made an appearance at a party full of my former co-workers and visited my grandparents. It was a busy 2 1/2 days. I didn't get to take as many pictures as I liked, thanks to the need to constantly corral children. Anna did take a lot of pictures and Brendan and I shot a fun video on our brand new video camera. I'll share those here in a future post (once I figure out how to). But, enough excuses. Here are my pictures from the weekend.

Anna and Chloe "helping" with breakfast-

Playing at the park-

Wedding reception-

Anna lost her first baby tooth at the reception! And by the way, how cool is a reception that involves barbeque in the park, gummy bears, a pinata, and some of our best friends?

And that's it. No pictures of the coworkers. No pictures of the grandparents. Sheesh. It's like halfway through the…

Bedtime Shenanigans

This is the sort of thing that happens after we send them to bed for the night.

I have no idea where the pink felt tip pen came from.

All over both their faces, both their arms and Ellery's legs. They were so proud of themselves.

My favorite part- as they're headed back to their room after stifled giggles and a not-so-firm talking to, Anna says to Ellery "Belly, you are a talented artist".

For Mel (and anyone else who is interested)

Alright, my friend Mel (who pretty much started this whole crazy quilting thing in the first place) asked me some questions about my paper-pieced star block. So, I thought I would answer her questions here, go into some detail on my whole process and show my progress- just in case anyone else was interested too. Feel free to not ready any farther or to just skim. This is going to go on for a while.

As with any bit of craftiness, there are many different ways to go about this. This just happens to be what works best for me. I am by no means an expert. This is only my third EPP (English Paper Piecing) project ever.

First, two years ago, I made a paper-pieced ball.

My original post about it is here. The two tutorials I linked to at the time are gone. Here is another.

Then about a year ago, I used some paper-pieced hexagons to decorate a turtle toy.

Original post here.
No tutorial really but here is a good basic paper-piecing one.

OK, so the whole point of this walk down memory lane is …

New Dresses

Yep, still on the clothing kick. And I am ashamed to admit that other than Brendan's snazzy vest, I haven't been to the crafty store for anything. That's right- an adult vest, a baby vest, two skirts and now two dresses- all from buttons, fabric, elastic, thread and whatever that was already in my crafty room. But, I am now out of elastic, almost out of thread and almost out any pieces of fabric large enough to turn into clothing. OK- on to the dresses.

Anna's dress probably looks familiar. That's right. It's the same pattern with the same modifications (except for the double layer) as their Easter dresses. Yes, Ellery is wearing a dress from the same pattern. It's not new. It's a hand-me-down from Anna and probably the first time I used this pattern.

It seems that it is the perfect dress for running around in the backyard pretending that you are Cinderella. I just wish I had had enough fabric to make it longer. But, hey, when you're working with l…

Seaching for the Perfect Summer Craft

Summer requires a special sort of craft project. Something portable. Something that doesn't cover me with tons of hot, heavy fabric or yarn. Something that doesn't require electricity. The sort of project I can work on while watching the kids play in the backyard or toss in the car to take along on a road trip. Finding the perfect summer project is always a bit of an ordeal. This year it especially was for some reason. Maybe because the nice weather has been so fleeting. Maybe because I didn't want to invest a lot in materials- I wanted to use supplies I already had on hand.

I thought about crocheting or knitting- small projects. Socks. Toys. A lightweight scarf. Small squares to turn into a funky afghan. Nothing was really exciting me. And all of them would have required buying yarn since my yarn stash is at an all-time low.

Maybe embroidery? I looked at patterns- here, here and here. I even bought a little pre-printed kit for a table runner to test the waters.


Western Days

We went to a little local celebration this weekend. Everyone's favorite thing was definitely the face painting-

Anna's boots and cowboy hat were not influenced by the festival. She has decided lately that she is going to be a cowgirl. Since a trip to the resale shop and a yard sale, she has pretty much been dressed as one non-stop. Well, this is Idaho.

Third Time's A Charm

Yes, another vest.

This one balloon animal themed. Hey, he had to have something snazzy to wear while twisting balloons for hundreds of kids Memorial Day weekend, right?

And it's reversible. How awesome is that?