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Swapity Swap

I participated in another swap within my totally amazing quilt guild. This time the theme was buntings. Well, I wasn't really excited about making a bunting. I had just about decided to skip this swap when I got the idea for a bunting decorated mini-quilt. This was about three days before the meeting, mind you. I got to work and made this little darling in two nights.

The best part? I snuck a little envelope closure in the back, so it can double as a pillow cover. Also, I cut out pieces for two. So, as soon as I can get my hands on another batting scrap and a pillow form, I'm making one just like it for the playroom.

In return I received an amazing bunting made from selvages.

Don't you love the little fabric covered spools on the end? Right now it is hanging above my craft supply closet and making everything else in the crafty room jealous.

Surprise Weekend Trip

We found out on Friday morning that our nephew Dylan was definitely being baptized on Saturday morning. So, we discussed and made some phone calls and discussed some more and decided to go. Did I mention that the baptism was in another state? And that we were feeding the missionaries Friday night? Yep, crazy. We spent the afternoon cleaning, packing and cooking a feast for a couple of 19 year old young men. We fed them, drove them to their next appointment, finished packing, loaded the car, bathed the children and headed out at about 7 pm. What would have been a three hour drive to Brendan's sisters took about four and a half hours thanks to frequent stops for the kids and construction. But, thanks to our rather miserable late night drive, the next morning we had a little mini-family reunion with Brendan's siblings and all the grandkids.

All the kids who were there-

Everyone who was there (except the ones taking pictures)-

We did not have a lot of luck taking pictures of the R…

Inspiration Strikes

Well, I was all set to ask for your help. I had twenty blocks up on the design wall. I'd been staring at them for two days. I rearranged them. I took a picture. I rearranged them some more. I took more pictures. I was mentally composing the blog post asking for help. But, I decided to go wash the dishes before sitting down to type. They were threatening to take over the kitchen. While washing a stubborn muffin batter encrusted bowl, I suddenly knew what I wanted to do.

So, like this. But blue and grey. And a few other little differences.

I think it's a definite improvement over these-

Now I'm all excited to make some wonky stars. I guess doing the dishes is worthwhile, after all.

Good Things in Store

We planted a little garden this year. It seemed a shame not to since we are finally out of apartments and have the space. We kept it small and simple, though.

An upside down tomato plant (which seems to be refusing to grow upside down) hanging from the deck. A zucchini plant, lettuce and carrots in the ground. Another tomato plant, cucumber, strawberries, jalapenos and herbs in buckets.

What's a garden without a gnome?

Since this is Idaho, we didn't plant until Memorial Day weekend. So far, we've only been able to eat a single strawberry, lettuce and the herbs. But everywhere there are blossoms and little tiny vegetables.




Roosemary, cilantro, and basil. The herbs are doing fantastic. I'm hoping to move this container inside and keep them going through the winter.

We also planted a little flower garden. The girls and I each picked out a seed packet based solely on the picture. Poppies for Ellery, sunflowers for Anna and zinnias for me. We did…


Sam starting the day off by waking up the girls up after their night camping in the backyard with daddy.

I am amazed they lasted all night.

We bought a hammock.

We had friends over for a few fireworks, a few games and a lot of food.

Anna lost her second baby tooth.

I wish I had taken a picture of the food before we started devouring it. In case you're curious, here are some links to recipes I used.
Potato Salad
Ribs and Lemon Merinque Pie recipes came from books- The Barbeque Bible and the Gentle Art of Domesticity, respectively. I highly recommend the Lemon Meringue Pie. It has like six ingredients and it has always turned out beautifully for me. See if you can find the book at your local library. The author is Jane Brocket. It also contains a superb lemon cake recipe and lots of thoughtful musing on the difference between domesticity and housework. I've recommended it before, sometime.

All in all, it was a very good day. Well worth the stack of dishes and the mess of fi…