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A Quilt For Lawson

So, there have been a couple of sneakpeeks of this quilt already. But, the baby shower was today so I finally get to show it in it's full glory.

 It's made from wonky stars and log cabin blocks. Follow the links for the tutorials I used.

I love the blues and greys. It makes me think of pinstripe suits and silk ties and perfect pocket squares.

There is one little hint of green. Yes, it is intentional. It's a scrap from the quilt I made for the parent's wedding quilt. I try to include one in all my baby quilts (well, all my baby quilts where I made the parents a wedding quilt too).

The back is a solid blue and the binding is a fun black and white polka dot. Hopefully little Lawson and his parents like it. And hopefully no one gets tired of the whole grey color scheme. Because there is more coming.

Things To Do With A Sewing Kit

This my little sewing kit. I introduced you to it here. It's nothing fancy- just a cheap pencil box filled with five needles in a pincushion, paperclips, white thread, bandaids, beeswax, scissors, cardstock diamonds and little bits of fabric. It has gone everywhere with me this summer- on playdates, to the park, back and forth to Utah several times, a family reunion. Let me tell you, it has come in very handy. It has allowed me to save the day several times (Da Da Da DAA Super Sewer to the rescue). So here it is, the list of things you can do with a sewing kit.

1. First aid for slightly scraped knees at the park.
2. First aid for hands scraped while sliding into second base on a gravely field during a wicked game of kickball.
3. Draining blisters (yeah, I didn't ask for my needle back after that one).
4. Splinter removal (again and again and again).
5. Opening hard to open packages.
6. Snipping cilantro for a wonderful black bean and corn salsa.
7. Removing tags from brand ne…

Another flashback

Seven years ago today. Also known as the best day ever.


Really, could a three year old's day be any better? Waking up to surprise birthday decorations handmade by mom.

 Chocolate Chip muffins for breakfast.
 A brand new shirt made by mom to proudly proclaim your age. A trip to the park and the library.
 A Happy Meal for lunch.

 Decorating your own birthday cake.


 Cake and Ice Cream.

Playing with a friend and new toys.

Really, this could be her best day ever. I'll admit, I may have been overcompensating just a little since her previous birthdays have sucked. For her first birthday we were temporarily homeless- staying in Grandma's basement and desperately looking for a place to live. Her second birthday was literally forgotten in the trauma of moving. Seriously, Anna wanted to pretend it was my birthday. I was trying my best to unpack boxes so that we would have the necessities of life. I told her to go pretend it was Ellery's birthday. Ten minutes later I realized it really was Ellery's birthday. So, I wante…

Three Years Ago

Busy, busy, busy.

Three small quilt tops done. I've got the batting, backings and bindings all ready to go. I just need to put some serious time into basting and quilting.

Trip Related Crafting

So, we got an IPad. Kind of a combo birthday present for me plus anniversary present for both of us plus Christmas present if the credit card bill is not paid off by then. Love it. Before dragging it along on a 1,500 mile road trip it needed a case. And why buy one when you can make a super cute one?

My favorite part is how the bright red lining shows in the side seams. My second favorite part- it matches my quilt guild name tag. I just love this color scheme. I forgot to take a picture, but it also has a grey pocket on the back that the cord fits in. 

I also discovered the craft cabin while on the trip. It was a wonderful, happy place. The girls loved it too. They painted wooden boxes while I made a leather bracelet.

I love it! And, I had so much fun making it that I snuck away to the craft cabin again the next day. This time, I painted a little ceramic jug.

It's not perfect, but I love it. After all, aren't crafts the perfect trip souvenir for a crazy crafty lady? And, it …

5 Days, 1498.8 Miles

One family reunion. 38 great-grandparents, grandparents, moms, dads, aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers and sisters in one absolutely beautiful place.

152 pictures taken (but, thanks to my broken camera lens which I still haven't replaced quite a few were utter crap). 48 minutes worth of video filmed (editing that is on my to do list right after unpacking, laundry and grocery shopping). 2 trips to the craft cabin. 3 miles hiked. 1 kickball game in the sprinklers. Countless games played. And too many other things to list. It was so much fun I think I may need a week to recover.