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Back on Track (I hope)

So, it's been eleven days since I started coughing. I wouldn't say I'm healthy yet but I seem to be most of the way there. I've only coughed two or three times today. Nothing like the soul-sucking exhaustion and horrible coughing fits where I couldn't catch my breath that gave me sore chest and stomach muscles. Ugh.

And, a couple of weeks later than hoped, I've finally finished the girl's new dresses.

How grown-up does Anna look in that last picture? My goodness. I see my future and it involves a lot of late nights waiting up and worrying while she is in high school. Anyway, back to the dress. The pattern is available here. It is one of my all time favorites. Simple to make but so elegant. No zippers, no buttons and if you use french seams to sew the skirt panels together like I do, then all the seams are nice and neat and enclosed. The fabric is from Denyse Schmidt's line for JoAnns.

I love Ellery's last picture, as well. It is so very Ellery. Sil…


I had some big plans for this week- new dresses for the girls and fall cleaning. It was not to be. I've been battling a nasty cough this week. Seriously, I wouldn't wish this cough on my worst enemy from Jr High. So, I've spent a lot of time sitting on the couch, watching Phineas and Ferb for the kids and West Wing for myself and doing the bare minimum required to keep everyone dressed and fed. And working frantically on a completely unexpected project. Monday, Anna and I were watching Phineas and Ferb. Anna became obsessed with Ducky Momo.

We had to watch the episode twice. She talked about Ducky Momo all morning. She looked up at me with those big blue eyes and said "Mommy, can you make me a Ducky Momo?" Well, there's no way I can deny a request like that. I put her on the school bus at 11:30, put Sam in the car and headed to Walmart for yellow yarn. By the time she got off the bus at 3:20, I had a finished and stuffed body, complete with eyes, beak and tai…

A Good Weekend

Nothing too earthshaking or exciting.

Just chores.

A crazy dance party to celebrate finishing the chores.

 And homemade chocolate truffles.

Plus, a trip to the crafty store, cutting out the pieces for two little dresses, listening to Ellery singing along to Pink Floyd and lots of other little happy family moments. Just a very good, quiet weekend at home. 

Traveling in Style

It seems that car seat covers have become the must-have accessory for the stylish baby. So here is my contribution to making my not-yet-arrived new niece a style icon.

Fabric chosen by her mom. Tutorial followed here. The pieced straps are definitely my favorite part.

I regret not having made one for Sam. First, it goes a long way towards hiding the griminess left behind by his older sisters. Second, it makes for awesome games of hide and seek.

On a roll

Watch out- I'm feeling productive this morning. It's not even ten o'clock yet and I've already stopped procrastinating and set up a doctor's appointment (nothing big, just my yearly thyroid medication check. I've been avoiding it simply because of all the paperwork involved with going to a new doctor), finished a quilt top and gotten the fabric for my next project washed and now in the dryer. And now I'm blogging. Crazy productive.

Here's just a little sneak peek of the finished quilt top. This is my favorite block. Sorry, that's all you get because it will be a gift one day.

All this would be so much more impressive if I wasn't still in my pajamas.

More Little Somethings

A tiny Anna and a tiny Ellery have joined the tiny Sam. I couldn't stop taking pictures of them, just like the real things.

Invading Lego houses.

Trying to hide in Brendan's shoes.

Sneaking into the fridge for a snack.

Cute and fun but I may be done knitting them for now. I'm in the mood to knit something bigger and for me. Maybe a lacy scarf? Or fancy mittens? So many options.

In the mood to knit a little something

As often happens in the midst of big, long-term projects, I woke up this morning craving a finish. Something, anything actually done that I could point to and say "I made this". Because being four months into a projected 2 year long project is pretty soul sucking. Since it seems like forever since I've done any knitting, I pulled out the book Knitting Mochimochi by Anna Hrachovec and I knit a little something.

This little guy is 1.5 inches tall. It took longer than I expected mostly due to Sam attempting to steal my knitting needles, scissors, the pattern or the yarn multiple, multiple times. And, as you'd expect from a 1.5 inch tall knitted person, there were some fiddly bits. Like getting started, changing yarn colors, the legs, the arms, well everything really. But, the pattern (Human Beans) was well-written and easy to follow. According to the girls this one is Sam because he is wearing blue clothes. And of course, they now expect an Anna and an Ellery too. And m…

First Day of School

Wow. It's the first day of kindergarten for Anna and the first day of preschool for Ellery. I don't even know where to begin- all sorts of anxiety and excitement. Don't worry- I'm handling almost all the anxiety while the girls are handling all the excitement.

Ellery is going to a five day a week morning preschool run by the school district for kids with special needs. This is where most of my anxiety comes in. She's so little. Only three. And I'm a stay at home mom. Do I really need to put her on a bus and send her into other people's care five days a week? Well, kind of. She needs the speech therapy. Free daily speech therapy is an offer we just can't refuse. For now. I'm telling myself that we're just trying this out and if doesn't work for some reason, we can withdraw her.

She was absolutely thrilled to be going to school. She loves her backpack and her new shoes. She walked right in, told me "Bye, mom" and never looked back. …