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It's like I blinked and six years flew by.

Anna's Sixth Birthday Party

Can anyone guess what the theme of the party was?

Yes, it was indeed a rainbow party and yes, I did make her a special birthday party outfit to wear. I added a button rainbow to the front of a white t-shirt and made a simple elastic waist grey skirt with rainbow ribbon embellishment. She loved it.

Now, are you ready for a whole bunch of pictures?

We set a new record for number of people in our house: 22. We had a little mini-reunion of us and three other families who lived in the same student housing complex when we were all having our second babies (minus one husband who is deployed and another who was on a hunting trip). The balloon stomp game was enjoyed especially by the 4 year old boys. I'll have to remember it when Sam has his 4th birthday. The rainbow cake turned out beautifully, was loved by the kids and made a very colorful pile of crumbs. I was relieved. I do not have a great history with birthday cakes. She blew out all her candles on the first try. Our awesome balloon…

Nice To Meet You, Grace

I don't get the chance to hand deliver my baby quilts to actual babies often (except my own babies). Usually, the ones for nieces and nephews and other folks get boxed up and handed over to a postman to do the actual delivering. Not this weekend, my friends!

That's my nine day old niece with her brand-new quilt. I got to meet her, present the quilt, wrap her up in it, do some cuddling and take some pictures. Aren't I a lucky aunt? Doesn't she have such a great little grumpy face while she sleeps?

You might remember the quilt from here. I hung it in the crafty closet and waited until I found out which of my three pregnant sisers-in-law were having girls. Once that was all sorted out, I finished it up for little baby Grace.

Quilted in diagonal lines. The back is a great bright pink polka dot. I went with a black and white polka dot binding. The little blue bit in the binding. Well, of course, that's a scrap from the wedding quilt I made for her parents. I had to sne…

Given and Received

Last night was pretty much the best night of the month- Quilt Guild night! I love Quilt Guild night. Seriously. Anyway, last night we swapped embroidery hoop projects. I was so not going to participate. I thought I had too many projects going already. I was kind of blah about the whole idea. Then I remembered seeing this on Pinterest.

Source: via Trina on Pinterest

Yep, absolutely adore it. It reminds me a classic crochet doily. But embroidered. The swap became a good excuse to make my own version.

Doesn't it look so happy there by the craft closet? I am very pleased with how it turned out. I think I like it better than the original but that's probably just because I can say I made it. It was fairly simple to make. I used some grey quilting cotton I had in my stash, drew circles on it using a compass and just made up the embroidery as I went along- using the circles and an embroidery stitch book as a guide. I was very tempted to keep to it. But, I can al…

Big Day for the Little Man

So, it was a pretty momentous day for this little monkey face. He is just about 18 months old which means that he gets to start going to the nursery during church. Pretty momentous occasion for his daddy as well since he will no longer be spending his Sundays chasing Sam through the halls.

He wore his new church clothes. His curls were extra sticky-up-y. He walked right in like he owned the place and never looked back. Toys? Other kids? Really, who needs mom and dad?

I love you, monkey-face.

Up, Up and Away

What happened to Autumn? Seriously. One day this week we were wearing shorts and sandals. The next we were digging out the winter clothes. Good thing my kids rock the winter wear.

So cute! I just can not get over Samuel in the stripey sweater. I want to dress him in it every day.

The cold, windy, wet weather was a distinct advantage yesterday. There was a Fairy and Superhero Day event held at the local ropes course. The nasty weather meant we didn't have to stand in line for face painting.

Or wand making.

Or flying.

I did mention it was held at the local ropes course, didn't I? My brave little girls. They loved being hauled 25 feet in the air and flying down the zip line. They didn't want to leave even though they were shivering. You better believe I was watching every second, though to make sure those harnesses and helmets were on good and tight. Cutest moment of the day- Ellery yelling "I'm flying!" as she whizzed by on the zip line.  We'll definitely b…