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The Dangers of the Craft Store

So, I mentioned briefly yesterday the dangers of the craft store and their sweet, sweet temptations. I knew all that before. What I discovered yesterday is that I am not the only family member  affected by their siren song. You see, the trip to a second crafty store yesterday was supposed to be just for a spool of cheap ribbon to hang our new ornaments with. But, I brought along the girls. While on our way to the ribbon, Ellery absolutely fell in love with a Santa fabric. She petted it. She carried it around with her. She looked up at me with those sweet brown eyes and said "You make it for me?" She didn't care what I made just as long as I made it with this Santa fabric. Well, it was cute fabric. And it was half off. And I had been thinking about making them some Christmas pillowcases. And of course I ended up adding yet another project to my overstuffed Christmas to-do list. And since it seemed like such a quick and easy project, I made them today. Yes, I know, crazy c…

Holiday in Exile

Ok, it wasn't really a Thanksgiving in exile- just Idaho. But Idaho can feel like exile when it's far away from most of your family. That's how I felt, at least. Just our little family of five with no one else. If felt quiet and lonely. But, I decided to try and enjoy it. Just us with exactly what we wanted to eat and what we wanted to do.

We watched the Macey's Thanksgiving Day parade.

(They loved it.)

We feasted.

(Best turkey ever.)

We decked the halls.

We even did some Black Friday shopping. We bought a ton of new ornaments for our formally under-decorated tree including (finally) a Baby's First Christmas ornament for Samuel. Hey, it was only a year late. I may have also bought one or two things at the crafty stores.

Dang those crafty stores and their sweet, sweet temptations.

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Christmas List 2011

People have been asking, so here it is- the official family Christmas wish list. If you are not the sort of person who wants to shower me with gifts, please ignore it. We'll be back to our regularly scheduled program of crafties and cute kids shortly. It's just easier for me to have everything here in one place to refer people to.

OK- here it goes.

We have two Amazon wish lists- one for Brendan and I and one for the kids. I'm not going to link to them, though because they show my full name and stuff. But, if you are the kind of person who is buying us presents, you know our last name. Search for me on Amazon and you'll find them.

The kids like toys. Imagine that. There are a few on the wish list. Anna likes girly stuff (but not really Barbies yet). Ellery likes dolls especially and whatever Anna likes. Sam loves boy stuff- cars and balls.

The kids could also always use clothes. Anna is a size 6 or XS in girls. Ellery is a 3T and Sam is 18M. Everybody especially needs w…

Something New

I'm expirimenting with blogging from my IPad. We'll see how this goes. Here's some crazy pictues of Ellery and Brendan in a wig just so I haven't completely wasted your time.

Ellery looks like she belongs on "Toddlers and Tiaras" and Brendan.... well, we're not going to go into where it looks like Brendan belongs.

There's No Denying It

The Christmas season has officially begun. No, our tree's not up. No, I haven't made my Christmas shopping list. I haven't even made my Christmas wish list. But, we did receive our very first Christmas package. The kids were disappointed it did not contain a present for them and that Brendan and I weren't opening our present until Christmas. The disappointment didn't last long.

There is nothing more fun than a big cardboard box and a whole lot of bubble wrap.

Whole Lot of Crafting Going On

But since it is only 44 days until Christmas, I can't tell you anything about most of it! I can just give you little glimpses and peeks to whet your curiosity.

Curious? Well, I'll tell you all about them the day after Christmas. I know, I know. It is cruel of me. But, there are two projects I can tell you about.

First up is my Christmas quilt. I started collecting red and white fabrics for it right after last Christmas, cut into them in the Spring, got as far as this 12 inch square and a whole lot of half-finished blocks before something else attracted my attention. Honestly, it's still not high on my priority list. There are a whole lot of presents to get made first. But, I do see myself trying frantically trying to finish it up after the presents are finished but before Christmas. It would be lovely to have a Christmas quilt. Hmmm.

I also started another long term project. Forever ago, I made and gave away a scrappy nine patch quilt. Ever since, I have been meaning to ma…

Almost Forgotten Birthday Present

Many years ago, Brendan and I agreed on a formula for our kids birthday presents- 1 handmade gift, 1 store-bought gift and a book. Anna got Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and an Only Hearts Club doll this year. I made her the rainbow birthday outfit but I decided not to count that so I could go ahead and made her a bed for her new doll also.

I've wanted to do this ever since I saw this blog post. I ordered the wooden bed with hopes of making it for Anna's last birthday. Never happened. So, I was determined to do it for this one.

I painted the bed, glued it together, made a bed skirt, mattress,  flat sheet, quilt, 2 pillows and 2 pillowcases. I considered making a fitted sheet too but decided that would put me squarely in the absolutely crazy category.

The quilt is a miniature version of one I made for Anna way back almost at the beginning of my quilt craziness. It is still one of my all time favorite quilts. For about a week after her birthday, Anna slept under her big qui…

Halloween Pictures

No time or energy to think of anything witty to write. I'm sick, Sam's really sick (cold, pinkeye and double ear infections) and I got a speeding ticket today. Crap. Really, its amazing I have the energy to even copy and paste. So, here a whole bunch of copied and pasted pictures with no explanations at all.