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Another Finished Baby Quilt

Not sure what to say about it, really. It's another finished baby quilt. Specifically, a blue and green string quilt made up of all my wonderful fabric scraps.

Full of lots of little fun fabric surprises. Monkeys, frogs, a fabric selvedge, an alligator.

I will admit, I designed the entire quilt around the idea of using this fabric as the binding. I love it! It makes me happy.

So does the backing fabric, even though it was not what I originally planned. I was going to go buy just some solid blue for the back. But, then I made my whole no crafty shopping resolution. So I dug into my fabric bins. I've been saving this fabric forever. No specific plan for it. Just saving it. Well, no more. It was the perfect fabric for the back of this quilt. And, honestly, there's still plenty left- probably destined to go into a quilt for Sam.

I knew I wanted to do some free motion quilting but wanted to stay away from the standard stippling. I ended up doing rows of loops- some single, som…

The Parade of Winter Wear Continues

So, when it snows outside, all I want to do is sit around and knit warm things all day.  You already saw Anna's new hat and cowl. Now, here is Ellery's.

The hat is my first project to be directly impacted by my craft store hiatus. Ellery wanted a pink hat but I did not have enough yarn left after finishing her cowl. Normally, I would have just run to the craft store and bought another skein. Instead, I got creative. I dug out the grey yarn left over from another project and all my little leftover bits of pink yarns. I used a basic hat pattern and added stripes from all my little bits of pink yarns.

I love it! I am so glad I didn't give in and instead used what I had. And she calls it her Pink Hat so I guess I've met her expectations as well.

After one failed attempt at making up my own crocheted cowl pattern (OK, but no stretch and so, too tight) I used the same pattern I used for Anna's cowl.

Sam has a new hat too.

Same basic pattern as Ellery's. Hard to tell …

Sunday Afternoon

I spent all afternoon crawling around on the kitchen floor pin basting two quilts. Hours and hours and hundreds of safety pins.

I have a confession. I have an untouched can of basting spray. I know I should try it. But, I know pin basting. Pin basting works for me. I don't have to worry about fumes or learning a new technique. I really should try it. Anyone have a spray baste pep talk for me?

New Dresses

Every once in a while, I walk into the girl's room on a Sunday morning, decide I hate all their dresses and vow to make them new ones by the next Sunday. Rarely are they actually ready by the next week but they always eventually get done.

The latest bout of craziness produced simple corduroy jumpers.

My favorite bits are the beautiful buttons and lining fabrics I managed to find.

My next goal? Trying to put some of same effort and enthusiasm into dressing myself.


Sam refused to keep his hood on. But, look at those snow dusted curls!

Threatening me with a snowball.

Sam loved the first ten minutes.

Building a mini snowman.

After his hands got cold and wet.

2 Blocks Down

62 to go.

Luckily, I'm getting some help on this one. I've started a block exchange with some of the ladies from my quilting guild. So, I handed out bundles of precut fabric and next month I should have some finished blocks handed back to me. How amazing is that?


So, I'm generally not one for much self-reflection. Especially when it comes to my crafting. I enjoy it so I do it. I see something I like, I try and adapt it and make my own version. Pretty much end of story. Except for this month. Maybe its the whole New Years atmosphere. Maybe its the void created by no Christmas presents to work on. But, I have had two crafting epiphanies already this month.

The first happened between the checkout counter and the door of JoAnn's fabric. I went to the New Years sale specifically to get thread. It was all half off and I needed some brown thread to mend a shirt of Brendan's. Well, other things were on sale, too. I ended up leaving with the thread as well as the makings of the kids' new pillowcases, everything (corduroy, lining fabric, and buttons) to make a couple of jumpers for the girls and fabric for the binding of my Christmas quilt (without having checked if I had any fabric at home first that would have worked). So, this was my …

Crafting in Bulk

Did anyone actually think I could get away with making just one bunny and one pillowcase? When it comes to crafting for my kids, everything has to be in duplicate or triplicate. 

I made two bunnies.

And three pillowcases.

Good thing they were both quick simple projects.

I first saw the bunnies here. Trust me, they're there- way down at the bottom of the post. The pattern can be found here.

I added the little flowers (pattern) probably inspired by watching way too much Clean House on Netflix.

And a fluffy tail because what's a bunny without a fluffy tail?

Yesterday was Toy Day at Anna's school. Even with all her new Christmas toys, Anna choose to take her bunny. Yes, I'm pretty proud.

Anna's pillowcase is exactly like Ellery's. Same fabric, same tutorial. Sam's is based on the same tutorial but sized down for his smaller pillow. I used different fabrics, of course. A blue star print, a dark solid blue and a white on white tiny polka dot.

I assume he likes…

Spoiling My Sick Girl

So, in early November Ellery failed her school hearing test. They retested her two weeks later and she failed again. We took her to our family practice doctor who saw a whole lot of fluid in her ears and gigantic tonsils. He put her on some medication and we went back to see him a month later. Still fluid in her ears and gigantic tonsils. He referred us to an ear, nose, throat specialist. We saw him on Tuesday. Still fluid in her ears and gigantic tonsils. He tested her hearing again (it showed signifigant hearing loss) and recommended removing her tonsils and adenoids and putting tubes her ears. They had an opening in his surgery schedule the next morning. I took it. Brendan's semester hasn't started yet and it meant less time for me to worry about it.

Brendan took her early in the morning while I stayed home with the other kids. In fact, all three of us were still in bed when he called to say the surgery was over. It took under half an hour. She was back home by 9am. Misera…

Weston's Baby Quilt

My brother kindly took some pictures for me. I still can't believe I completely forgot. I never forget to photograph something I have made. I blame it on planning ahead. I finished the quilt way back  in September or October, even though the baby isn't arriving until this week. I just wanted to get it finished before all the Christmas crafting. Well, I almost forgot to include it in their Christmas package at all. I guess I just assumed I had photographed it months ago when I finished it. Wrong.

The block I used is named Garden Fence. I had been obsessing about it for months before breaking down and using it in this quilt. Seeing the pictures, I'm back to obsessing about it and may have to make a quilt to keep using it.

I used the exact same stack of fabrics that I used in baby Lawson's quilt. Same fabrics, very different look.

Well, that's the quilt I made for baby Weston. I hope he likes it. More importantly, I hope his mom likes it. It's definitely one of my…